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I Spy DIY. Chic Steals Blogger of the Month-October! Hi everyone! I’m Carly from Chic Steals , and I’ve been a huge fan of M&J Trimming for such a long time. I make it a point to always stop in the store and meander through whenever I’m in New York City. It’s like a glittering treasure trove for me, stocked full of beads, baubles, trims, rhinestones, and appliqués – so much so that I’m never able to leave with empty hands. It’s amazing how easily you can update a piece of clothing or an accessory with said beads, baubles, and appliqués…and how incredibly high-fashion projects can look when you’ve added a bit of frivolous sparkle to them.

Project 1: Sequin Nails I love a metallic manicure as much as the next girl, but most polishes aren’t bright enough to truly gleam like the real thing. . *6mm Flat Loose Sequins Style# 34424 in Turquoise *scissors *toothpick *thick clear base coat nail polish (the stickier the better!) How To: 1. 2. 3. 4. Page 6 - StumbleUpon. DIY Two Stitch Dress If the sauna of city smog has got you wondering what to wear, try DIY-ing your own simple and breathable summer dress. One cut and two stitches is all it takes!

DIY Cutoffs with Closet Collage Cut offs are a seasoned summer staple. Pair them with tanks, tees, sweaters or blazers and you may never have to take them off. Closet Collage is the beautiful blog of my friend Jessie. Fabulous and Twenty- A stylish guide for living on a budget - StumbleUpon. Quinn Johnson's Designs by quinnbryan. My Signature 2 (+) In 1 Snappy Clip In Feather Hair Extensions!

Quinn Johnson's Designs by quinnbryan

Just like Steven Tyler, in American Idol, but easier to get them in and out. My Feather Hair Extensions are a wonderful alternative to the Micro Bead. Not only are they a "snap" to clip into your hair, but you'll be styling wearing this MUST-HAVE OF THE SEASON without the commitment or hassles of a micro bead (its GREAT for those Gals who don't like to commit;). Not only will this SAVE YOU MONEY (NO NEED to keep going back into a salon to fix your extension EVERY-TIME your hair grows or you want to dye your hair), and there is no need for any tools or worries of damaging your beautiful hair! * I also only use the BEST QUALITY FEATHERS....WHITING FARM FEATHERS in my Feather Extensions!!! Hair Extension Feathers. Tutorial : DIY Nautical Headband. How to make a Nautical HeadbandMaterials:-4 yds of rope or ribbon cut into 4 equal strands-1/2 yd 1 inch twill-hair band-sewing needle-thread The following pictures show you step by step how to make the sailor's knot with your first two strands of rope.

Tutorial : DIY Nautical Headband

Pay careful attention to which strand is on top or under the other. For more help click here. Now take your third and fourth strands of rope and snake them side by side into the knot by the first two strands. Slowly pull the knot tighter, keeping it even and the knot flat. Here is a closeup of how the knot should look now. Take your needle and thread and about 1 inch from the knot sew together the four strands of rope to keep them flat on the back.. Repeat on the other side. Lace Zipper Tutorial... Want a quick update to an old shirt?

Lace Zipper Tutorial...

How about an exposed lace zipper?!! With some left over lace scraps, an invisible zipper, and a zipper foot for your sewing machine, this is an easy and quick refashion that turns any shirt into something just a tad more feminine and lovely. Ruffles & Buttons, Anthro Inspired. So here is that long promised (and sadly late) Anthro inspired tee tutorial.

Ruffles & Buttons, Anthro Inspired

Grab a t-shirt and come along for the ride! This is a dress from Anthropologie that I fell in love with last summer. It's called the "Count the Waves" dress, gorgeous, right? The price? Watermark Tee by Sweet Verbana. Hello U-Create readers!

Watermark Tee by Sweet Verbana

I am so excited to be guest posting here today. DIY Color Block Moccasins. Our love of Minnatonka moccasins and obsession with Balenciaga‘s Fall 2010 shoes made this DIY we created for Foam Magazine a no brainer.

DIY Color Block Moccasins

With just a tube of Tulip Soft Fabric Paint, a pair of paintbrushes (one thin and one thick) and a pair of suede moccasins, you’ll be ready to make your own color block shoes. (Tulip Soft Fabric Paint is best paint to use, as it is highly opaque, flexible once it dries and great for suede.) To paint the tops of the moccasins, the fringe will have to be tucked under. Simply untie the bow, pull the suede strings out of all the holes (note how it is assembled), and fold the flap under. DIY Shibori. Today marks HonestlyWTF’s four year anniversary.

DIY Shibori

Four years! To celebrate, we’re revisiting the very first tutorial we ever featured on the site: shibori tie dye. Lauren and I first discovered shibori after discovering an old photo on the web. The idea of recreating an ancient Japanese dyeing technique inspired us to spend an entire weekend experimenting with our favorite deep blue, indigo. After dyeing just about every white article of clothing in sight, our blue stained fingers excitedly uploaded the tutorial – we couldn’t wait to share it with our 30 readers. You’ll need:an indigo dye kitnatural fiber clothing or fabric2 5 gallon bucketsrubber glovessmall wood squaresrubber bandstwinea PVC pipea long wooden sticka drop clothrubber glovesscissors When choosing fabric or clothing, it’s important that made of natural fibers.

Itajime shibori is known as the shape-resist technique. Fold it again in the other direction – again, like an accordion. Wrap the twine around the fabric. DIY No Knit Scarf. We love Rike Feurstein.

DIY No Knit Scarf

Her hats are sick and her chunky knits are lusciously bold and amazing. And when we saw her Dylan scarf, we thought it was genius. DIY Bleach Tie Dye. Last summer, we were obsessed with shibori indigo tie dying.

DIY Bleach Tie Dye

No, really . . . we just about dyed anything white in sight. High school fashions, 1969. Fashion, Vintage High school fashions, 1969 i know what you’re thinking… are these more fashion snaps from coachella?

High school fashions, 1969

DIY Fendi Frill - Honestly WTF. It was love at first sight when we laid eyes on the amazing oversized, billowy, ruffled frills adorning the Fall 2010 runway looks at Fendi. We immediately wanted one and just couldn’t imagine having to wait another several months to actually see these frills materialize. With some research, persistence, and umpteen botched attempts, we finally figured out a fail-proof pattern. Heels/Wedges.


Cheep Cheep Cute accessories galore by cheepcheep on Etsy. Simply Me Art by simplymeart. WORLD WIDE SHIPPING AVAILABLE~ ~WHEN VINTAGE AND CONTEMPORARY COME TOGETHER IN ONE OF KIND CREATIONS FROM HEAD TO TOE~ FOLLOW SIMPLY ME ART ON TUMBLR TO SEE WHAT INSPIRES MY DESIGNS~ Send a Picture Wearing a Piece of Simply Me Art that I can Post to the Face Book Fan Page and my Blog and I will send you a Coupon Code for 50% off your Next Simply Me Art Purchase~ I would Love to see your Beautiful Faces wearing some Vintage Sparkle!

Simplymeart [! At] DIRECT CHECK OUT now Available~ Featured In the Gorgeous New Issue of Jewelry Affaire Magazine......One Of A Kind Creations, Created With Pieces From The Past FOLLOW~ my Pinterest Boards Here: FACEBOOK FAN PAGE FOR NOTIFICATIONS ON PRIVATE SALES AND PROMOTIONS FOLLOW~ on Twitter.

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