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Le aziende non assumono i giornalisti si fanno impresa  Les trucs d'un journaliste pour faire parler de vous dans les mé. Buoni propositi dell'informazione. La svolta epocale del Giornalismo Partecipativo - AgoraVox Itali. The new rules of news. You may have noticed – you could hardly miss it – the blizzard of anniversary stories last month about the fall of Lehman Brothers, an event that helped spark last year's financial meltdown.

The new rules of news

The coverage reminded me that journalists failed to do their jobs before last year's crisis emerged, and have continued to fail since then. It also reminds me of a few pet peeves about the way traditional journalists operate. So here's a list of 22 things, not in any particular order, that I'd insist upon if I ran a news organization. 1. We would not run anniversary stories and commentary, except in the rarest of circumstances. 2. 3. 4. 5.

. - If we were a local newspaper, the editorial pages would publish the best of, and be a guide to, conversation the community was having with itself online and in other public forums, whether hosted by the news organization or someone else. - Editorials would appear in blog format, as would letters to the editor. Crise dans les médias. Internet e la “vivisezione” dei Brand « Internet P.R. Arianna Huffington spiega il futuro dei media. Arianna Huffington Interview: SOTB 2009 - Technorati Blogging. Richard Jalichandra: How did you discover blogging?

Arianna Huffington Interview: SOTB 2009 - Technorati Blogging

Arianna Huffington: For me it was the excitement of seeing the conversation moving online. I wanted to be a part of that so we started Arianna Online. The key thing was the interactivity. Il mondo visto dal web. Festivaldelgiornalismo. Festivaldelgiornalismo. On the iPad. For years, me and thousands of other techies have been wondering what comes after the Personal Computer as we’ve known it.

On the iPad

Yesterday, in Apple’s iPad, we caught a glimpse. If I had to pick one predominant emotion in reaction, it would be “disturbed”. The iPad is an attractive, thoughtfully designed, deeply cynical thing. It is a digital consumption machine. As Tim Bray and Peter Kirn have pointed out, it’s a device that does little to enable creativity. The tragedy of the iPad is that it truly seems to offer a better model of computing for many people – perhaps the majority of people. From iPhone to iPad The iPhone can, to some extent, be forgiven its closed nature. That the iPad is a closed system is harder to forgive. The iPad was pitched by Steve Jobs yesterday as a response to netbooks. Online Writing. Blog Archive » Leggere gratis le prime pagine dei giornali ameri. Un blog, un servizio web gratuito e un lettore di ebook e leggere le prime pagine dei giornali americani non è mai stato così facile.

Come fare? Semplicissimo! Front Pages è un blog (su Tumblr) che pubblica le prima pagine del New York Times, Washington Post e altri giornali, insieme ai link diretti agli articoli della prima pagina stessa. “All the News That’s Fit without Print” An Apology To Our Readers. On Monday evening I received a phone call from someone I trust who told me that one of our interns had asked for compensation in exchange for a blog post.

An Apology To Our Readers

Specifically, this intern had allegedly asked for a Macbook Air in exchange for a post about a startup. After an investigation we determined that the allegation was true. In fact, on at least one other occasion this intern was almost certainly given a computer in exchange for a post. Blog Mediablog di Marco Pratellesi. Corriere Della Sera. - Chi salva un fatto salva la verità intera. iPad, i giornali sono applicazioni. Dove si vendono i giornali per l’iPad?

iPad, i giornali sono applicazioni

Formati. The Information Divide: The chasm between social and traditional. The Cycle of Breaking News from Social to Traditional to a New H. Piccoli Giornalisti - Il sito degli aspiranti giornalisti. Archivo delle Categorie: Il manifesto di Eretici digitali. What should news apps on the iPad look like? John-Henry Barac on. Peggy Nelson on new media narratives: “Every Twitter account is. We talked this week with Peggy Nelson, a new media artist who has spent the last several years doing digital and virtual storytelling.

Peggy Nelson on new media narratives: “Every Twitter account is

While Nelson’s work is rooted in conceptual art rather than journalism, she has created stories in nearly every medium, including some we hadn’t thought of (like PowerPoint and iPhone Apps). Nelson came to our attention when she presented in January at the Boston Bookfuturists Meetup. In these excerpts from our talk, she discusses Twitter novels, the core elements of story, and how journalists can most effectively use social media. Reputation Patterns - Design Pattern Library.

A person participating in a social structure expects to develop a reputation and hopes for insight into the reputations of others, but each designed model of participation and reputation embodies its own set of biases and incentive structures.

Reputation Patterns - Design Pattern Library

Balancing these forces determines in large measure the success or failure of a social system. Living Stories can reinvent the article. Content consumers — the people who seek information but don’t create or curate it — are getting a raw deal.

Living Stories can reinvent the article

Why? Because static articles don’t capture the kinetic energy newsworthy topics generate. Le conseguenze di iPad sull’editoria: il presente.