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Subscribe to read. Robotics startup robomart is the 'world's first self driving store' Revolutionary Israeli-Developed Paint Can Absorb Sun’s Hot Rays and Cool Buildings Down. Coating materials that protect against fire, water or extreme temperatures are nothing new.

Revolutionary Israeli-Developed Paint Can Absorb Sun’s Hot Rays and Cool Buildings Down

But an Israeli high-tech paint doesn’t just protect surfaces from the sun. SolCold actually uses the sun’s power to activate a cooling mechanism, effectively providing air conditioning without electricity. You read that right: This double-layered coating absorbs the hot rays of the sun and re-emits that energy in the form of cold. The hotter the solar radiation the more the coating cools down, making SolCold’s paint a potentially game-changing electricity-free solution for intensely sunny climates such as Africa and Central and South America. The Herzliya-based startup is raising funds and plans to begin trials within 18 months of closing the Series A round in the first quarter of 2018.

SolCold’s product is generating interest for coating anything from chicken coops to cargo ships, malls to stadiums, cars to planes, satellites to hothouses, military equipment to apartment houses. Chicago learns from other cities' experiences to develop CityKey. Membership cards, credit cards, transit cards, security badges and various identification for other products and services make our wallets increasingly fatter.

Chicago learns from other cities' experiences to develop CityKey

But Chicago is joining a number of cities in introducing an all-in-one municipal ID card — dubbed CityKey — that will allow residents to leave many of their existing cards at home. New Haven, CT sparked the municipal ID trend more than a decade ago when it took the controversial step of offering undocumented immigrants an identification card that would allow them to take advantage of certain city services such as using the library, opening a utility account or opening a bank account. The concept has evolved substantially since that time, but cities often fight the misconception that the cards are only for undocumented immigrants; they’re actually for everyone, especially populations that have difficulty obtaining ID cards.

So came the idea of a card that offers every citizen the same benefits and access to what the city offers. Buoy is a whole-home water monitoring and alert system. Enlarge Image Your home's water supply is serious business.

Buoy is a whole-home water monitoring and alert system

Most people though take it for granted, until there's a problem. The $799 Buoy device, out now, is designed to arm you with hard data about what's using water where, when and how much. In fact it's one of the few products of its kind to offer separate water usage info split out by appliance and plumbing fixture. 9 Things You Should Know About IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Suite - IBM Cognos 8 BI Blog - IBM Cognos Analytics‎ IBM Cognos BI is a suite of Business Intelligence most used.

9 Things You Should Know About IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Suite - IBM Cognos 8 BI Blog - IBM Cognos Analytics‎

It is a fairly complete BI software, yet manageable, and one of the BI market leaders. The main applications are used from a web portal that controls the Business Intelligence Server, which is the heart of the tool. This portal is called Cognos Connection and from the same, provided by web, accessing management options environment and services to the different applications that provides Cognos BI, to the folder structure that reports are organized , to dashboards, and other accessories that can be integrated into the portal. IBM - Products. Browse for products using any method on this page Not in United States?

IBM - Products

Find by products alphabetically (A-Z) Click a letter of the alphabet to obtain a list of specific products that start with that letter. IBM Cognos Analytics on Cloud - Overview - Israel. Cognos ReportNet. Cognos ReportNet (CRN) is a web-based software product for creating and managing ad hoc and custom-made reports.

Cognos ReportNet

ReportNet is developed by the Ottawa-based company Cognos (formerly Cognos Incorporated), an IBM company. The web-based reporting tool was launched in September 2003. Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition. Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Plus, also termed as theOBI EE Plus, is Oracle Corporation's set of business intelligence tools consisting of former Siebel Systems business intelligence and Hyperion Solutions business intelligence offerings.

Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition

The industry counterpart and main competitors of OBIEE are Microsoft BI, TIBCO Spotfire, IBM Cognos, SAP AG Business Objects and SAS Institute Inc. The products currently leverage a common BI Server providing integration among the tools. BusinessObjects. SAP BusinessObjects (BO or BOBJ) is an enterprise software company, specializing in business intelligence (BI).


BusinessObjects was acquired in 2007 by German company SAP AG. The company claimed more than 46,000 customers in its final earnings release prior to being acquired by SAP.[1] Its flagship product is BusinessObjects XI, with components that provide performance management, planning, reporting, query and analysis, and enterprise information management. BusinessObjects also offers consulting and education services to help customers deploy its business intelligence projects. Business Intelligence (BI) IBM developerWorks : Download IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Developer Edition V10.2.1 for Embedded and Commercial Analytics.

Increase the value of your solutions by embedding IBM® Cognos® to provide your customers with actionable analytics and the critical insight they need to make informed decisions.

