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Into Africa VII

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En 2016, un bilan mitigé pour les IDE vers l'Afrique. Dans un rapport sur l'attractivité de l'Afrique publié début mai, le cabinet d'audit Ernst & Young (EY) dresse un bilan mitigé des IDE à destination du continent.

En 2016, un bilan mitigé pour les IDE vers l'Afrique

L'incertitude géopolitique et le ralentissement de la croissance des poids lourds africains sont toutefois compensés par le dynamisme économique d'autres pays et les investissements chinois. En 2016, le continent a hébergé 676 projets d’IDE, soit une baisse de 12,3% par rapport à l’année précédente. Les créations d’emplois liées à ces IDE ont, elles, diminué de 13,1%. Un bilan mitigé, dû au ralentissement de la croissance chez les poids lourds du continent, mais aussi à l’incertitude globale provoquée par le Brexit, la victoire de Trump ou le ralentissement économique chinois. Malgré tout, le bilan est loin d’être négatif : en 2016, l’investissement en capital a grimpé de 31,9%, après une mauvaise année 2015. Gain de parts de marché Les hubs économiques, destinations privilégiées des IDE. Why the smart money is heading for African infrastructure. The last 10 years has seen a marked change in the number of infrastructure projects in Africa reaching financial close.

Why the smart money is heading for African infrastructure

This has clearly been driven by the capital raising drive carried out by key development, export credit and commercial banks now active across the continent. These institutions, like the Africa Finance Corporation (AFC) have been successful in using private and public (capital market) funding programmes to meet some of the infrastructure project opportunities across Africa. Infrastructure investments have benefited from globally low interest rates which have contributed to lower costs of funding and higher project and equity returns.

In Africa, Booming Populations Attract A Flurry Of Foreign Investment. US, UK Finance Groups Invest In Kenyan Warehouse Development. How Visa wants to increase e-commerce payments in Africa. Geraldine Mitchley Internet use in sub-Saharan Africa is on the rise, supported by growing smartphone ownership and connections to multiple undersea communications cable systems.

How Visa wants to increase e-commerce payments in Africa

McKinsey estimates broadband uptake grew 34% per year between 2008 and 2015, and penetration is anticipated to reach 80% by 2020, up from 20% in 2015. But despite this, e-commerce in the region remains in its infancy. According to Geraldine Mitchley, head of emerging products and innovation for Visa, out of all commercial transactions in most parts of sub-Saharan Africa, only 1-4% are made online.

Still, Visa has high hopes for the industry, and the launch of its Visa Checkout service in South Africa last year is one way it hopes to bring up these numbers. “It is essentially a vault that stores your card payment credentials, your delivery address, your user name and password, and everything else which you typically need to fill in when you are shopping online. The Mobile VAS Entrepreneur Who Wants To Conquer Africa.

Un nouveau jalon dans l’édifice partenarial arabo-africain. To Meet Aircraft Demand, Boeing Opens Offices In South Africa And Kenya. Boeing 787 Dreamliners at the assembly plant in Everett, Washington, U.S.

To Meet Aircraft Demand, Boeing Opens Offices In South Africa And Kenya

At 98 acres, it's the largest building in the world by volume and gets 110,000 visitors a year. Want To Make Money In Africa? Start by Solving Any of These 5 Serious Problems. Photo credit: generationnubian When you look at Africa, what do you see?

Want To Make Money In Africa? Start by Solving Any of These 5 Serious Problems

When most people look at Africa, there are two very strong but opposite images that emerge: Some see a continent that is full of problems - unemployment, disease, hunger and insecurity - a place where everything is wrong and nothing works. Some others see a land of vast opportunities and untapped potential. Optimists like to describe Africa as the “world’s last frontier” of lucrative business opportunities. While the ignorant and fearful see a dark and unpromising continent, smart entrepreneurs see the amazing business opportunities that lie beneath all of Africa’s problems. The most lucrative opportunities in Africa are not its crude oil, precious stones or timber. 1) Hunger Images of hungry and starving African children often make the headlines in mainstream media and have come to represent the face of the continent.

Maroc-Afrique: Très chères zones de confort. Advanced technology will solve Africa’s housing deficits and pothole crisis. “There is no reason why Africa should be suffering massive housing shortages and dangerous road conditions”, claims Philip Deighton, Executive Chairman of Quiktec.

