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Best Cyber Monday Deals for Oracle Agile PLM & Microsoft Azure Services. Free eBook - 8 PLM Enhancements that can Redefine your Agile Experience - PLM. Why Do You Need to Integrate ERP With Agile PLM? - Cross IT Solution. The benefits of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) are known to everyone.

Why Do You Need to Integrate ERP With Agile PLM? - Cross IT Solution

Both of these systems help enterprises operate with more efficiency, organize critical information, and improve their bottom line. You can make them even more useful by integrating them. Why Do You Need Flutter App Development? - General Info Blog. Whether you’re running a business for several years or just a startup entrepreneur, it is beneficial for both to learn more about Flutter app development.

Why Do You Need Flutter App Development? - General Info Blog

Flutter is relatively a new technology having less coverage as compared to other cross-platform solutions. But it has already proved itself to be a promising option. Flutter App Development: What’s It About? Flutter is principally a user interface (UI) Software Development Kit (SDK) and a framework. Google designed this, and it’s an open-course cross-platform project.

The Rise of Robots - Transforming Geriatric Care. Recent decades have seen advances in digital technologies, such as AI services, IoT, and computer vision, expanding capabilities of health robots into many areas of healthcare.

The Rise of Robots - Transforming Geriatric Care

As technologies evolve, it is clear that health care robots will enable high levels of patient care, perform high precision tasks in clinical settings and ensure safe work environments for both patients and health care workers. One key area that is experiencing a tectonic shift with robotics is geriatric (elderly) care. The elderly population all over the world is on the rise and the healthcare industry has to address their emotional, physical and psychological needs with technology. Advances in robotics are empowering industry leaders to address these challenges through informing true precision medicine, personalizing healthcare, improving patient engagement, transforming medical processes, and increasing life-expectancy.

Oracle Agile PLM 9.3.6: Here’s What You Need To Know. Agile PLM 9.3.6 enables smooth management of product quality, reliability, sales, and costs.

Oracle Agile PLM 9.3.6: Here’s What You Need To Know

It helps businesses unlock great value by reducing time to market, enhancing user experience, and streamlining operations through automation. Because of its usefulness; Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) Market size stood at USD 16.76 Billion in 2018 is expected to reach USD 26.73 Billion by 2026, exhibiting a CAGR of 6.3% during 2019-2026 (Fortune Business Insights). Cloud Migration Trends In 2022 and Beyond - All in One Junction. According to some metrics, we can see that the cloud migration trends grew at a much faster pace in 2020 as compared to 2019.

Cloud Migration Trends In 2022 and Beyond - All in One Junction

Even during the strongest economic downturn in modern history. The possible reason can be the increased demand driven by COVID-19, lockdowns, and operation from anywhere. It would not be surprising to see cloud use fall by a few points by 2020, given the reduction in costs in many areas driven by the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated global economic downturn. Instead, the cloud market was surprisingly strong. By other metrics, growth was almost the same as in 2020.

7 Advantages Cloud Solutions Provide for Business Growth. Top 5 Emerging AI and Machine Learning Trends to Watch In 2022 - Eblogary. Why Is PLM Integration Critical for Business Success? - BusinessGracy. Product management, manufacturing, and engineering teams are rapidly adopting Product Lifecycle management (PLM) systems.

Why Is PLM Integration Critical for Business Success? - BusinessGracy

PLM demand is increasing because businesses want to have one centralized application that incorporates all other touchpoints connected to core business activities. It leads to the demand of PLM integration with ither business systems. A Complete Guide to Use SharePoint for HR Management. HR management is crucial to smooth running of organizational operations.

A Complete Guide to Use SharePoint for HR Management

From developing training modules to shaping organizational culture, the important of HR operations can’t be discounted. However, manual management can be very difficult during peak periods and overburdening the team can lead to major errors and delays. The Benefits of PLM Integration with Other Applications - Tech Aisa. 7 Reasons Why Cloud Integration Is Important for Your PLM. From designing to marketing, Oracle PLM software has become a crucial tool to manage all product lifecycle related operations.

