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Hierbas, especias y condimentos

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FLORES COMESTIBLES. Académie des poivres. Condimentos. McCormick® Live deliciouslyEncyclopedia of Spices. Tienda Online de Especias. Encyclopedia of spices. Ethnic Flavors and Spices 101. Our sense of taste is largely influenced by aromas, food-density, temperature, texture, and visual appeal (such as colors and presentation).

Ethnic Flavors and Spices 101

When thinking of ethnic dishes, it is natural to think about the food itself, and sometimes forget about other components contributing to a flavor experience (such as the herbs and spices used to create a specific flavor). Pasta is a perfect example. Pasta is largely associated with Italian food. However, different forms of ‘pasta’ are also used in many other cuisines such as in Asian noodle dishes, like ‘Ramen’ or ‘Stir fry’, and even Eastern European dishes such as Germany’s ‘Spaten’. Spices and Flavor Profiles. Elisabeth Rozin, in her excellent book, “Ethnic Cuisine: The Flavor Principle Cookbook”, notes that different cultures tend to “combine a small number of flavoring ingredients so frequently and so consistently that they become definitive of that particular cuisine.”

Spices and Flavor Profiles

So I’ve included a few here from her excellent resource. This is by no means a definitive list, but merely a good primer and starting off point.