IBM developerWorks : Download IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Developer Edition V10.2.1 for Embedded and Commercial Analytics

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence delivers a complete range of business intelligence capabilities on a single service-oriented architecture (SOA). From self-service reporting, ad-hoc analysis, and data visualization, to dashboards and scorecards, Cognos BI's user-friendly interface allows your customers to easily monitor business performance, analyze trends, and measure results for breakthrough performance and decision-making. Over 400 ISVs, Software as a Service (SaaS), Managed Service Providers (MSPs), and System Integrators (with a repeatable solution) have partnered with IBM to seamlessly embed business analytics into their solutions and get to market faster with a commercial analytics offering that helps unlock the value of their applications. Chasing the Holy Grail of battery storage, scientists test solid state magnesium electrolyte.

Elon Musk is terrified of this supercomputer - Video - Technology. Thinnest, lightest, solar cells ever created outperform their bulky glass brethren. Using gossamer-like layers of flexible polymers, researchers at MIT have created the thinnest and lightest solar cells ever made.

Thinnest, lightest, solar cells ever created outperform their bulky glass brethren

Just one-fiftieth the thickness of a human hair, and capable of producing up to 6 watts of power per gram, these cells are so thin and light that they can be supported on the surface of a soap bubble without breaking it. With such impressive credentials, the prototype cells have the potential to add solar power to everything from paper-based electronics through to all manner of mobile devices and exceptionally lightweight wearables.

Though flexible solar cells are hardly a new innovation, even being produced experimentally in everything from continuously printed rolls to spray on panels, the power-to-weight ratio is where these new cells come into their own. With a demonstrated output of 6 watts per gram, they produce an output some 400 times greater than standard glass-covered solar cells that generate about 15 watts of power per kilogram on average. Source: 3D solar towers offer up to 20 times more power output than traditional flat solar panels. While we’ve looked at the development of solar cell technologies that employ nanoscale 3D structures to trap light and increase the amount of solar energy absorbed, MIT researchers have now used 3D on the macro scale to achieve power output that is up to 20 times greater than traditional fixed flat solar panels with the same base area.

The approach developed by the researchers involves extending the solar cells upwards in a three-dimensional tower or cube configuration to enable them to better capture the sun's rays when it is lower on the horizon. Solar panels placed flat on a rooftop are most effective at harnessing solar energy when the sun is close to directly overhead, but quickly lose their efficiency as the angle of the sun’s rays hitting the panel increases – during the mornings, evenings, in the cooler months and in locations far from the equator.

It is exactly in these situations that the researcher’s vertical solar modules provided the biggest boosts in power output. Every Time You Shower, This Gadget Makes Energy From The Extra Heat. A few years ago, an engineer was taking a shower and started looking at the water going down the drain and wondering how much energy was going with it. The answer, it turned out, was pretty large: after heating and cooling, hot water uses more energy than anything else in the typical home, and 80-90% of that energy is wasted seconds after the water flows out of the showerhead. What if the heat could be recaptured to keep the shower hot? After working with a team on 4,700 different experiments and iterations, engineer David Velan had a new design that worked–a device that pulls heat from water as it flows out and transfers it back into the clean water to warm it up.

Since the product is double-walled, the dirty water is fully separated; only the heat is transferred, helping recover about 45% of the energy that would have otherwise gone down the drain. Glowing Plants: Natural Lighting with no Electricity by Antony Evans. Collections Sections Categories On Our Radar Start a projectStart. Solar Paper turns the page on portable solar chargers. So called because its panels are thing enough to slot between the pages of a notebook, and touted as the "world's thinnest and lightest solar charger" by its creators, Yolk, Solar Paper measures 9 x 19 x 1.1 cm (3.5 x 7.5 x 0.4 in) and weighs 120 g (4.2 oz), while the actual solar panels are only 1.5 mm thick.

But Solar Paper has more going for it than just its form factor. Unlike most solar chargers on the market, it features modular panels that connect via embedded magnets. IBM developerWorks : Download IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Developer Edition V10.2.1 for Embedded and Commercial Analytics. Business Intelligence (BI) BusinessObjects. Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition. Cognos ReportNet. IBM Cognos Analytics on Cloud - Overview - Israel. IBM - Products. 9 Things You Should Know About IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Suite - IBM Cognos 8 BI Blog - IBM Cognos Analytics‎ Buoy is a whole-home water monitoring and alert system. World’s First Artificial Kidney Is All Set To Replace Dialysis in 2-3 Years. Here is how it works ! - Daily Tips.

