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Getting Started - Google Hangouts Guide for Teachers. 60 Smarter Ways To Use Google Classroom. 60 Smarter Ways To Use Google Classroom by Terry Heick Google Classroom is quietly becoming the most powerful tool in education technology.

60 Smarter Ways To Use Google Classroom

100 Google Apps Tutorial Videos. Often when I'm stuck on a technical problem all I need to get myself over the hurdle is just a quick tip.

100 Google Apps Tutorial Videos

That's why when I started making ed tech tutorial videos I made a conscious effort to keep them short and sweet. My YouTube channel now has more than 400 tutorial videos including 100 Google Apps tutorial videos organized into a playlist for you. The topics covered in my Google Apps tutorials video playlist include features within Google Maps, Blogger, Google Sites, Google Classroom, Google Forms, Gmail, domain admin, Google Sheets, and Google Docs.

My entire Google Tools Tutorials playlist is embedded below. Could This Digital Math Tool Change Instruction For the Better? Math instruction can be the most resistant to changes in pedagogy — even schools that have had success with project-based learning or inquiry-centered approaches can struggle to teach math in ways that help students understand the rich connections and complexity of the subject.

Could This Digital Math Tool Change Instruction For the Better?

That’s why some educators are excited to see Desmos — an ed-tech product best known for offering an online graphing calculator — adding features that promote inquiry. Recently, Desmos has been building out its platform to offer customizable lessons. Led by Chief Academic Officer Dan Meyer, a former math teacher who left the classroom to pursue a PhD in math education, Desmos has been using its platform to model how technology could change pedagogy. Desmos tries to harness the social nature of online interactions into meaningful math inquiry. Meyer says students love the internet because it’s a social place to share and create.

How to Receive Files in your Google Drive Folder from Anyone. You can use Google Drive as a public drop box and receive files directly in Drive from anyone.

How to Receive Files in your Google Drive Folder from Anyone

Guests can even upload files to your Drive folder anonymously. A school teacher wants to have a public drop box (not Dropbox) where students can upload homework assignments. Google Classroom Cheat Sheet - Google Slides. How To: Create an Interactive E-Book with Google Slides.

Working in a one-to-one school district, where every student is provided with a device such as an iPad or Chromebook, can be a great opportunity of freedom for teachers and students.

How To: Create an Interactive E-Book with Google Slides

The device serves as an efficient tool to create and curate information, as well as, a flexible environment to share content. No longer does an individual need to negotiate with textbook publishers and be locked into the confines of the perception of the authors of a company when it comes to the content and methods that should be used to teach a specific skill or understanding. The digital world allows for educators to create e-books, or electronic versions of a book that may contain interactive elements, that can be produced, shared, and modified quickly and with little expense to a school district. Why Google Slides?