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Oil&Ink. ArtStation. Anatomy 360. Retro Inspired Samples. Overview When Colin Elgie first became an illustrator in the early 1970s, he worked with some of the greatest bands of the vinyl album era.

Retro Inspired Samples

Pink Floyd, Genesis, Peter Gabriel and many more all featured his work on their record sleeves. These days, the artist maintains his clear, graphic style producing striking work for some of the world’s biggest magazines, consumer brands and media companies. Based in the Kent countryside, his interests include Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, as well as Scandinavian crime fiction. He likes desolate places, and has travelled to the most northern town in the Arctic Circle. Training Colin went to East Ham Technical College where he took a Licentiateship of the Society of Industrial Art and Design.

Approach Colin’s approach to image making is to keep it simple. Style Strongly composed and graphic looking, Colin’s work takes on board many of the aesthetics of the great poster designs of the 30s and 40s. Client List. Sell your art, buying art online, All artwork Search at artFido. Logiciel BD. Art and Technology - A new Unity. Des élèves japonais dessinent sur des tableaux noirs. Ces dessins impressionnant de créativité ont été réalisés par des élèves japonais à la craie sur les tableaux noirs de leur classe pour un concours avec ~800€ à gagner organisé par Nichigaku, une entreprise qui en fabrique.

Des élèves japonais dessinent sur des tableaux noirs

Récemment ce genre de dessins est devenu à la mode au Japon et on a même donné un nom à la pratique, le Kokuban Art. J’ai mis les gagnants et les meilleurs ici mais vous pouvez aller voir les 50 oeuvres qui ont été envoyées au concours ici. Motorcycle Boy. Portraits, Alfred Hitchcock — Stellavie & Julian Rentzsch. Portraits, Alfred Hitchcock / Fine-Art-Print „Always make the audience suffer as much as possible“.

Portraits, Alfred Hitchcock — Stellavie & Julian Rentzsch

Hitchcocks ambition for suspense is unmistakable. This portrait illustrates the creative mastermind behind the scenes enlaced with references from his work within the history of cinematography. It is the remarkable drawing and illustration skills of Julian Rentzsch, both analogue and digital, the skillfully set typography and an extraordinarily beautiful cotton paper stock which could truly turn this print into an absolute favorite, not only for hardcore cineasts. DAME à LA LICORNE SK8-box 3 Skateboards - boom-art. Soulfetish Online Store. Art Archives. Je m'abonne - Professeur Cyclope. The illustrator David Vicente was born in 1968 in Southern France.

At an early age, he developed an immeasurable passion for Rock'n'Roll or more specifically for Psychobilly. His first pictures were inspired by bands, such as Meteors, The Cramps, Guanabatz, Batmobile, and his personal cult album .. "Rockabilly Psychosis". He was especially moved by the graphics. So he began his career by drawing monsters and other characters that were all rebels in their way. 827 INK. Harley-Davidson Art, Vintage Motorcycle and Aviation Paintings, Designer Apparel - Uhl Studios, Golden, Colorado. TATTOO ARTISTS. BEN SACK - Home. "Life's to short to wait" - peinture sur cuir. Allez je me lance, j'attaque le dos!!

"Life's to short to wait" - peinture sur cuir

Après un essais plutôt concluant sur l'épaule de mon cuir, la peinture ayant résistée plusieurs semaines aux agressions des salissures, la chaleur, la pluie, le froid et mm la grèle... je me lance dans du grand format!!! Un thème qui me tient à coeur : "les vanités", dans l'histoire de l'art c'est un des grands thèmes traités, les symboliques choisis :- une jeune personne ou une fleur pour représenter la beauté et la jeunesse- un crâne pour résenter la mort.- une bougie allumée ou un sablier pour le temps qui passe, la bougie allumée finira bien par s'éteindre une fois la cire consumée, à moins qu'un facheux courant d'air ne l'éteingne prématurément... "La nature est belle, souviens toi que le temps passe et que tu es mortel" voilà le message de ces vanités. Adam Nickel. Superhero Winter Olympics. We loved the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, but how much more awesome would the events be if it were superheroes competing?