German automotive giant eyes Israeli cybersecurity startup – Israel Hayom. One of Germany's biggest automotive corporations, Continental, has announced plans to acquire Israeli startup Argus Cyber Security for some $450 million. Argus, founded in 2013 by three veterans of the IDF's elite 8200 Intelligence Unit, develops systems that defend cars' computer systems against cyberattacks, a field considered vital in the dawning age of self-driving cars. The company has offices in Tel Aviv, Detroit, Silicon Valley, Stuttgart and Tokyo, and holds 38 granted and pending patents.

Meet Butterfly iQ - Whole body imaging, under $2k. These tangled carbon nanotubes can harvest energy directly from breathing and ocean waves. Researchers Can Spot Earthquakes Using Fiber Optic Cables. Earthquakes are some of our planet's most devastating natural disasters. With almost no warning, an earthquake can level entire cities in a matter of minutes. For the millions of people living on or near fault lines, a few extra minutes of warning can mean the difference between life and death, so it's crucial that we're able to see major earthquakes coming as soon as possible.

It's a bird...It's a plane...It's an edible aid drone! Better, Faster Food. The Superpedestrian Copenhagen Wheel lives up to the hype (Review) Meet RAMBOW: Israel's latest unmanned ground vehicle. The Rambow. New battery can charge phone in 60 seconds. In new leap for AI: computer chips that can smell. A technology expert has created a computer chip based on mice neurons that could recognise the smell of explosives. The device could be implanted into the brain of future robots, which could be trained to recognise danger via odours, replacing traditional airport security.

The Koniku Kore device is a 'world first' that is able to breath in and smell air, meaning it could detect volatile chemicals and explosives or even illnesses such as cancer. Hydrogen from sunlight—but as a dark reaction. The storage of photogenerated electric energy and its release on demand are still among the main obstacles in artificial photosynthesis. One of the most promising, recently identified photocatalytic new materials is inexpensive graphitic carbon nitride. Future Trends: From the 2012 PIA Color Management Conference.

PIA Color Management Conference - Future Trends. Smart Bricks - A New Way to Build. China’s Quantum Satellite- the end of communications hacking? In recent years, China has experienced many major technological advances in the field of space science. Product — Pavegen - The Next Step. Glassonweb. New plastic wrap might keep buildings cool even when the sun is shining. It sounds crazy in the headlines: Newly engineered material can cool roofs, structures with zero energy consumption. Some are more effusive, suggesting that This film might just save the planet. After all, we use a lot of energy for air conditioning and the way things are going, will probably be using a lot more in the future. The film was developed by a team of University of Colorado Boulder engineers, and works on the principle of passive radiative cooling. Roads that Pay for Themselves: Startup Nears Two Smart Pavement Pilot Project Contracts.

WeHo Pedals – West Hollywood Bike Share. Tel-O-Fun > Home Page. Glow-in-the-dark cement could light up cities - CNN Style. Storing the Sun's Energy in Liquid Could Change Solar Forever. Litterati - A Litter Free World. Inside the new, high-tech labs where future building systems are being tested. Luxim Plasma Light Bulb Kicks Some Serious LED Butt : TreeHugger. AutoGrid. Konstruktion och utveckling. Cree Jumps Into the LED Lighting Controls Market.

Get Ready for the ‘Internet of Moving Things’—the next Revolution in Mobile. How Elon Musk could reshape city life. Elon Musk's Hyperloop One reaches nearly 200 mph in first passenger pod test. 500mph Hyperloop train will travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in 12 minutes. The 10 best virtual reality videos  Hyperloop pod travels 192mph in maiden journey. Ikea starts selling solar panels and home battery packs. The electric jolt that roused Big Oil. Inside the new, high-tech labs where future building systems are being tested. Powermat Pioneers Wireless Cell Phone Charger. Elon Musk is terrified of this supercomputer - Video - Technology. Water Storage Tank Thermal Energy Storage. Plug It On The Window - AC Solar Panels with 110/220V Plug. No, the robots are not about to rise up and destroy us all. The spherical genius of the Hüttlin Kugelmotor. Transparent Armor from NRL; Spinel Could Also Ruggedize Your Smart Phone.

Home Solar Panels, Commercial & Utility-Scale Solar Solutions. SunPower Seeks to Drive Down Commercial Solar Costs With New Integrated Platform. 10 Future Energy Sources. Eco Friendly Living Tips from Green House. Green Energy Products and Solutions. Smart cities are crucial to kick starting the UK economy. American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. Effortless Energy. What is Ayla’s IoT Cloud Fabric? - Ayla Networks IoT Cloud Platform.

Ayla Partners - Ayla Networks IoT Cloud Platform. Ayla Networks - Cloud Connectivity Solutions for Internet of Things.