7 Reasons Why Cloud Integration Is Important for Your PLM

However, traditional PLM systems simply can’t keep pace with the rapidly evolving customer and industry requirements. To stay ahead of your competitors, you need to opt for PLM cloud integration. Microsoft SharePoint: 7 Best Tips for End Users. Since Microsoft SharePoint launch in 2001, it has evolved into a platform that has a lot more to offer than just storage and document management.

Microsoft SharePoint: 7 Best Tips for End Users

From using SharePoint as CMS to a website creation tool, it has proved to be a highly customizable platform. But since its features have expanded a lot over time, they can overwhelm the users and prevent them from making the most of the features. Connecting IoT: Mobile and Wearable Apps. In the 1960s, when the space race was underway and countries were gearing up their respective teams to travel to the moon, the foundations for interface were laid.

Connecting IoT: Mobile and Wearable Apps

To this date, we follow the same ideas that define digital interfaces, to make machines, devices, and technology easier to interact with. The advent of connecting IoT (Internet of Things) has made interactions digitally and we have progressed from interacting via mouse and keyboards, to touch screens and eventually to voice activation. Cost Effective Organization Management with SharePoint.

Microsoft SharePoint has garnered a reputation for being a resourceful tool for any organization. Be it project management, storing information, or building a content management system, SharePoint as CMS is the common solution. This multipurpose nature of the software makes it a low-cost alternative to a number of organizational software such as CRM, Workflow Management and others.

This blog talks about how SharePoint can be a cost-effective tool for organizational management by taking on multiple roles. 1. Connecting IoT: Mobile and Wearable Apps. 8 Mobile App Development Trends That Will Dominate 2022. With over 5 million apps already present on the Google App store, one would expect that the demand for mobile apps to be static if not declining.

Instead, it is on the rise with several new mobile app development trends paving its way. The new mobile app trends focus specifically on increasing consumer engagement, enhancing experience, and attracting more users. As a result, the trends are incorporating advanced technologies and huge amounts of data and analytics to shape user experience. Here are the top 8 trends that will completely transform the mobile app development landscape in 2022: 5G technology has been around for some time now. 5 Benefits of Agile PLM for Healthcare Manufacturers. Healthcare manufacturers face unique challenges throughout the production process. Since people’s lives and wellbeing is at stake, life sciences and health tech organizations are subject to heaps of regulations. The compliance procedure can be hard to manage, as regulations dictate the input materials, the processes of production, and employee certifications.

An effective and streamlined option to manage them exists within Agile PLM. Along with the ease of management, PLM offers the benefit of incorporating innovation into health tech and life sciences products and services, keeping them up to date with the latest trends and consumer needs. Healthcare Mobile Apps - 7 Ways Healthcare Industry Is Going Mobile. The digital transformation has brought about innovation in healthcare mobile apps practices and has made healthcare delivery more convenient and rapid for the patients.

As a result, healthcare has become more tech-driven leading to better quality of services and lower response time for patients. From effective disease diagnosis to improved health monitoring, AI/ML solutions and deep learning technologies have contributed towards increasing life expectancy and enhancing the quality of living. Below are 7 ways healthcare industry is going mobile and transforming both patient and practitioner experiences across the globe: Smart Phone Usage: Integration - 7 Best Practices for Customer Data Integration. The success and growth of any modern business greatly depend on quality customer data.

Customer data integration enables you to know about their profiles, buying habits, and interest in your products/ services even before their launch. It gives you 360-degree visibility of your customers and empowers you to come up with just the right products and services to fulfil their expectations. Why Is PLM Integration Critical for Business Success? - BusinessGracy. How to Migrate to SharePoint Safely and Efficiently? Top 7 Machine Learning Solutions Trends That Transform the Business In 2022 - by Olivia Brown - Olivia’s Newsletter. What PLM and ERP Integration Can Do for Your Organization. LMS Integration: Benefits of Integrating Learning with Work. 5 Ways Your Organization Can Make the Most of SharePoint. Enterprise Content Management in SharePoint  – Telegraph. Easy PLM Transition to the Cloud in 5 Steps – Agile PLM Solutions.

