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Dell Axim Software. Monopoly, Tetris and More Games for Axim. Spb Pocket Plus - Products - Spb Software House. Weather - prévisions météorologiques exactes pour Windows Mobile 6 et 6.5 (Pocket PC et Smartphone) An Entire Weather Station on Your Pocket PC Elecont Weather is the most powerful and reliable Windows Mobile weather forecast software.

Weather - prévisions météorologiques exactes pour Windows Mobile 6 et 6.5 (Pocket PC et Smartphone)

Elecont Weather produces accurate 10-day and hour-by-hour weather forecast (with a lot of useful weather data and detailed descriptions) and weather alerts. Elecont Weather has global coverage you can check if your location is listed here. Elecont Weather works on a different connection types (CSD,GPRS,EDGE,3G,Wi-Fi,Activesync) with a very little traffic consumption, has two user interfaces (touch-friendly and keyboard-friendy) and many other features. With Elecont Weather you can be secured against any weather surprises. Elecont Weather is the only one product on the market which supports all possible Windows Mobile devices including Windows Mobile Standard (non-touchscreen Smartphone) whith Home or Sliding Panel, Windows Mobile Professional ( touchscreen Pocket PC) with Today Screen or Titanium (Windows Mobile 6.5) Default Today screen. Weather Alerts. Open source downloads. If you want to keep your pictures, videos, files, contacts and calendar in sync between your devices and desktop applications the easiest way is to try the free myFUNAMBOL demo service.

Install and run your own Funambol Community Edition Funambol Server Stable Release v. 10.0 The Funambol Server package contains what most people need in a single download: server components, an app server, connectors and documentation. Funambol Sync Client for Microsoft Windows The Funambol Client for Windows adds sync capabilities to your Windows OS, enabling syncing of pictures, videos and files with almost any mobile phone. If Microsoft Outlook is installed it makes also possible to sync Microsof Outlook address book, calendar and notes Funambol Android Client The Funambol Android Client allows you to sync your Pictures, Videos, File, Contacts and Calendar with a Funambol server. Get started developing Funambol Documentation Source code repositories Funambol also offers a commercial edition Sync your iPod. PocketPCFreewares.

Pocket PC Software - Télécharger des logiciels Pocket PC - Pocketland France - Logiciels pour Pocket PC et MS Smartphones. Cool Solutions GroupWise PDA Connect 1.0 SP1 Multi Lingual. There is now a new Product Support forum for PDA Connect.

Cool Solutions GroupWise PDA Connect 1.0 SP1 Multi Lingual

Try it out here: The GroupWise PDA Connect 1.0 SP1 Multi Lingual version is now available! Localizations: Portuguese (Brazilian), Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish GroupWise PDA Connect is designed to work on a Windows computer to synchronize data between GroupWise and a PDA device. It is comprised of a synchronization engine and translators, which are used to seamlessly integrate with the data source's features and data. The GroupWise PDA Connect allows users to synchronize their Palm OS* or Pocket PC device with the following features in GroupWise: E-Mail Calendar Contacts Tasks Notes Prerequisites Before installing GroupWise PDA Connect: Ensure that Microsoft* ActiveSync* is installed for the Pocket PC 2000, 2002, or 2003 or Palm HotSync* Manager is installed for the Palm OS 4.x or 5.x.

Download: Download GroupWise PDA Connect 1.0 Multi Lingual here Installation Instructions: Skype For iPhone. Ultimate Pocket Everything about PocketPC , PDA , GPS & Mobility. Windows Mobile 5.0 Fix Site - Home.