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Artistas, agencias y colectivos

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Moment Factory - Multimedia Entertainment Studio. Nick Cobby. Hamill Industries. Espadaysantacruz studio. Studio Daniel Canogar. Refik Anadol - Refik Anadol. M B.  Alex Augier. Alex Augier is an electronic musician based in Paris.

 Alex Augier

His work focuses on digital aesthetics in a musical and transversal perspective, including sound and visual elements. These elements interact with the space and take mainly the form of singular audiovisual performances. Audiovisual works as a specific field of creation. He defends an overview of the creative process where design, programming and technology are an integral part of the artistic project.

His works have been presented at international festivals including Ars Electronica (Linz/AT), Mutek (Buenos Aires/AR), L.E.V (Gijon/ES), Scopitone (Nantes/FR), Sonar (Barcelona/ES), Elektra (Montreal/CA), Media Ambition Tokyo (Tokyo/JP), Mapping (Geneva/CH), Todays Art (The Hague/NL), Nemo (Paris/FR), Sonica (Glasgow/UK), Open Source Art (Gdansk/PL), Multiplicidade (Rio/BR), Athens Digital Arts Festival (Athenes/GR) Music edited by DAC Records, The Collection Artaud, Kolonia Artystow.

SHAPE Artist 2017 MCD Digital, Jan. 2020. Herman Kolgen. GMUNK. ART+COM Studios. Akihiko Taniguchi. Alan Resnick. BAD NEWSI’m bad at updating the news September 3rdWHAT CODEC SHOULD I USE August 13thNEW MUSIC VIDEOEverything Borrowed By Jerry Paper April 20th - May 19thPOST ANALOG STUDIO - THE HOLE Video work being shown at The Hole gallery in NYC November 7thMAY I PLEASE ENTER ?

Alan Resnick

August 26th - September ? News. Works Art Lady Gaga × David Bowie × Nobumichi Asai@58th Grammys 2016/02/16 ArtMusic INORI — we pray all nukes will eternally disappear from the world.Exibited at Imago Mundi(Venice/Italy) 2017/08/06 花鳥風月(Kacho Fugetsu) / Real-Time Face Tracking & Projection Mapping 2016/10/11.

Studio Joanie Lemercier – Light as a medium, space as a canvas. Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. Dstrict. Ë©”뉴 Language interactive Product kids Edutainment solution Brand launching show projection mapping K-pop Digital Theme Park Retail guest experience interactive Hologram k-pop Hologram Theater digital heritage 4D Art Park.


Untitled. Untitled. UVA. Ryoji Ikeda. Fuse Studio. CArsten Nicolai. Tarik Barri. Refik Anadol. RYOICHI KUROKAWA. Zach lieberman. MOVING IMAGES - CHRIS MILK. Moment Factory. 180 ID. William laboury on Vimeo. Playmodes. マパモク/mapamok. Ian Shelanskey. Tangible. The idea was to develop a custom phone case resembling a graffiti spray can and an app that lets users choose their colour, select a brush and share their artwork right from an S10 provided in-store.


To heighten the experience, we used motion capture cameras. The system tracks the phones in 3D space, recognizing and spraying the paint based on the angle and distance from the screen. We wanted to make the feel of the paint as close as possible to real graffiti shading. Throughout the design process, we worked closely with Cheil Worldwide and also collaborated with renowned London-based graffiti artist Fanakapan, integrating some of his iconic 3D balloon artwork in our custom environments. Both of the London-inspired scenes ⁠— one based on the King Cross metro station and one on the Leake Street Tunnel ⁠— let guests paint in a 3D setting that looks convincingly realistic. As soon as the showroom opens each day, a line up of people head to the wall, waiting to get their turn. + Play. Robert Seidel. Nonotak Studio. Bitnik. !


Mediengruppe Bitnik (read - the not mediengruppe bitnik) live and work in Zurich/London. They are contemporary artists working on and with the Internet. Their practice expands from the digital to affect physical spaces, often intentionally applying loss of control to challenge established structures and mechanisms. ! Mediengruppe Bitniks works formulate fundamental questions concerning contemporary issues. Denial of Service. Dirk Koy. Kevin McGloughlin Works. Rémi Vincent. Martin Krzywinski. Matthew Ragan. Valentin Petit. Fleur Fortuné.

Remi Vincent. Charlie V. Andy Lomas homepage. Thibaut Duverneix. Marta Verde. Jessica In. Nick Cobby. Thomas Vanz. Max Cooper. Kevin Mcloughlin. THE CONSTITUTE. Sehsucht. Pfadfinderei. GMUNK. About — UNRTD™ Alba G. Corral – visualist / creative coder / artivist. ALT Creative, Inc. Cassie McQuater. Daito Manabe. Dentdecuir. Doug Aitken Workshop. GLKT. Patxi Araujo. Pfadfinderei. Quiet ensemble. Ren Yuan. Robert Henke. Romain Tardy. Saman Kesh on Vimeo. Tadej Drolij. Takafumi Tsuchiya. REZA. WARPED TYPE. FutureDeluxe. Tundracollective. Memo Akten. Yannick Jacquet.