Advanced technology will solve Africa’s housing deficits and pothole crisis

“Advanced technology is available to provide rapid, affordable solutions if only governments would act to facilitate the introduction of new products and ways of doing things” he said, adding “The shortage of affordable, suitable and desirable social housing throughout Africa is at a critical level and yet governments are failing to identify or encourage 21st Century construction methods which are capable of addressing this growing problem. Our own Quikbild Rapidwall®system builds sustainable residential, commercial, industrial and high-rise properties in just days at a fraction of the cost of other building materials with a single factory producing up to 15,000 units a year”. Impact Investing in Africa. CEO of Dubai's Abraaj says Africa is key to investment plan - Banking & Finance.

Middle Eastern private equity investor Abraaj Group says Africa is core to its investment strategy, as it bets the continent's rising middle class will consume more goods.

CEO of Dubai's Abraaj says Africa is key to investment plan - Banking & Finance

The Dubai-based group, which manages $10 billion across its funds, already has about $3 billion invested in Africa in more than 40 companies spanning healthcare, mining and dairy. Chief Executive Arif Naqvi told Reuters that he continues to believe in the opportunities the continent offers. Gulf investors set to gather at Arabian Business Africa Forum - Media. The Arabian Business Africa Forum is set to bring together more than 250 top African and GCC-based businessmen, regional representatives, and some of the most active Arab investors in the GCC.

Gulf investors set to gather at Arabian Business Africa Forum - Media

Stallion Group chairman Sunil Vaswani, Ashish Thakkar of Mara Group and MidCom’s Anand Kapoor will headline the forum, which will be held on Wednesday, January 25 at the Conrad Hotel Dubai. Other speakers at the event include Rob Hersov, chairman and CEO (and founder), Invest Africa; Geoffrey White, CEO Agility Africa; Salim Bitar, CEO Aujan Group Holding, and Frank Braeken, chairman, Feronia Inc. Stallion Group is the headline sponsor of the Arabian Business Africa Forum and the forum is being held in association with Invest Africa, a global private members club with a multi-service platform for access and investment into Africa. For more information about the event and to view the full agenda please contact

Ecobank Research Revealed Africa's Five Hot Spots for Investment in May 2016. Monday, January 2, 2017 10.47 AM / Ecobank Research.

Ecobank Research Revealed Africa's Five Hot Spots for Investment in May 2016

Wari et Mastercard s'allient pour favoriser l'utilisation de la monnaie électronique dans 35 marchés. (WARI) - Wari et Mastercard ont signé aujourd'hui une Alliance Stratégique qui élargira et enrichira l'offre Wari pour ses utilisateurs.

Wari et Mastercard s'allient pour favoriser l'utilisation de la monnaie électronique dans 35 marchés

Study group explores opportunities of the New Silk Road for the Portuguese-speaking countries. The analysis and dissemination of the opportunities offered by the official Chinese initiative of the New Silk Road for the Portuguese-speaking countries is the goal of a study group set up in Lisbon, whose work will begin in 2017. The Association of Friends of the New Silk Road, officially established in December, brings together personalities from the academic, economic, business and even cultural spheres, and includes as a promoter Fernanda Ilhéu, a researcher at the China Logus Chinese studies centre (Higher Institute of Economics and Management). “It is an initiative of civil society, people from various areas, with an initial core from the economic area, who are sympathetic to the initiative of China, think that it can be good for China, for developed and developing countries, the world economy and for the relationship of the various peoples,” Ilhéu told Macauhub.

Related News: Satellite broadband for Africa: Eutelsat targets 20 sub-Saharan African countries by 2019. By Emeka Aginam Ahead of its commercial launch of satellite broadband in Africa in 2017, Satellite operator, Eutelsat Communication, Eutelsat Communications, has disclosed plans to cover more than 20 Sub-Saharan countries by 2019 with its Satellite broadband. Announcing details of the phased roll out of its ‘Konnect Africa’ broadband venture at the just concluded AfricaCom held in Cape Town South Africa alongside a move to give the project a separate identity, the Marketing and business Development Director for Konnect Africa, Francois Boullet , who spoke to Vanguard in a telephone interview said that Satellite provides a quality, affordable and immediate solution, which can be adapted to both private and public needs.

