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Make Your CMS Work For You. Cloud Solutions - Cloud Native Maturity Model for App Development. Cloud-native applications are designed to deliver business value like rapidly incorporating user feedback for continuous improvement.

Cloud Solutions - Cloud Native Maturity Model for App Development

Cloud-native app development speeds up the process of building new applications, optimizing existing ones, and connecting them all. Cloud-native app development delivers apps that users want at the pace a business needs. Cloud-native apps are taking over with a storm. The online storage resources enable easy access to company content and data to all the stakeholders. Their components are available online and are compatible with a different application. Top 5 reasons your business needs Digital Transformation in 2021.

One cannot deny the positive influence of digital transformation after witnessing one of the most significant health crises in humankind's history.

Top 5 reasons your business needs Digital Transformation in 2021

Even if you were a digital denier before, you would concede how digital transformation has revolutionized our lives. From the manufacturing industry to major consumer markets, there is not a shadow of doubt about the benefits of digital transformation. Denying to adapt and adopt digitalization in any sector leads you directly into the abyss for the coming years. Creating Competitive Advantage through Cloud - TECHNOLOGY MARKETING. Sometimes we are left awe-struck at the glory of science and how it has revolutionized the world.

Creating Competitive Advantage through Cloud - TECHNOLOGY MARKETING

A decade ago, businesses were dealing with data threats, crippling finances, and operational inefficiencies. A wave of digitalization swept the concerns and bottled them away. Big data came into action, artificial intelligence modernized our lifestyles, and the cloud challenged the ordinary and boring status quo. It is an escape for leading organizations from the status quo to a better, improved, secure, and efficient environment.​IBM surfaced a study of 800 individuals who worked with the cloud. Common IoT Pitfalls and How to Avoid them? - Iot. Top 5 Strategies to Increase HCP Engagement with Marketing Automation. Have you imagined what a world without sales reps looks like?

Top 5 Strategies to Increase HCP Engagement with Marketing Automation

Health care professionals would directly be in contact with service providers. The industry is taking a leap of faith through direct contact with the companies that better suit market needs. The direct contact with the pharmaceuticals means developing an elaborate digital infrastructure that automates the HCP engagement process without an intermediary. The outreach efforts or the engagement plan requires a marketing automation process or MAP that increases companies’ annual revenue.

5 Wonders of Digital Consumerism. Digitalization is rapidly becoming our… Digitalization is rapidly becoming our reality because of the digital revolution disrupting conventional manufacturing methods and consumer goods.

5 Wonders of Digital Consumerism. Digitalization is rapidly becoming our…

Of all the industries and businesses, consumer good manufacturers are at the forefront of this innovation. Digitalization is playing a vital role in manufacturing, marketing, and sales. Building A Culture of Collaboration Across the Organization. Throughout 2020, the pandemic, lockdowns, and remote work have made businesses and organizations worldwide recognize the importance of efficient cross-functional collaboration culture.

Building A Culture of Collaboration Across the Organization

Teamwork is appreciated more than ever before, and recruiters are focusing on team spirit and effective communication as some of the top soft skills required in new employees. With the coronavirus predicted to stay in our lives well into 2021, the importance of cross-functional collaboration cannot be denied. This blog post discusses the best ways to build a cross-functional collaboration culture across the organization. Managing Cybersecurity in the Post-Covid World. 2 total views It will take a while for the new normal to kick in.

Managing Cybersecurity in the Post-Covid World

Scientists and doctors think we may have to live with this virus forever. If that stands right, we must embrace the Covid effects and resume our activities in the post-COVID-19 world with all the precautions. Undoubtedly the great humanitarian crisis collapsed the global economy at one point, but the dust is settling. How Conversational AI Can Help Boost Conversion – Foldot. Artificial intelligence has done wonders which were unthinkable a decade ago.

How Conversational AI Can Help Boost Conversion – Foldot

Chatbots are new AI service infused robots that operate on modern technology principles. They have a chat interface, and they can interact with every being. This service works best on social media platforms like Facebook, Messenger, and even Text Messages. This is an example of modern-day artificial intelligence induced conversation. Industrial IOT - How to unlock the true potential of Industrial IoT in 2021. Over the last few years, the global industrial IoT market has been witnessing massive growth due to factors like the increased adoption of cloud computing in the industrial sector, enhanced automation, and industrialization.

