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Cannabis Dispensary Builds Christmas Ginger-Hash House Cannabis Dispensary Builds Christmas Ginger-Hash House You can be sure the holidays are just around the corner when a medical cannabis dispensary builds a Christmas ginger-hash house and posts photos of it on Facebook. "HAVE A MERRY-JUANA CHRISTMAS AND A HASHY NEW YEAR!" the Society posted. According to the post, the dispensary ginger hash-house's base is made of Lebanese hash. The house walls and tree are made from Sweet Mountain kief; the windows and door are Lebanese; the snow and snowman are Bubba Kush Powder.
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peaks_(2).jpg (800×539) peaks_(2).jpg (800×539) Lobby of the Shoemaker Building, Flagstaff AZ Gene Shoemaker, founder of the Astrogeology Team, at the Grand Canyon Apollo Era Test Vehicle The USGS Astrogeology Science Center has a rich history of participation in space exploration and planetary mapping, starting in 1963 when the Flagstaff Science Center was established to provide lunar geologic mapping and assist in training astronauts destined for the Moon.
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Spirit of the Woods
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Photo Gallery- Lightning, Lightning photos from storm chasing Tornadoes | Wall Clouds |Supercells | Hail | Rainbows | Sunsets | Lightning | Mammatus | Clouds | Nature Lightning Home | Storm Store | Photo Gallery | Message Board | Storm Chases | Latest News Stock Footage | About | Contact | Editorial | Weather Links All storm chasing (tornado, supercell, lightning, hail, sunset, ect.) photos and videos are copyright property of Jim Bishop and Simon Brewer (Stormgasm), unless otherwise specified. Any unauthorized reproductions are strictly prohibited by law. Copyright 2004

Photo Gallery- Lightning, Lightning photos from storm chasing

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