Noting that 341 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa live beyond a 50km range of fibre, he said that and many people in the continent may not ever have access to broadband if this is done only through fibre or 3G/4G technology. Bridging digital divide. Outsourcing informatique : cap vers l’Afrique. L’émergence d’une nouvelle génération de développeurs talentueux sur le continent africain devrait permettre de rebattre les cartes de l’outsourcing informatique.

« Il faut aller en Afrique, maintenant ! » (Isabelle Bébéar, directrice Bpifrance international) Des investisseurs en Afrique 100 % optimistes. Selon une enquête publiée fin mars, coproduite par Havas Paris et l'Institut Choiseul et portant sur un panel de 43 des plus grandes institutions financières et bancaires exerçant une activité en Afrique, 100 % des personnes interrogées en janvier et février sont optimistes quant à l'avenir à court et moyen termes de l'économie africaine, 53 % des sondés se déclarant même « très optimistes » pour 2020, contre 9 % pour 2015. MasterwebNews 21/11/16 - Red Hat Appoints First West African Premier Partner. MasterwebNews 21/11/16 - Red Hat Appoints First West African Premier Partner [ Masterweb Reports: Press Release For Immediate Release ] - Red Hat, Inc. (NYSE: RHT), the world's leading provider of open source solutions, today announced the appointment of Converge Global Concept Technologies as its first Premier Partner in West Africa.

Converge Global Concept Technologies is an IT services organization that specializes in the deployment of mission-critical technology systems, solutions and services. As a Premier Partner, the organization will benefit from Red Hat's deep open source expertise and technical skills. With a particular emphasis on Red Hat’s cloud and middleware portfolio, Converge Global Concept Technologies aims to give Nigerian and other West African businesses a multi-platform, scalable and more secure route to the cloud. About Red Hat, Inc. La France s'allie à la Chine pour investir en Afrique. Invest AD Africa EIU Report. Africa promises plenty as global car hub. Nigeria, Morocco and Egypt to lead the charge Africa has tremendous growth potential for automakers in the mid to long-term. And even though this is little to write home about at present, South Africa is already playing an important role as a cost-effective production hub. Finished vehicles are shipped out from here to ASEAN and other parts of the world.

Since the turn of the millennium, some African countries have gained Independence and seen economic stability with an average GDP growth of 4.5 per cent annually. The automotive market has lagged behind this growth as per capita income is still relatively low. Going forward, rising household incomes could enable a growing middle class to seek new light vehicles. PwC Autofacts expects light vehicle production to increase from about one million units produced in 2015 to 1.45 million vehicles in 2022 at an annual growth rate of 5.5 per cent.

Moroccan Banking, Insurance Companies Present in 32 African Countries. Africa must reject EPA deal with Europe. International Education News l The PIE News l Africa: Centum Investments, Sabis to set up schools. The school network will be established in countries across the continent and will follow an entrepreneural-focused university preparation curriculum developed by Sabis. “Education is one of the last major frontiers of GDP growth in Africa” Centum, part of the Kenyan government’s Industrial and Commercial Development Corporation, partnered with Sabis and IBC in 2015 to launch a new holding company that will invest in the education sector in Africa – a sector that Mark DeSario, chief executive officer of IBC described as “one of the last major frontiers of GDP growth.” Beirut-based Sabis, with a network ranging over 16 countries including the US, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates, intends the new schools to be university-prep schools with a strong emphasis on innovation so that they “make a lasting and positive contribution” to the communities they are situated in.

Part of the education programme offered by the schools will follow the ‘SABIS Student Life Organization®’. Co-Innovation Lab Launches In Africa. With a strong focus on collaboration, the lab offers a hands-on environment for SAP to innovate jointly with software solution partners, system integrators and technology partners on current and future technologies. The aim of the lab is to increase competitive advantages, driven by greater efficiency and productivity on the African continent, with the ultimate goal to satisfy the demands of customers driven by digital transformation. “Not only is innovation key to survival in today’s economy,” said Brett Parker, Managing Director of SAP Africa, “but the speed at which you are able to transform is becoming increasingly critical. Satellite connectivity boost for Africa. On a continent with over 600 million inhabitants, individuals and businesses in Africa increasingly need to be connected to the world, says Eutelsat.

