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What Rwanda’s admission to the OECD Development Centre means. Rwanda: New Cabinet - A Skillful Blend of Age, Gender and Technocrats. Photo: New Times The women in Paul Kagame's new Cabinet. By Athan Tashobya When President Kagame announced his new Cabinet last week, among the things that stood out was the number of women appointed and the entry of youthful first-timers.

For people not familiar with Rwandan politics, this is without a doubt exciting - rightly so. There is a lot of talk about the low number of young leaders in Africa and yet the average age of youth on the continent is less than 20, creating a disconnect with the leadership in many places. In addition, there are too few women in leadership positions yet their roles in the socio-economic growth of any country is critical. This probably explains why transformational leaders are increasingly building teams with more women and younger members. For Rwanda, this journey did not start last week with the appointment of the new cabinet. It has been on for more than a decade. The previous cabinet had more than 40 percent women, a high proportion by any standards. Grâce à Israël, le Rwanda à la porte de l’OCDE ? | Defacto Africa Agency. Rwanda Beats African Economic Giants in Latest Global Competitiveness Index - Face2Face Africa. How could a small country with a lean economic muscle like Rwanda outdo well-established African economies like Nigeria and South Africa?

It is the baffling question that economic experts have to grapple with after Rwanda emerged the most competitive African country in the just released Global Competitiveness Index (GCI) report. The index, which analyzes national competitiveness on the basis of the institutions, policies and factors determining the level of productivity, ranks Rwanda at number 58, globally, with a score of 4.35, ahead of African economic giants like South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, Morocco, and Algeria. South Africa, the third largest economy in Africa, is the second African country on the list at number 61 with a score of 4.32, followed by its neighbor Botswana at number 63 with a score of 4.30. How Did Rwanda Do It? Since 2013, Rwanda has enjoyed a relatively steady growth in its Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which is expected to rise to 7.5 percent this year.

Rwanda approve law to make Swahili official language - CNBC Africa. Rwanda: MPs Approve Law Making Kiswahili Official Language. By Nasra Bishumba Members of the Lower House yesterday passed the organic law establishing Kiswahili as an official language. Swahili joins Kinyarwanda, English and French as the country's fourth official language. For now, the language will primarily be used for administrative purposes, appearing as one of the official languages in some official documents. Appearing before the lawmakers to provide insight into why the law is necessary, the Minister for Sports and Culture, Julienne Uwacu, explained that the decision was motivated by both obligation and a variety of many other benefits.

"Rwanda joined the East African Community (EAC) in 2007 and in the statute that establishes this bloc, Kiswahili is universally used in the region and members are requested to make Kiswahili one of their official languages," Uwacu said. However, the lawmakers expressed mixed feelings on the law. He wondered how it would be incorporated in schools as a foundation. Presidential Order. Africa: Rwanda is Africa's 3rd Least Corrupt Country. Photo: New Times A signage encouraging citizens to report any form of corruption in Kigali. By Rodrigue Rwirahira The Government has welcomed the new ranking of the global Corruption Perception Index with officials promising to score higher next time. The Corruption Perception Index, released yesterday in Kigali, placed Rwanda alongside Mauritius as third least corrupt country in sub-Saharan Africa.

The annual report, produced by Transparency International, ranked Rwanda 50th least corrupt country globally, retaining the same 54 per cent score as last year. In sub-Saharan Africa, Rwanda and Mauritius tied, coming after Botswana and Cape Verde in first and second place, respectively, while on the global scale, Denmark and New Zealand emerged the least corrupt nations. "This is a prerequisite to sustainable economic development, peace and security. "The further we go, the more efforts are needed. Data and findings In the region, Burundi scored 20 and ranked 159 worldwide, lagging in EAC.

Rwanda's Road Map to a Middle Income State by 2050 #NBSFocusOnRwanda. Rwanda: IMF Confident of 6% Growth Prospect for the Country. By Collins Mwai The InternationalMonetary Fund remains positive that Rwanda's economy will achieve the projected 6.0 per cent growth rate in 2016 despite the turbulent global economic times. The institution's confidence in projected growth is largely due to the relatively strong performance of the economy during the first half of the year, during which it grew 6.5 per cent. Following IMF's review of the country's economic and financial programme, the team's leader Laure Redifer said the economic performance remains strong.

"Growth projections for the year remain at 6.0 per cent which is one of the highest in Sub-Saharan Africa. We expected growth to be driven by services activity with somewhat lower growth in agriculture due to the recent drought and lower growth in industrial and construction activities following the end of several large projects," Redifer said in Kigali yesterday. "That is part of the reason Rwanda will register higher growth than other economies," Redifer said. Rwanda Names 22 French Army Officers It Accuses of Aiding Genocide. Photo: Simon Maina/New Times Victims of the 1994 Rwandan genocide at the Genocide Memorial in Nyamata, inside the Catholic church where thousands were slaughtered (file photo) By Edmund Kagire Rwanda has released a list of 22 senior French army officers it says knowingly aided the planning and execution of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsis.

