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Blockchain News Research Library - Blockchain News. Blockchain: The Invisible Technology That's Changing the World. This feature originally appeared as the cover story in the February 2017 issue of the PCMag Digital Edition.

Blockchain: The Invisible Technology That's Changing the World

Blockchain isn't a household buzzword, like the cloud or the Internet of Things. It's not an in-your-face innovation you can see and touch as easily as a smartphone or a package from Amazon. But when it comes to our digital lives—every digital transaction; exchange of value, goods and services; or private data —blockchain is the answer to a question we've been asking since the dawn of the internet age: How can we collectively trust what happens online?

Every year we run more of our lives—more core functions of our governments, economies, and societies—on the internet. We do our banking online. Blockchain always has an immutable "ledger" that you can see, verify, and control. First up are the big banks and tech giants. Beyond Bitcoin In July 2010, Garzik was working on Linux at enterprise software company Red Hat when what he calls "The Great Slashdotting" occurred. Our Team. The Blockchain Practice. Blockchain POV. Overview You may have read about Bitcoin or heard about it at a ‘FinTech’ conference.

Blockchain POV

You may have used Bitcoins to purchase pizza, coffee or even a spaceflight. Wherever the digital currency comes into discussion, fierce debates often follow. Early adopters passionately claim that Bitcoin will remove dependencies on banks and governments. Hardened business tycoons advise that Bitcoin is just a ‘flash in the pan’. Event Calendar – BECON. The Block Chain Access project. “This is how blockchain will change your life” plus 8 other items re: blockchain. The Blockchain Summit - Marketforce Blockchain Conference. Marketforce ("we", “us” or “our”) is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy and that of all our customers and people who request details about our products and services.

The Blockchain Summit - Marketforce Blockchain Conference

There are areas of our website which require you to have an account or provide your contact details in order to access information about our products and services or products or services of our sponsors or media partners. This Privacy and Cookies policy, together with our terms and conditions ( and any other documents referred to in it, sets out the basis on which any personal data we collect from you, or that you provide to us, will be processed by us. Developers Are Flocking to Blockchain Bootcamps - Bloomberg. A year ago, 27-year-old software developer Roy Breidi was dreaming of launching a startup related to the digital currency bitcoin.

Developers Are Flocking to Blockchain Bootcamps - Bloomberg

Problem was, he “didn’t really understand what’s the magic behind it.” So he took an online course called “Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies” from Coursera. It’s one of many workshops and bootcamps popping up to help people in all industries -- especially software developers -- get the hang of the blockchain, the technology underlying bitcoin, and parlay that knowledge into more exciting, and sometimes better-paying jobs.

Within months, Breidi had quit his job and started working full time at Shake, which lets people spend with a bitcoin-based debit card. Recently, the company won funding from Boost VC, and Breidi, co-founder and chief technology officer, moved to San Mateo, California, where his backers provided temporary housing and an office.


Bitcoin and Blockchain Events and Conferences. Disrupting Governance: The New Institutional Economics of Distributed Ledger Technology by Sinclair Davidson, Primavera De Filippi, Jason Potts. The 10 Best And Worst Ways To Look For A Job. By Richard N.

The 10 Best And Worst Ways To Look For A Job

Bolles, Next Avenue Contributor (This article about job hunting is adapted from What Color Is Your Parachute? 2017 Edition by Richard N. Bolles.) Some of the 10 traditional job hunting methods that follow have a pretty good track record and will repay you for time spent pursuing them. The success rate figures cited are a mash of studies I’ve seen, plus, where no studies have been done, my own impressions over the past 45 years of working with job hunters or career changers and writing What Color Is Your Parachute? 1. The anecdotal evidence is sometimes impressive. (More: The No. 1 Thing to Do When Job Hunting) The question is: Are stories like this flukes or is his a univer­sal experience?

2. Blockchain and the new face of decentralization. This post was co-authored with Griffin Anderson, founder of Blockchain as a Platform.

Blockchain and the new face of decentralization

Decentralization is a key theme in the shift from pipes to platforms. Pipe businesses relied on a centralized model of value creation and exchange. The model was built around a supply chain that they one or managed through contracts. MoneyLab: Economies of Dissent. Report from ‘blockchain for social good‘ workshop at European Commission in June 2016 On 21st June the Digital Single Market Council (a division of EU parliament) invited the full cavalry of blockchain and bitcoin advocates to Brussels to discuss the future of distributed ledger technology (DLT).

MoneyLab: Economies of Dissent

EU Parliament Votes for Smart Regulation of Blockchain Technology. European Parliament members (MEPs) voted to take a hands-off approach to regulating blockchain technology, Ars Technica reports.

EU Parliament Votes for Smart Regulation of Blockchain Technology

Following the vote, unnamed sources told Ars Technica that European Commission staffers are working hard to understand the distributed ledger technology behind virtual currencies ‒ seven years after the launch of Bitcoin, with venture capital investments now totalling more than €1 billion. The MEPs voted in a proposal, set out in a resolution (a short summary is also available) drafted by Jakob von Weizsäcker, which suggests that a new task force, which would be overseen by the European Commission, should build expertise in the underlying technology of virtual currencies. The proposal, which was passed by 542 votes to 51, with 11 abstentions, will now be sent to the European Commission. The proposal clearly states that distributed ledger technology should not be stifled by regulation at this early stage. Photo David Iliff / Wikimedia. Berkman Klein Center. MoneyLab: Economies of Dissent.

Blockchain Buzz — shareNL. One sentence came up over and over again during the OuiShare Fest 2016"I want to go to this panel about the blockchain… I really need to understand this thing.

