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Devenir entrepreneur en Afrique : bonne ou mauvaise idée ? Dynamique Entrepreneuriale Les entreprises ont tendance à investir dans un autre pays ou continent pour de multiples raisons.

Devenir entrepreneur en Afrique : bonne ou mauvaise idée ?

Si les continents les plus fréquentés auparavant étaient l’Asie et l’Amérique, cela tend à changer depuis quelque temps. L’Afrique est désormais le nouveau terrain de jeu des investisseurs. Ce continent possède des atouts qui ne demandent qu’à être exploités. Les raisons pour lesquelles il faut investir en Afrique L’Afrique présente des avantages entrepreneuriaux. Il offre également des perspectives très intéressantes, ainsi que des conditions très favorables sur le plan juridique.

Dans quel secteur investir ? L’Afrique est un continent très riche, il existe encore de nombreux domaines à exploiter. - L’agriculture et l’élevage : le continent africain est l’un des continents qui possèdent plusieurs plantes et des animaux que de nombreux continents ne possèdent pas et qui peuvent être une bonne affaire. Loïc Folloroux : l'Afrique qui entreprend - Paul NGone.

Dangote veut booster les start-up africaines. Afrique : impact des IDE sur la dynamique entrepreneuriale. Par Oasis Kodila Tedika.Un article de Libre Afrique Customers credits David Trainer (CC BY-SA 2.0) La création de nouvelles entreprises a des effets positifs sur la croissance.

Afrique : impact des IDE sur la dynamique entrepreneuriale

Elles sont en effet généralement efficaces et elles créent de l’émulation sur le segment du marché où elles s’installent, amenant ainsi à une hausse la productivité, une meilleure qualité, et une baisse des prix. Nous savons aussi que les jeunes entreprises, plus flexibles, contribuent davantage à la création d’emplois que des sociétés plus mûres. Curieusement en Afrique, ces vérités ne semblent pas faire l’unanimité. Laissons les entrepreneurs africains entreprendre. Par Mallam Nasir El Rufai.

Laissons les entrepreneurs africains entreprendre

Petite marchande en Côte d’Ivoire (Afrique) (Crédits : Kate Fisher/BBC World Service, licence BY-NC 2.0), via Flickr. L’Afrique est un endroit très rentable pour faire des affaires. Aliko Dangote launches programme to connect African entrepreneurs to potential investors. GeoPoll, GES, US State Dept: African Entrepreneurship Survey. In collaboration with GES and the US State Department, mobile surveying company GeoPoll asked 1,000 entrepreneurs across Africa about entrepreneurship in their countries.

GeoPoll, GES, US State Dept: African Entrepreneurship Survey

GeoPoll has a database of 200 million users throughout Africa and Asia. Using this database, 200 entrepreneurs per country in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa were reached. Surveys were sent via SMS the week of July 13th. What African entrepreneurs want. | July 24, 2015, 8:10 a.m.

What African entrepreneurs want

Image: By BiztechAfrica What African entrepreneurs want On the eve of U.S. President Barack Obama’s visit to Kenya for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, GeoPoll, the Global Entrepreneurship Network, and the U.S. State Department have released a survey of 1,000 business owners throughout sub-Saharan Africa on entrepreneurship in their countries. Why SMEs are key to growth in Africa. Those of us who have been in Africa over the past decade have witnessed a region become the world’s most exciting economic frontier, transforming nation states and offering hope to a new generation of accomplished and engaged youth.

Why SMEs are key to growth in Africa

Entrepreneuriat : les femmes sont plus dynamiques en Afrique subsaharienne. Salaire minimum en Afrique, dans quels pays paie-t-on le mieux ? - © Selon les pays on le nomme salaire minimum interprofessionnel garanti (SMIG), salaire minimum interprofessionnel de croissance (SMIC) ou Salaire national minimum garanti (SNMG), Il s’agit en fait de la rémunération minimale des salariés fixée par les États.

Salaire minimum en Afrique, dans quels pays paie-t-on le mieux ? -

Quels sont les pays d’Afrique francophone qui proposent les salaires minimums les plus élevés ? Le top 3 des salaires minimums les plus élevés : Maroc, Guinée Équatoriale, Algérie. Africa ripe for SME growth. Despite the recent prediction by the World Bank that economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa will slow in 2015, the region is still home to one of the fastest-growing middle classes in the world.

Africa ripe for SME growth

As a result, there are vast opportunities on the continent for progressive African entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to take advantage of. Charles Brewer, MD of DHL Express Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), says one sector providing plentiful prospects is the agricultural industry, which is Africa’s largest economic sector representing 15% of the continent’s total GDP and more than $100-billion per year. “It is estimated that more than 60% of the globe’s available and vacant land is situated in SSA(3), which suggests that the sector still offers incredible growth.” Another industry seeing significant growth is the banking sector, which has grown extensively over the last decade and has become a substantial player in emerging-market banking.