The list released by the National Commission for the Fight Against Genocide (CNLG) is likely to escalate the tiff between Kigali and Paris, in the wake of the reopening of investigations by France into the shooting down of a plane carrying President Juvenal Habyarimana. The move to revive the probe has angered Rwanda, which has threatened to sever diplomatic ties with Paris. In a detailed report issued Monday, CNLG named 22 senior French officers who were operating in Rwanda at the time of the genocide and reportedly had a direct hand in the massacre. CNLG further says the French military officers must be charged. Rwanda, 7th Best-run Nation In The World!! - How Africa News.

As we talk about good governance, Africa has consistently ranked last in the global class. Yetthe Continent is still well represented in all areas, with examples known throughout itshistory (Ethiopia never colonized, the empire of Mali, Ghana, ancient Egypt etc). After the famous independence (torn or data), Africa has experienced in very very difficult situations (civil wars, coups … caused by …). These are difficult times, which led the Continentwhere it is! But there is now some years that many countries of the hemisphere as (Ghana, Tanzania, Ethiopia …) despite their painful past, adopt good policies!

This is the case of Rwanda, a small country in East Africa of 26,338 kilometers, led by Paul Kagam , is now cited, for its sound management of public affairs . Recently, a global report on good governance quotes the country a thousand hills. The country is thus faced with the Switzerland ( 9th ) or Luxembourg (10th ). Rwanda : Pluie de contrats pour les grands groupes marocains ! Au moins 7 grands établissements publics et privés marocains, opérant dans plusieurs secteurs, ont conclu des partenariats au Rwanda lors de la première étape de la tournée royale en Afrique de l’Est. Le secteur privé marocain entre au Rwanda par la grande porte. À l’occasion de l’étape rwandaise de la tournée royale en Afrique de l’Est, les chefs d’entreprises accompagnant le souverain ont fait le plein de contrats dans ce pays où la présence marocaine est encore très timide.

À Kigali, le secteur bancaire s’est une nouvelle fois illustré, comme à chaque déplacement royal sur le continent ou presque. En plus de l’acquisition majoritaire, par Attijariwafa bank, de la Compagnie générale de banque du Rwanda (Cogebanque), la Banque Populaire a signé deux mémorandums à Kigali. Palmeraie, Cooper PharmaParmi ces projets, on peut citer celui signé entre le Groupe Palmeraie Développement, la Banque rwandaise de développement, et la Bank Of Africa. Untitled. Rwanda Development Board announces investment opportunities in Kivu Belt | BizNis Africa.

Establishment of fish feed factory in Rwanda to be fast tracked – The Exchange. Share Tweet Email Danish fish feed company, Aller Aqua, which is set to open shop in Rwanda will have it’s representative, Niels Lundgaard, in Rwanda from September 25-30 to fast track the implementation of the project. The development follows the lease of management and operationalisation of Urban Fisheries Products Promotion Centre by government.

Under a 10-year lease deal, AQUAHORT Export Ltd/AEL, is expected to put in place a fish feed factory with capacity to produce five tonnes of fish feeds per day. The move is expected to address fish feeds shortage in the country. Aller Aqua has factories in Europe, Asia, Africa, and their products are exported to more than 70 countries worldwide and has with more than 50 years of experience in the field. $1.7b ready for Rwanda local companies. Rwanda wants to turn itself into Africa’s Singapore. RWANDA — The tiny nation of Rwanda is pursuing a local technological revolution in a bid to transform its largely agrarian society into the equivalent of an African Singapore. Since President Paul Kagame led his Rwandan Patriotic Front to power in 1994 after a genocide that claimed as many as 800,000 lives and cut economic output in half, the East African nation has pursued policies aimed at encouraging investment in and developing its ICT industry.

The goal is for Rwanda to become a middle-income economy by 2020. The latest innovation was unveiled this week when Rwanda officially opened a methane-fired power plant on Lake Kivu to generate clean energy. The government’s commitment to technological innovation has helped double the industry’s contribution to the 1.53 trillion-franc (S$2.7 billion) economy, according to National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda data. Rwanda is also lining up other world firsts.

The Surprising Story Behind The World's Fastest Developing Country - Pan African Visions. If you guessed Rwanda, you’d be right. Rwanda is a small country located in Eastern Africa bordered by Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and Democratic Republic of the Congo. For many foreigners, the country is still associated with the civil war that occurred in 1994. But Rwanda has done an exemplary job putting its past behind with a commitment to democracy, justice, reconciliation, and development. Last month the World Economic Forum on Africa took place in Kigali, Rwanda’s capital, and was focused on “Connecting Africa’s Resources through Digital Transformation.” It’s no coincidence the event was located there, given that Rwanda is now known as a “regional high tech hub and boasts one of sub-Saharan Africa’s fastest GDP growth rates.” Also, no surprise that SAP kicked off its second year of Africa Code Week from the Forum in Kigali. Why Rwanda? Walking the streets of Kigali, the city is clean and beautifully landscaped with new buildings are everywhere.