Agile PLM Integration Services to Enhance Work Efficiency. How Is AI And Machine Learning Helping Healthcare Industry? What Are the Benefits of Cross-Platform App Development Services? - 5 Emerging Tech Trends To Watch In 2022 And Beyond. How to Save Time and Effort Integrating PLM and ERP. Transform Your Agile PLM Experience Through Excel Integration. How Can Healthcare Industry Get the Most Out of A CMS System? PLM Documents Portal - Unlock New Possibilities with Agile PLM. How Does UI Wizard Automates Record Creation In Agile PLM? – Agile PLM Solutions.

Live Webinar on How To Extend The Useful Life of Agile PLM - agile-plm-solutions. Live Webinar on How To Extend The Useful Life of Agile PLM - agile-plm-solutions. Streamline Workflow Through PLM-ERP Integration. How Artificial Intelligence Help Business in Decision Making? — oliviabrown. PLM – Xavor Corporation.

How Cloud-PLM Benefits Your Business? What Are the Applications of Computer Vision in the Healthcare Industry?  Accelerate Employee Training through LMS Integration. UI Wizard: Automate and Speed Up Your Agile Record Creation. What’s Trending Today. Assist+: PLM Assistance Tailored to Your Organizational Needs. 3 Emerging Health Tech Trends to Watch In 2021 - Muzz World. How to Extend the Useful Life of Your Agile PLM? Part III. How to Extend the Useful Life of Your Agile PLM- Part II.

How to Extend the Useful Life of Your Agile PLM- Part I. SharePoint Benefits That Can Improve Productivity of Business. How to Extend the Useful Life of Your Agile PLM? A Series. Top Mobile App Development Trends In 2021. Top 4 Benefits of PLM-ERP Integration – Agile PLM Solutions. 3 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Agile PLM. High Quality Performance: The Benefits of Benchmarking and Load Testing. Oracle Agile PLM 9.3.6: Here’s What You Need To Know. PLM Solutions - Upgrade Your Agile PLM Hassle-Free.

7 Common Agile PLM Issues and How to Resolve them. Why Should Organizations Upgrade to Agile PLM 9.3.6? AI Powered Cancer Diagnosis and Imaging. Improving Quality of Life through Personal Health Navigation Model. Healthcare - The Personicle: A glimpse into your future. Healthcare Robotics for Elderly: The Opportunity and Challenges. AI ML Solutions - Adapting Digital Twin in Healthcare. The Rise of Robots - Transforming Geriatric Care. Webinar: Industrial Monitoring Using Computer Vision. Three Things to Consider to Deploy a Futuristic Cloud System. Agile PLM Support for an Accelerated Organizational Performance.

Cloud Computing: Private Vs Public Cloud Services. Upcoming Mobile App Development Trends of 2021. Remote Monitoring and Management in Industry 4.0. Quality Control 4.0: Defect Detection in Industry 4.0 with Computer Vision. Transforming and Scaling Enterprise Content Management. How to Monitor Costs at Lowest Granularity in GCP BigQuery. FREE eBook: Transforming and Scaling Enterprise Content Management. The New Face of Digital-First Content Marketing for Life Sciences. Enhancing Employee Efficiency through Productivity Monitoring. 5 Ways Computer Vision Can Help Manufacturers to Secure Factory Floor. Save millions by automating your industrial monitoring. Best Practices in Engineering Change Management. Business Case - Increase ROI with the Right CMS Software. Creating Business Value Through Content Scaling with CMS Platforms.

Agile PLM - Top 4 Best Practices of PLM Maintenance. Cloud Services - Why is Cloud Migration essential for enterprises. Make Your CMS Work For You. Cloud Solutions - Cloud Native Maturity Model for App Development. Top 5 reasons your business needs Digital Transformation in 2021. Creating Competitive Advantage through Cloud - TECHNOLOGY MARKETING. Common IoT Pitfalls and How to Avoid them? - Iot. Top 5 Strategies to Increase HCP Engagement with Marketing Automation.

5 Wonders of Digital Consumerism. Digitalization is rapidly becoming our… Building A Culture of Collaboration Across the Organization. Managing Cybersecurity in the Post-Covid World. How Conversational AI Can Help Boost Conversion – Foldot. Industrial IOT - How to unlock the true potential of Industrial IoT in 2021. Internet of Things - Top 5 IoT Trends to Watch in 2021.