Industrial IOT - How to unlock the true potential of Industrial IoT in 2021

By 2023, the global industrial IoT market is expected to reach approximately USD 751.3 billion, growing at a CAGR of 23.88% from 2017 to 2023. The unprecedented 2020 brought many challenges to the manufacturing and industrial sectors. Due to the pandemic, there was a sudden halt to routine manufacturing, teamwork, and collaboration. The need for more automation due to lockdowns, social distancing and health concerns caused for businesses and enterprises to adapt digital transformation in their strategy. With increased connectivity, faster 5G and Wi-Fi, and improvement in AI and machine learning, industrial IoT solutions are all set to deepen its roots. Internet of Things - Top 5 IoT Trends to Watch in 2021. Over the last couple of years, we have seen the Internet of Things (IoT) and its infinite potential take off.

Internet of Things - Top 5 IoT Trends to Watch in 2021

The pandemic in 2020 fueled the digital transformation, and companies everywhere started to instill a digital transformation strategy in their businesses. With increased connectivity, faster 5G and Wi-Fi, and improvement in AI and machine learning, IoT trends are all set to deepen its roots in everyday lives. Upcoming Mobile App Development Trends of 2021. Our world is rapidly evolving. Change is the only constant in this world. The change brought by technology has encapsulated our personal and professional lives. From air conditioners and smart fans in our homes to laptops at our workplace, technology is benefiting us in a wholesome manner. Mobiles are our biggest asset in today’s world, defining our lifestyle, status quo, and personalities. UI/UX Design Services. We specialize in combining user and business goals with technological innovation, create products, design services, and experiences that people love.

Design is not a degree, department, or qualification, but a way of approaching the world that anyone can learn, build upon, and apply. We believe that all great design consists of three deeply human traits: curiosity about the world, empathy with fellow humans, and an urge to solve problems. Web & Mobile App Development Services. As your end-to-end technology partner, we engineer top-notch mobile-first solutions enabling your digital transformation journey.

At Xavor, our expert designers, developers, researchers, and experts follow the mobile-first approach to deliver exceptional performance and ensure interoperability by keeping margin in their architecture for ever-evolving technologies. With extensive design research, agile methodology, and the latest cutting-edge technologies, we have designed and developed hundreds of complex enterprise-level solutions, business intelligence analytics, advanced mobile, and web solutions. We have served industries from startups to fortune 500 brands that include but not limited to life sciences, healthcare, social networking, banking, IoT, multimedia, entertainment, and education. We ensure comprehensive collaboration and brainstorming with you and your team, resulting in the manifestation of your desired needs. Cloud Services - Why is Cloud Migration essential for enterprises. Every organization has different data needs.

Sticking to conventional data storage methods could be a lengthy, risky, and costly option. Going paperless seems like a viable, feasible, and cost-effective approach during unprecedented events such as the current COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, the need for cloud migration is inevitable. It is necessary to understand the cloud migration process to move from conventional data storage methods to the cloud. Cloud-native applications and cloud migration are the ultimate goals of any organization to enhance productivity, increase ROI, and decrease costs.

DevOps & Cloud Services and Solutions. We develop holistic strategies and manage cloud environments to help build complete, security-rich solutions creating value for your businesses. Digital transformation is reshaping businesses all over the globe, and Cloud platforms are enabling rapid digital changes with unprecedented growth. Even today, deploying all the data of the enterprises to Cloud is a challenge for many organizations, mainly because traditional IT departments do not have the technical skills and are unfamiliar with digital transformation processes. Architecture Design & Audit Solutions. Best Practices of Online Document Collaboration. 9 Technology Trends that Will Rule 2021 and Beyond. What Makes SharePoint Apt for an Enterprise Content Management System? Top 4 Content Migration Vendors for the SharePoint Platform.