Opening new opportunities. Could cashless payments make Rwanda's bus conductor redundant? Image copyright AC Group Rwandan buses are among the first in Africa to switch to cashless payment. Chris Matthews asks what will become of the bus conductor. Snaking through the green streets of Kigali, as a stream of motorbike taxis, known as motos, fly along the hilly roads, the 109 bus is making its familiar route west to the suburb of Gikondo. It is early afternoon and the bus is full, a group of school children are picked up en route, an elderly man is offered a seat as he joins the busy service and, while the route may be the same, boarding is not. The 109 bus is one of a growing number of services and one of more than 130 buses in the Rwandan capital to have introduced cashless payments.

Since November, smart card machines have been fitted on two of Kigali's bus operators. One of those onboard the 109 using the new "Tap&Go" card, designed by Kigali start-up AC Group, is Remy Mwumvaneza, a marketing professional who uses it in his commute. Driving revenue Image copyright AC group. Rwf6.5b Rubavu warehouse to ease cross-border trade. The Government of Rwanda has signed a partnership deal with Alpha Logistics Limited to construct a modern bonded warehouse at Petit Barrière, Rubavu District in the Western Province. The $8.6 million (Rwf6.5 billion) facility is part of government’s strategy to boost the country’s logistics industry and promote cross-border trade, according to the Trade and Industry Minister, Francois Kanimba. Kanimba said the concessional agreement will see Alpha Logistics design, construct, finance, operate and maintain the facility for 20 years.

He said the project will reduce the time and costs associated with cargo movement and handling at the Rwanda–DR Congo border. “It is also designed to enhance efficiency and quality of Rwanda’s logistics industry,” Kanimba told The New Times on Tuesday during the signing ceremony of the agreement in Kigali. Alphonse Semugaza, the managing director of Alpha logistics, said works on the facility would be completed in 12 months. Rwandan genocide tribunal closes | Africa | DW.COM | 30.12.2015. In Rwanda in 1994, Hutu extremists, incited by hate speech on local media, started slaughtering minority Tutsis and moderate Hutus. Within a 100 days between 800,000 and 1 million people were systematically hunted down and murdered. The rest of the world looked on in horror, but did nothing. It was one of the worst crimes ever committed. After it was over, the international community decided that it had to respond and show that international justice was not an unattainable vision.

Official commemorations in Rwanda in April 2014 marking the 20th anniversary of the genocide At the beginning of 1995, the UN Security Council passed a resolution setting up the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR), based in Arusha, Tanzania. It was an experiment in international justice that lasted 21 years.

Milestone for international justice Boubacar Diallo, ICTR prosecutor since 2003, views the tribunal's work in a positive light. Criticism of tribunal Refugees fleeing the Rwandan genocide in 1994. Rwanda's millennium village. Le premier aéroport pour drones au Rwanda ? Le cabinet d’architectes Foster + Partners, qui s’occupe de la création du campus soucoupe volante d’Apple et qui a signé le premier terminal commercial spatial pour Virgin Galactic, va construire un aéroport pour drones ou ‘droneport’ au Rwanda d’ici 2020. Ce projet, piloté par afrotech en collaboration avec l’École Polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) et la ‘Norman Foster foundation’, a pour vocation la conception d’une route d’approvisionnement et de livraison de matériel dans les régions les plus reculées des pays d’Afrique de l’Est. « Seulement un tiers des Africains vit à moins de 2 km d’une route praticable en toute saison.

Il n’existe pas aujourd’hui d’autoroutes transcontinentales, presque pas de tunnels, et pas assez de ponts pour pouvoir atteindre des gens qui vivent dans des zones reculées », a observé l’architecte du projet Norman Foster. L’usage des drones va devenir capital dans le développement du continent. Rwanda is 7th most efficient government globally according to World Economic Forum. Rise and Shine Rwanda : New Restaurant POIVRE NOIR. GISOZI: KIGALI'S FASTEST GROWING CITY SUBURB! Le Rwanda aujourd'hui c'est... Rwanda’s GDP growth estimated at 7% Global Business Report ranks Rwanda in top 20 African mining destinations. Rwanda Lights All Highways to Boost Trade with neighbours. Boom immobilier à Kigali, miracle ou mirage ? CNN Video - Breaking News Videos from

Cross_Border_Trade_Strategy_Draft_for_Validation.pdf. USAID-EAT%20Cross-Border%20Trade%20Analysis%20Rwanda.pdf. Rwanda to fast-track cashless society. Uganda: One Million Rwandans Graduate Out of Poverty. Samsung launches solar-powered internet school in Rwanda. Africa Business Report 15 Rwanda Investments BBC News. Let's Build A Tech Startup In ... Rwanda? RWANDA. RWANDA, Un nouvel Elan.

COPY OF THE PRESS RELEASE.pdf. Reclaiming Rwanda's Wetlands And Restoring Power Generation Capabilitie. Invest Africa Episode 8: Rwanda.