African startups show signs of growth. African Internet, software and ecommerce startups are meeting increasing success in obtaining early-stage funding and generating revenue, according to a report from by startup funding initiative VC4Africa.

African startups show signs of growth

The number of applications for VC funds on VC4Africa has grown by 640 percent in just three years, according to VC4Africa research team leader, Thomas van Hale. “Over 70% of the respondents already generate revenue and 44% is successful in securing external capita, van Hale said by email. “This is a critical economic contribution when taking into account that 43.3% of the Sub-Saharan African population is under the age of 14. In many ways, the future of the continent will be shaped by the continued success of its entrepreneurs,” Van Hale said. The report breaks down insights across five indicators: employment, performance, investments, investors and ecosystem. Bravery and a diet of humble pie: Mi-Fone CEO’s 10 tips for African entrepreneurs. Entrepreneur Alpesh Patel was born in Uganda after his family relocated from India, but moved to the UK during the Idi Amin regime.

Bravery and a diet of humble pie: Mi-Fone CEO’s 10 tips for African entrepreneurs

After completing university, he started selling mobile phones to the Chinese and made his first million at the age of just 23. Alpesh Patel He later relocated to South Africa, and eventually ended up working for Motorola in Africa. But in 2008, decided to quit his job to start his own pan-African mobile phone brand, Mi-Fone. Taking the leap: Entrepreneur on why he left Poland to start a business in Nigeria. Marek Zmyslowski, managing director of Jovago – a popular online hotel booking site in Africa – believes some of his biggest successes have been a result of taking chances. And leaving his home country Poland to move to Lagos to start an online company is no exception. “At that time my knowledge about Nigeria was the so-called Google knowledge.

So I knew what Boko Haram was and 419,” says Marek Zmyslowski. It all started when he decided earlier in his career that he wanted to be an entrepreneur. 30 Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs In Africa 2014. Applications open for Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme. | Jan. 5, 2015, 8:10 a.m. Image: By BiztechAfrica Applications open for Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme Applications are invited for the Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme, a $100 million programme offering unique mentorship, access to resources, seed capital and support for African entrepreneurs.

The year-long programme, run by the Tony Elumelu Foundation, begins with a 12-week training course and also includes web mentoring and access to a global entrepreneurship forum. Welcome to Forbes. GES-2014: BMCE Bank Announces Million-dollar African Entrepreneurship Award. Marrakech - BMCE Bank Group CEO, Othman Benjelloun, announced, here Thursday, a one million dollar African Entrepreneurship Award. This award will be established in partnership with internationally-recognized stakeholders, Benjelloun said at a panel held within the framework of the 5th Global Entrepreneurship Summit (November 19-21) under the theme “Harnessing the Power of Technology for Innovation and Entrepreneurship”.

Underlining that this award is a contribution to promote the spirit of partnership in Africa, BMCE Bank Group CEO said it will be granted annually to young African entrepreneurs. “The first prize will be awarded in 2015,” he said, announcing that “the conditions to apply for the award will be posted shortly on the website of BMCE Bank.” A jury of prestigious figures from around the world will decide the winner of the African Entrepreneurship Award, he added. MWN with MAP Comment! For Africa and its entrepreneurs, credit bureaus the path to growth. Global business e-registration portal hopes to boost startup growth in Africa.

This is pretty awesome. Time and time again we have written about how business registration and red tape are some of the key obstacles to businesses development across the globe, especially in many parts of Africa. This might start to change, however. A new simplified online registration system, called the Global Enterprise Registration, has been introduced in an effort to boost business growth in Africa and other emerging markets. Africa Twenty10 accelerator is calling for first intake of savvy startups. The Africa Twenty10 accelerator programme is looking for local startups that would help solve the problem of fragmentation and small market sizes on the continent. In its effort to create a more competitive environment, the accelerator will provide a three-month intensive programme for the first intake of startups, which will enable them to launch in multiple countries and access bigger market sizes.

The initiative hopes to find a fair balance of female-led startups, social enterprises along with other profitable and impactful startups. The programme is supported by Microsoft4Afrika Initiative, Appfrica Venture Capital Fund, Expand HR Services and innovation spaces across Africa including iSpace in Ghana. Entrepreneurial Potential At The Bottom Of The Pyramid.

The bottom of the pyramid framework initially imagined an enormous market opportunity for multinational corporations to tap into high-volume, low-margin markets around the world. But it might just be local, small-scale entrepreneurs who make the most profound impact. Africa is a young continent with a large so-called “bottom of the pyramid” population. There has been growing interest in the continent from investors and multinationals alike, with many South African firms in particular aggressively expanding into new markets and heightened mergers and acquisitions interest from abroad. But while the growth of consumer spending is enticing, it would be a mistake to think of Africa solely as a consumer market, from both a developmental and business perspective. "Une nouvelle génération d’entrepreneurs en Afrique australe", produite par Ángel Varela Pena.

