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Maker Projects- Primarily Paper

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Canon Creative Park. Sloth Paper Toys. How to Make a Paper Craft Chibi Robot: PART 1. Paper architecture exhibition in paris. Oct 14, 2012 paper architecture exhibition in paris ‘slicetow, module 1′, 2010 by mathilde nivet image © zoe guilbert cite de l’architecture & heritage in paris, france, has organized an exhibition at le palais de chaillot, entitled ‘paper architecture’ featuring designs by ingrid siliakus, beatrice coron, stephanie beck, mathilde nivet and peter callesen. the collection of work looks at iconic buildings and the creation of imaginary cities made of the thin sheets. during the presentation children will learn the techniques used in the art of folding and etching to realize the models. paris-based designer mathilde nivet takes the context of urbanism and the city as the source for her work.

paper architecture exhibition in paris

She uses a pop-up technique which combines folding, decoupage and montage to represent three-dimensional architecture at a large scale. ‘slicetow, module 2′, 2010 image © zoe guilbert ‘upside town’, 2006 image © zoe guilbert image © zoe guilbert ‘dreamcity’, 2009 image © mathidle nivet. Paper Toys - Paper Cut-Out Models - Free at Toys from Trash. A cardboard arcade made by a 9-year-old boy. Cardboard Challenge. Cardboard Pinball Machine. Homemade Pinball Machine. Makedo Pinball Machine. Build Cardboard Furniture Video. Paper Circuits & LED Projects.

Cardboard Cryptex Safe! Man Crafts: zoetrope from coffee can. A zoetrope is a classic toy which, when spun, delivers the illusion of animation.

Man Crafts: zoetrope from coffee can

The construction is simple and the results are always fun to watch. Zoetropes work by using a cylinder with vertical slits cut along the top edge and a band of sequential drawings/photographs placed inside the cylinder. When the cylinder is spun the viewer looks at the images inside the cylinder through the vertical slots, resulting in each image blurring together in rapid succession creating the illusion of motion. With this easy to make and fun device you can make your own looping animations, regardless of your artistic abilities.

Cardboard Chassis for Cheap Robots 1: Boxbot. Previously I made an Instructable on cheap motors and wheels for robots, but wheels alone don't make a robot.

Cardboard Chassis for Cheap Robots 1: Boxbot

If you want your robot to cruise in style, it's going to need a sturdy and stylish body. It's easy to make something rough but functional, but in my experience taking the time to make something look good usually makes it work better in the long run. A clean design makes it easier to add features, swap out parts, and generally keeps you from going nuts. To Make A Spacecraft That Folds And Unfolds, Try Origami. Hide captionThe solar panels of the International Space Station (ISS) are just one example of the many kinds of fragile scientific instruments that require inventive packing and deployment tricks.

To Make A Spacecraft That Folds And Unfolds, Try Origami

The solar panels of the International Space Station (ISS) are just one example of the many kinds of fragile scientific instruments that require inventive packing and deployment tricks. Scientists and engineers at NASA are using origami techniques to help solve a fundamental dilemma facing spacecraft designers: How do you take a big object, pack it into a small container for rocket launch, and then unpack it again once it arrives in space — making sure nothing breaks in the process. Sqwears Demo. Sqwears.doc. Paper Modelers. Ingrid Siliakus - Paper architect/artist. Minecraft Paper Machine. I guess Minecraft is popular.

Minecraft Paper Machine

Over 14 billion copies have been sold, meaning that every single person on the earth bought the game twice, and those are statistics that are completely made up by me. Nevertheless, Minecraft seemed to be very well suitable for papercraft, and not only that, it is the most searched keyword in the combination with papercraft on the whole internet and it even makes the people craft their Steves in iPhone apps (That was kind of sad, because my 2 papercraft apps have been dislodged). First I was like meh, because the whole progress in papercraft history, the implementation of curves, the reduction of flaps, everything thrown away for pixely block heads, the absolute beginning of simplest paper works? Then I was like yea whatever, because it makes people craft and maybe they want to dig deeper. Googly Monster Kinetic Sculpture. Welcome to K is for Kinetics!

Googly Monster Kinetic Sculpture

As part of this month’s A-Z STEM blog series, we created Googly Monster Kinetic Sculptures. They combine engineering with a bit of art to make a fun, movable puppet show. Plus, they’re a great way to teach about kinetics, the study of forces acting on mechanisms. This post contains affiliate links. What are Kinetic Sculptures and How Do They Work? Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers. Perhaps the most famous automaton, the fabled Turk, ended up being a clever hoax, not a true automaton.

Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers

To see an honest historical automaton, one needs to visit the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, where Maillardet’s Automaton is displayed. This automaton, built around 1800, is a masterpiece, able to write three poems and draw four drawings! Our first cardboard automaton will be less ambitious than Maillardet’s Automaton but more real than The Turk. Building automata is a great engineering challenge that scales from child maker to adult in its complexity.

Cardboard Automata.