Superhero Winter Olympics

That’s the concept behind graphic artist Francesco Francavilla’s Winter Super Olympics series. Superheroes make everything cooler, so why would the olympics be any different? 18 peintures hyperréalistes à vous en couper le souffle. Inutile d’y aller par quatre chemins : ces peintures ressemblent à s’y méprendre à des véritables clichés.

18 peintures hyperréalistes à vous en couper le souffle

Conçues par des peintres de tous horizons (Eric Zener, Paul Roberts, Diego Gravinese, Doug Bloodworth…), elles s’inscrivent dans la lignée du photo-réalisme, voire de l’hyperréalisme. Des femmes nues, d’autres qui nagent, un plateau de Monopoly : cette sélection “d’images” nous rappelle la série la série de dessins qui ressemblent à des photographies. Jouons au Monopoly mais attendons que ça sèche ! Un petit coup d’essuie-glaces ? Pourvu que les tueuses de chats n’existent que dans les peintures. Baignons-nous nus dans la piscine. Et Dieu inventa le récipient. Des jets d’Oreo. Legendary French Designer Paints Vivid Automotive Art. Born in Bordeaux in 1933, Mr.

Legendary French Designer Paints Vivid Automotive Art

Paul Bracq studied wood sculpting and then began producing drawings for the Chamber of Coachbuilders Association in Paris. He worked briefly for Citroën before his compulsory military service. It was his service that led Paul to his first contact with Mercedes-Benz, as he was stationed in the French occupation zone of Germany, which would eventually become a position as head of Daimler-Benz’s Advanced Design studio in Sindelfingen.

There, Paul would go on to design many renowned Mercedes-Benzes such as the 230SL Pagoda and the W108 series. But his most famous work came later while he was the head of design for BMW in the early 1970s. Des découpages de papier rétroéclairés. Vu, Lu ! aux éditions 2024. Vu, lu !

Vu, Lu ! aux éditions 2024

Est une célébra­tion de la lettre dessinée. Du Moyen-​​Âge à aujourd’hui, des typographes, des illus­tra­teurs, d’anonymes amoureux de l’écriture ont produit d’étonnants alpha­bets, chics, étranges ou parfois monstrueux. Entre calli­grammes, pangrammes et autres réjouis­sances typogra­phiques, Vu, Lu ! La Revue Dessinée. Des tableaux replacés dans Google Street View. L’utilisateur de reddit Shystone a replacé des peintures anciennes à l’endroit qu’elles représentent dans Google Street View, vous pouvez en voir plus avec des explications sur le site du Guardian.

Des tableaux replacés dans Google Street View

Website of Belgian artist Wim Delvoye. ID 1 ‹ Poster "HOT ROD OUTLAW COLOR". - DVICENTE-ART.COM. ACCUEIL - artiste peintre noir mat. Home - Machinima. Filippo B. 15 Tiny Houses To Simplify Your Life. They say bigger is better. While that might be true for some aspects of life, when it comes to houses, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Tiny houses have literally taken over these past few years, and the “trend” shows no signs of slowing down.

That’s not to say we don’t love ourselves some over-sized bachelor pads nestled within the hills of Hollywood, but there’s a lot to be said about tiny houses. In a world where real estate prices appreciate at a much faster rate than income earned, people are looking to take matters into their own hands. The end result is a tiny house that more times than not can be relocated to practically any location on the planet, utilizes much less resources, and really helps you simplify your life. 1. The perfect tiny home for getting away from the stressful concrete jungle, this cabin was designed as a summer home for owner Scott Newkirk. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Think you can’t get a house for $20,000? 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Website of Belgian artist Wim Delvoye. La Boutique du Ciné : Affiches de Cinéma originales, Photos de film, Pellicules 35 mm et Bandes Annonces. Monsieur Qui. Robbie Shone Adventure, Cave and Travel Photography. Cette illusion d'optique va brouiller votre cerveau. Fantastic Set of Abstract Superhero Art - Batman, Superman, and More.

Here's a beautiful series of superhero art created by French artist Samuel Bernard. The illustrations feature Batman, Superman, The Flash, and The Thing. I really like the style. It's different from anything I've seen before when it comes to these characters. What do you think of these designs?