Merck Launches Regional Hub in Côte d’Ivoire – The Exchange. The race for oil and gas in Africa. Valérie Levkov (EDF) : « Notre stratégie pour 2030 passe par l'Afrique » Why Google Cares about Wind Power in Africa. Africa: Bechtel Offering 'Fast Track' Solutions for Large-Scale Projects Across the Continent. Untitled. Hilton to construct Africa’s tallest building in Nairobi and first modular hotel in Accra – The Exchange. Is Africa the next China for garment manufacturing? Morocco Asks to Re-Join African Union After 4 Decades. The good news for Africa is that its trade barriers are falling. Facebook Is Launching Rural Internet Access Via Satellite for Africa. Car makers flag SA as base for drive into Africa.

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg meets Kenyan innovators. 535 eng ed2008. Investir en Afrique: Une Perspective Actuelle. Africa has huge potential, it's a pity too few Americans know this. Brexit Blues? Seven Reasons to Head for Africa. Brexit Blues? Seven Reasons to Head for Africa. Nagy: Africa's future - and why it's important to us. 1,1 milliard de consommateurs en 2020 - BBC Afrique. Elon Musk Plans To Launch 4,000 Satellites To Give Free Wi-Fi Worldwide : Headlines. Venture capitalist seeks African tech start-ups. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers Opens First Africa Office in Nairobi. ‘Africa sole continent likely to achieve double-digit economic growth by 2025’ Three Firms Join Forces to Tackle Africa's Infrastructure Deficit. FROST SULLIVAN. China: Africa’s springboard to industrialisation. Access Power puts up $7mn prize to fund African renewable energy projects. A New Map for Business in Africa. How Africa might be your business future. Chinese tycoon eyes huge potential for mainland companies in Africa.

Moving to Africa for fresh air – intriguing 'insider' insights into Nairobi's Chinese community, and what the future holds. China’s Africa Dream Isn’t Dead. Taxes Rates by Country[2013 Data] by Country. Value-Added Tax(VAT) Rates by Country [2011 Data] by Country. Africa is on the move, who is investing over there? These are Sub-Saharan Africa’s 3 brightest spots for doing business. Comment l'Afrique est devenue un nouvel Eldorado. Investors in Africa ‘not deterred by corruption or infrastructure gaps’ SNI et LafargeHolcim dévoilent leurs ambitions africaines. Olam Bets on Africa Reward as On-The-Go Food Demand to Climb. Bank of China obtient une licence bancaire à Maurice et se renforce en Afrique   MTN Launches A Pan African Internet Of Things Platform.

How Uber Is Tackling Emerging Challenges In Africa. Delta enters Ghana, Botswana. African M&A deal volume at a seven year high says Mergermarket. Dubai chamber's report highlights opportunities in Africa for Gulf investors. Private Equity Builds African War Chest Amid Commodity Rout. L'Afrique francophone subsaharienne à nouveau en tête de la croissance africaine. More Than Land, Labour And Commodities - The Scramble For Trade With Africa. New international land deals database reveals rush to buy up Africa. Sub-Saharan Africa M&A Deals Jump 73% To $66.7B In 2015. Silvertree Internet Holdings to invest $10m in African startups in 2016. African Development Bank seeks to hasten Africa's economic growth.

With a very ‘unmotorised’ population, Africa is last frontier for carmakers on the hunt for growth. Africa's Commodities Slump Reveals Hotspots Of Investment. Africa’s huge potential draws the automakers attention towards investments. Out of Africa: Textile and garment industry. Africa could unleash billions of dollars if North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa worked together. Francophone Africa To Get First Mobile TV SVOD Service In French Language. Africa: Wearables Set to Change Banking Scene - Misys. Banking and Financial News,Islamic Business and Finance, Commercial Banking. How Africa is giving fast food a new spin. Africa’s emerging oil and gas industries add to continent’s appeal for international contractors. Africa: Right Time for China, Africa to Give Full Play to Production Capacity Cooperation. African Union to introduce an African passport. Black Friday gains popularity in Africa. Facebook, Airtel launch Free Basic services in 17 African countries.