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Programmers vs Users. Cannabis Dispensary Builds Christmas Ginger-Hash House. You can be sure the holidays are just around the corner when a medical cannabis dispensary builds a Christmas ginger-hash house and posts photos of it on Facebook.

Cannabis Dispensary Builds Christmas Ginger-Hash House

"HAVE A MERRY-JUANA CHRISTMAS AND A HASHY NEW YEAR! " the Society posted. According to the post, the dispensary ginger hash-house's base is made of Lebanese hash. The house walls and tree are made from Sweet Mountain kief; the windows and door are Lebanese; the snow and snowman are Bubba Kush Powder. ​ The Vancouver Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary has provided cannabis products to legitimate patients with valid medical needs since 2008. The shops are open from 11 a.m. until 6:45 p.m. every day, except on some holidays.

The dispensary offers, in Canada, a nationwide mail order service; you can direct mail order inquiries to "Stop, stooooooop little ginger-hash house. More links from around the web! The Servers Are Down. Korra123.gif (320×240) 306205_detail.jpg (1150×863) 0706140402101moore_5-2.jpg (800×480) 50e8f523e8e30e0fda3bcb7baaeb668c_l.jpg (1024×682) 28485008.jpg (1536×1152) Home photography » one big photo. Image Viewer. Marcelbednarzcherryblossomavenue.jpg (599×640) Vulkan-cile.jpg (900×599)

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20060706120711.jpg (1200×800) Scaledsimplicity.png (559×1081) AbHsIYoCMAAQO44.jpg (592×837) zFbhw.jpg (1024×639) Daily Wisdom. If you tell yourself that you are happy, miserable or bored, you have already separated yourself from that particular sensation that is there inside you.

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