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Matthew Palladino Interview. We're pretty excited about this young SF artist.

Matthew Palladino Interview

We're pretty sure you will be too. This 22 year old artist just wrapped up a solo show @Park Life here in San Francisco, and it got all sorts of people worked up. The work is familiar yet horribly unique and fresh. Check below and you'll see what I mean... Matthew's a recent CCA student who dropped out, keeping himself out of debt and felt that he'd do alright by educating himself instead. Stay Out of the Rose Garden Tell us a bit about your show at Park Life and how it came to be? I showed paintings at Brown Bear on Divisadero (RIP) last summer and Jamie Alexander from Park Life bought a couple pieces from that.

Describe your process for creating a new piece and what sorts of materials you prefer to use? I use alot of Winsor Newton and Old Holland watercolor on cold pressed paper. What's the deal with all the tigers? The tiger attack at the San Francisco zoo was what triggered the tiger paintings. You grew up in SF right? Drive By Day job? Color Theory, Color Wheel and Combining Colors, Colors on the Web. The Grid System.