Blockchain Buzz — shareNL

" Everybody seemed to be keen on getting a better understanding of blockchain technology - no matter if experts in their own field or just a curious participant. At the largest European conference on the collaborative economy, the diversity of the collaborative movement showed in many ways. While some people gathered in a tiny tent to discuss the application of Permaculture in our daily lives and our own organisations, many stayed at the main stage to hear about the next big thing - the blockchain - and how this somehow is really important for the future of the collaborative economy.

As a newbie to anything that has to do with "tech" I am intimidated when the conversation revolves around bitcoins, blockchains, smart contracts, and DAOs. Blockchains for Social Good. Agenda and presentations: The workshop was organised by EPSC (European Political Strategy Center), DG CONNECT (Communications Networks, Content and Technology Directorate-General), DG FISMA (Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union Directorate-General), DG GROW (Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs Directorate-General) and the JRC (Joint Research Centre).

Blockchains for Social Good

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is not just Blockchains and Blockchains is not just Bitcoin. Experts are saying that the Internet will come to be seen as the background technology that made distributed ledger applications possible. William Mougayar. Decentralization & Governance: Can Bitcoin Have the Best of Both? Ariel Deschapell is content manager for blockchain real estate startup Ubitquity, and a recent Henry Hazlitt fellow at the Foundation for Economic Education. In this opinion piece, Deschapell argues that in order to solve issues around decentralized governance, the blockchain community must ask difficult questions about what kind of decentralization solutions need.

Since the earliest days of bitcoin, decentralization has been key to its value proposition. But it's also been its greatest obstacle. Whether it's the block size debate, or the ethereum classic debacle more broadly, decentralization in public blockchain networks presents significant hurdles to what can seem like straightforward objectives. After seven years of open-source study, decentralized governance remains a little explored and unsolved enigma. But solving it will likely mean going back to the beginning, asking what exactly we mean by 'decentralization'.

Ujo Music. Blockchain/bitcoin enthusiast, pension settlement expert, 22-year Wall Street veteran. Tierion - Blockchain Proof Engine. 10 Unsung Business Leaders Changing the World Through Technology. New technologies are created every day, but the impact of most of them is relatively minimal. In rare cases, however, one emerges that has the potential to change the world. Yerdle. Governance Futures Lab.

UCL Blockchain. Borderless Technology - Governance for a borderless society. 11 Blockchain Events You Can’t Afford To Miss In The Next 6 Months – everis NEXT. 11 Blockchain Events You Can’t Afford To Miss In The Next 6 Months – everis NEXT. Blockchain 101 – BLOCKCON. Blockchain 101 – BLOCKCON. Global Blockchain Projects – BLOCKCON. Sabir. Sabir. UCL RESEARCH CENTRE#FOR BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGIES. Plantoid: the blockchain-based art that makes itself. Plantoid Plantoid (2015) by Okhaos is a self-creating, self-propagating artwork system that uses blockchain technology to gather and manage the resources it needs to become real and to participate in the artworld. Structured as a Decentralised Autonomous Organization (DAO), once it is set in motion the code of the Plantoid system combines the functions of artwork, artist and art dealer in a single piece of software.

As its name implies, the physical Plantoid artworks are cyborg-looking welded sculptures of flowering plants. Flowers are a popular icon of naturalised aesthetics in art and culture. Their aesthetic and art historical appeal makes them an effective subject for subversion. Sydney 2015 - Keynote - Thinking Through Law and Code, Again - Lawrence Lessig. Blockchain Workshops. Panel: Future of Decentralization What role for the legal system - COALA's Blockchain Workshops. Plantoid: the blockchain-based art that makes itself. World’s First Village To Adopt Blockchain In Its Farming & Management. Highlights from the W3C blockchain workshop at MIT.

Do you have technology teams already involved in the W3C? Primavera De Filippi. Primavera De Filippi is a permanent researcher at the National Center of Scientific Research (CNRS) in Paris. Expanding the Internet Commons: The Subversive Potential of Wireless Community Networks. Broader Perspective: Blockchain Crypto-economics: The Actualization Economy of Immanence.

Phase I: P2P Economies There is considerable room for exploration in defining what the new possibility space of personalized, self-defined, emergent economic systems might comprise. Opening up economic systems could have different stages and phases. The first position could be having the same structure of current economic systems, but opening up the parties, interaction types, and business models. Broader Perspective: Crypto Enlightenment: A Social Theory of Blockchains. Berkman Klein Center. Samer Hassan is an activist and researcher, currently Assistant Professor at Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain). W3C Blockchains and the Web Workshop. Academics - Institute for Blockchain Studies Website. Academics Blockchain Studies academic projects inviting Participation Blockchain Applications in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science, AISB 2016, University of Sheffield, Sheffield UK, April 6, 2016 Smart Contracts, Blockchain, and Rules, Rule ML 2016, Stony Brook NY, July 5-8, 2016 Blockchain Philosophy, Special Issue CFP: Toward a Philosophy of Blockchain Technology, Metaphilosophy; October 2016 Ledger Journal, University of Pittsburgh.

Academics - Institute for Blockchain Studies Website. The future will be decentralized. Blockchain defined: PwC. The end game for public and private blockchains isn’t just digital currency—it’s digital business flows. Blockchain importance: PwC. The argument for private blockchain – Gideon Greenspan: PwC. Making sense of bitcoin and blockchain: PwC. Blockchain: Over-hyped bandwagon or truly revolutionary technology? Infographics - Follow My Vote. What Is Blockchain in 6 Awesome Infographics.