Africa SME Champions : une plateforme au service des PME africaines. She Leads Africa Connects Female Startups in Africa to Capital. Social Business Spotlight: A Look at Entrepreneurs With Heart Business: She Leads Africa, @SheLeadsAfrica Who: Yasmin Belo-Osagie and Afua Osei, co-founders. Microsoft Word - SME and growth MENON v8.docx - SME and growth MENON [FINAL].pdf. Seeing the future through the eyes of young Africans. It is interesting to reflect on the progress that has been made in Africa over the past 15 years. Where we are today is very different to where we were 15 years ago – at that time, most people would have thought it impossible for Africa to get to where it is today. Gerald Mahinda Having traversed the continent working for multinationals over this period, I have had a front row seat to some of the very real change that has occurred.

Ten years ago, when I was living in Lagos, not many people believed that the transition to democracy in Nigeria was real, let alone sustainable. Retail options were limited. Similarly, Luanda is virtually unrecognisable from even a few years ago. Having said all that, as I continue to travel across the continent, what does strike me is that younger people do not seem as impressed as my generation with the progress that Africa has made, but rather wonder why the continent is not further ahead than it is. Welcome to Forbes.

SA costliest, East Africa cheapest for startup launches. The numbers that show Africa is buzzing with entrepreneurial spirit. Entrepreneur Regina Agyare is the founder of Soronko Solutions, a Ghanaian software development company. Doing business with Africa: Potential and challenge. More women in Africa start businesses, seizing independence, overcoming social barriers. Investment Opportunities in Africa. David Rowan "Startup entrepreneurs should move to Africa now" 10 African tech startups that are driving valuable innovations. Africa is gaining even more traction in the global startup scene with its growing number of tech hubs, big investments, and fresh ideas. Here are 10 worth watching. Assessing Africa's readiness for multi-million dollar tech startup deals. Built in Africa: CHIFCO hopes to build a greener future for all.

Africa's tech scene is overrun by startup competitions. The Startup Accelerator That Wants Founders To Move To Africa. Jumpstart Africa to Revolutionize How the World Supports Africa. The numbers that show Africa is buzzing with entrepreneurial spirit. Africa lagging in terms of financial inclusion, SMEs still facing financing constraints. S September Cohort graduates: ready for investors. STARTUP AFRICA FUND - Crowd Funding Africa Startup Ideas. Infographic: Over 167 million Internet users in Africa. Into Africa: Start-Ups Swarm The Continent.

Sourcemap: supply chain mapping, visualization, and business continuity planning. Africans in diaspora returning to the continent, but it’s not all rosy back home. This little orange box is spreading economic opportunities across Africa. How to Spot a Future Entrepreneur. AllWorld Keynote - Africa's Entrepreneurial Century - at the GES-EVA SUMMIT 2012 in the DWTC. Business message from African CEOs. Nigeria - CMA CGM Delmas Nigeria. Seed fund helps businesses go online in Africa. La BAD approuve 100 millions de dollars pour stimuler le financement du commerce en Afrique. Les 25 femmes les plus influentes du business en Afrique. Digital migration. How To Go From $0 To $1,000,000 In Two Years. New business in Africa to get help from a pool of experts - Business - Ashish Thakkar: The tycoon flying African flags in space. Entrepreneurship becoming a more respectable career choice in Africa.

Omidyar Network releases African entrepreneurship report, it’s a must read. AFRICAN MANAGERS. Invest Africa Episode 35: Family Business. Crowdsourcing a venture capital movement across Africa, VC4Africa celebrates new community milestones. 30 de moins de 30 ans : Les meilleurs jeunes entrepreneurs d’Afrique. Des tablettes made in Africa. 7 amazing gaming & animation companies in Africa. African Markets Increasingly Open for Business. Top Business Angels And Investors In Africa. Major African Startup Events to Watch for in 2013. DEMO Africa announces shortlist of 40 tech startups. Africa's Top 20 Tech Startups (Forbes) 30 brilliant African tech startups. Middle Income Grp & Sub Class(by Population) by Country. Une enquête internationale révèle « l'enthousiasme entrepreneurial » qui saisit les étudiants africains. The Way-C: a tablet computer for Africa.

African Investors and Companies are Leading a Wave of Investment on the Continent. Some African SMBs Were Born and Raised on Cloud Tech. 20 African news startups you really have to know about. Teichmann - The African Business Journal. The birth of business: Business incubators in Africa. Five African ‘boom towns’ that should be on every investor’s radar. Fintalk – Good news for African entrepreneurs.