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Olivia Rogers

I am Olivia Rogers from London. I am financial service adviser and arrange loans for the citizen of the UK.

Instant No Fee Loans- Fast Cash To Help You Under Emergency. Home Loans - Banks vs Non-Bank Lenders. Product Focus – Line of Credit Loan. Hassle free home loan applications - how to properly prepare. For the majority of people, a home loan is the biggest financial commitment they will make during their lifetime.

Hassle free home loan applications - how to properly prepare

Such an obligation requires painstaking and meticulous planning, but with the right resources and careful preparation, you shouldn’t need to stress. Here are a few tips to help you make the home loan application a breeze. Prepare your credit report Before anything, you will need to ensure that your finances are in order. Sit down and assess your credit report – this includes your personal history of all your credit accounts (cards, loans, mobile phone plans etc.), and all their associated repayment histories. Dispute inaccuracies in your credit report. Are you looking for home renovation finance. Have the wave of home improvement shows on television inspired you to carry out a home renovation?

Are you looking for home renovation finance

Whether it’s big or small, an investment project or home extension you’ve been dreaming about for years, the big question is – how are you going to pay for it? Here are some options to consider: Extend your mortgage If you’re planning an extensive home renovation, one of the most common ways to finance your project is to increase your current mortgage. This can be helpful as you spread the cost out over a long period. Personal loan A simple and cost-effective option for financing smaller scale renovations. Credit card. No move on Interest Rates again.

The final meeting of the Reserve Bank for 2015 produced no surprises as the Board made the decision to keep interest rates on hold.

No move on Interest Rates again

The official cash rate continues to stand at an all time low of 2%. Looking back on the past year, it’s been nothing but good news for the Australian housing market. Now that the traditional ‘spring fever’ has transitioned into the more languid days of summer, we can reflect on an extraordinary year. With one cut of 0.25% to interest rates and seven months of no change, homeowners have managed a sigh of relief, with many choosing to put extra payment towards their mortgage. In fact, Citibank’s head of banking solutions and wealth management, Dierdre Wroth, said early this year that more Australians are taking advantage of low interest rates by culling their debt “They either accumulate cash or they start to de-leverage their debt. There may be a present or two in store for mortgage holders and first time buyers.

Like this: Like Loading... Housing Affordability, what’s our new PM’s stance? On 15 September 2015 Malcolm Turnbull was sworn in as Prime Minister, signalling a new era for the Liberal leadership and this may lead to a different approach to the issue of housing affordability.

Housing Affordability, what’s our new PM’s stance?

There could also be a fundamental shift in the way the government addresses economic issues, with the Turnbull government set to be “a thoroughly Liberal government committed to freedom, the individual and the market.” At the heart of Turnbull’s economic ethos is the concept of a ‘free market’, encouraging competition wherever possible. Despite low interest rates, the rate of home ownership for those under 65 is declining, along with wages growth. With the median house price in Sydney now at $1 million, housing affordability is an issue felt by many Australians, particularly those in urban areas.

This issue is not new ground for Morrison. Another area that impacts the demand side is taxation policy and, in particular, negative gearing and capital gains tax. Like this: Like Loading... How to Choose a Home Loan Term. Some people pay off their home loan in record time, while others take 30 years.

How to Choose a Home Loan Term

Which is better? Deciding on the length of your mortgage term is an important decision because it can significantly affect the amount of interest you pay, as well as have implications for equity and cash flow. With a shorter-term loan you’ll build equity more quickly, which gives you the opportunity to generate a larger profit when you sell. With a longer home loan term you will pay significantly more interest over the life of the loan, but on the flip side, there is more flexibility and less financial risk. For example, a 15 year loan of $430,000 at 4% interest, will cost you $142,518 in total interest paid and $3,181 in monthly repayments. Untitled. What to Consider when Buying a Second Property. Buying your own home remains the great Australian dream – and purchasing a second property may help you take your wealth further.

What to Consider when Buying a Second Property

Whether you’re building your property investment portfolio, buying a holiday house, upgrading or supporting a family member, there are plenty of things to think about before you take that all important next step. Consider your cashflow Property tends to be a long-term investment, so do your sums to make sure you can afford the ongoing repayments on two mortgages. Also think about any major life changes on the horizon – for example, you may be planning to expand your family, or you might need to support a parent in the coming years. Get to know the market and location Research what’s happening in the current market, and whether it’s the right time for you to invest in a second property.