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Obama to introduce first lady at Clinton Global Initiative meeting. The Clinton Foundation announced Sunday that President Obama will appear at the this year's sixth-annual Clinton Global Initiative summit in New York City.

Obama to introduce first lady at Clinton Global Initiative meeting

Obama will introduce First Lady Michelle Obama before her speech to the closing plenary on Sept. 23. He attended the meeting and addressed the group last year. "I'm pleased that President Obama will participate in our sixth Annual Meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative," former president Bill Clinton said in a statement. "He'll be joining more than 64 heads of state from around the world, and hundreds of business leaders, directors of nongovernmental organizations, and Nobel Laureates, among others, who have made commitments to take action on pressing issues.

" Clinton was also on hand Sunday to discuss the summit's focus for this year. "This year we'll be focusing a lot on the economic challenges facing people all around the world, including in the United States," he told CBS's "Face the Nation. " From Clinton Global Initiative to the U.N. Summit, philanthropy goes into overdrive this week -

Clinton Global Initiative. Global Leaders Meet, Plan Action At Clinton Global Initiative - WNYC. World leaders, CEOs, non-governmental organizations and philanthropists will gather in midtown Manhattan this week to develop programs to improve the lives of people around the world. Timed to coincide with the beginning of the United Nations General Assembly, the Clinton Global Initiative requires each participant to create their own plan that is “new, specific and measureable.” “The ‘Commitment to Action’ is what distinguishes this from several other gatherings like this around the world,” said Craig Minassian director of communications for the CGI. “They [conference members] make a specific tangible action plan to address pressing issue in one of our global challenge areas.” The more than 1,000 participants choose a “Commitment to Action” in one of four categories: Education, Economic Empowerment, Environment and Energy and Global Health. This year, the conference is focusing those areas of focus on topics such as empowering women and enhancing access to new technologies.

Who is 'Barak' Obama and What's He Doing at the Clinton Global Initiative? Former President Bill Clinton hit the talk show circuit on Sunday, defending President Barack Obama’s economic policies, but somewhere between "Meet the Press" and "Face the Nation," someone on Clinton's staff must have forgotten how to spell the current Commander-in-Chief's name.

Who is 'Barak' Obama and What's He Doing at the Clinton Global Initiative?

On the Clinton Global Initiative website a "News Highlight" on the homepage announces taht President Barak Obama will be appearing at the annual meeting for Clinton's foundation, which brings non-profit and private sector money to global problems. The summit kicks of Tuesday. Other attendees at the Manhattan-based meetings include Mr. Obama's wife, Michelle, Paul Farmer and Eric Schmidt. All fared better, with no misspellings in their names. While we can safely assume this typo was just a simple mistake -- first noticed early Monday morning -- it was yet to be fixed by around 11:30 a.m.