Are SharePoint Capabilities Limitless? Product Spotlight – Using Assist With Agile PLM. A Guide to Successful SharePoint Migration. Significance of Maintenance and Support Services on PLM Infrastructure. Agile Oracle PLM Support and Maintenance. SharePoint Platform for Project Management. Sustaining ROI Through PLM Support and Maintenance. Top 3 Reasons Your Business Needs Migration to SharePoint. Is SharePoint Online the Right Choice for Your Organization. Xavor EBook. Disadvantages of Unsupported PLM Infrastructure.

How to Extend the Life of your PLM Infrastructure? Why Is PLM Maintenance and Support Critical for Your PLM Infrastructure? Take Control of your PLM Solution. Ways to Optimize your Azure Cloud Platform. Agile PLM Support & Solutions. PLM Services; Transforming the Future. 7 Ways to Boost the Performance of Your Oracle Agile PLM. How to get a trustworthy partner for Oracle Agile PLM Support and Maintenance Service. Supplier Collaboration Using PC And PPM. UDI Regulation. Process Re-Design – A Necessity. 5 Game-Changing Reasons to Implement PLM Solutions. How Oracle Agile PLM is Increasing the Life Sciences Industry Efficiency? Why Choose Xavor for Your Agile PLM Support and Maintenance? How to Keep up with Oracle Agile PLM Maintenance and Support?

5 Everyday Applications of Artificial Intelligence – Tech Bytes. 5 Questions to Ask Before Selecting Oracle Agile PLM Support Vendors. UI Wizard For Agile PLM. How to Extend the Life of your oracle agile PLM Infrastructure? Jumping on the Bandwagon of Cloud Migration. COVID-19 and Impact on AI Adoption. Conquering the Media and Entertainment Industry with Cloud Computing. PLM Systems & Support. Xavor Premium Cloud Solutions. The Benefits Of Agile PPM. Embedded Systems: 5 Upcoming Trends and Predictions of Embedded Systems in 2021.

5 Ways Machine Learning Helps us in our Everyday Lives. xEngine – A Solution For Integrating Your Product Data. Xavor’s UDI Solution. COVID-19 and Impact on AI adoption. Investing in Chinese Technology Firms – Practitioner Perspective. Product Spotlight – Using Assist With Agile PLM. Project Management & Business Consulting - Project Management Consultants; A Ladder of Success by Olivia Brown. 3 Types of Apps and their Characteristics. Distributed Training Using Horovod and Keras. The Basics of Software Architecture Design. Top 3 Reasons to Choose Consulting as a Career. Artificial Intelligence and Commute in Corona Times. 4 Key Components of User Experience – Learn UX Design. Characteristics Of A Valuable CRM System. Embedded Systems: The Basics of Embedded System Designs. Is the Human Race really at the Mercy of Artificial Intelligence? – Tech Bytes.

Artificial Intelligence in the Health Sector. 5 Notable Differences between Private and Public Cloud – Tech Bytes. Smart Tracking of Criminals Using Artificial Intelligence. Seeing the Business World from the Lens of Artificial Intelligence – Tech Bytes. Business Consultancy; A Way out of Troubles for Businesses. Now Is the Time to Reassess Your Cloud Operations. How Chatbots are Revolutionising Customer Service. Lucrative Career Choices Involving Machine Learning Expertise. A Leap of Faith from Hardware to Software Services – Tech Bytes. A Step Towards Sensor Fusion for Indoor Layout Estimation. The Journey from Indefinite to a Definite Buyer. UI/UX Design Services. Top 4 Design Services of the Decade – Tech Bytes.

How to Choose Ideas that Matter – Here’s a Model that Works Wonders. A Technological Pandora Box to Unveil the Covid-19 – Tech Bytes. PLM Solutions; A Way Forward. When you want your wishes and dreams to… From Traditional to Digital; A Journey Through Time. Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Managing Agile PLM Implementation Risks. Enabling IoT Based Multi Marketing Channels with Headless CMS. Now Is the Time to Reassess Your Cloud Operations. Why Does Your Enterprise Need Cloud Managed Services. Integrating Employee Training With Agile PLM. Improving NPI Projects For The Consumer Electronics Accessories Market. The Race Between Descriptive and Predictive Data – Tech Bytes.