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Agricultural Extensionist: Generalist Background | Peace Corps - Opportunity Portal. Apply By January 1, 2016 Know By March 1, 2016 Depart By July 5, 2016 Project Description Volunteers in the Sustainable Agriculture Systems project will work with low-income rural farmers to improve the food security and resiliency of their families by supporting farmers to increase overall farm productivity and increase the profitability of their farming operations. Volunteers will accomplish this by promoting best practices and new techniques for farming and improved farm management within their communities.

Agriculture Volunteers will work with farmers to assess their current farming practices, identify opportunities to test and implement new or improved farming practices, develop demonstration and experimental plots, conduct workshops (called farmer field schools) on a range of agricultural topics, measure results, and analyze lessons learned. Some Volunteers may also work with forestry or with fish and rice tanks. Required Skills Desired Skills Required Language Skills A.


Why Volunteer Abroad with IVHQ? 10 of the Best Volunteer Abroad Organizations. Regions: North Africa. Volunteer holidays: how to find an ethical project | Travel. Volunteer tourism, or "voluntourism", in which tourists combine a trip abroad with charity work, is an area of the travel industry that has long courted controversy. Research published last week in the Journal of Sustainable Tourism has found that many companies involved with voluntourism are misrepresenting their products, and that those offering the most expensive experiences are likely to be the least responsible. "Volunteer tourism organisations should be taking their responsibility more seriously," says Victoria Smith, lead author of the study, which sampled some of the biggest organisations that sell to UK travellers and assessed their marketing techniques.

"Just because a product is volunteer tourism does not mean it has positive impacts. " While Smith found many examples of good practice, the companies that the research found to be the most negative threatened litigation if Smith named them; an indication, she says, of the "murky world" in which many of them operate. 7 tips to consider if you want a career in human rights - Idealist Careers.

On Friday, we shared a list of opportunities and organizations to explore in human rights, in honor of Human Rights Day. However, breaking into this field can be a bit challenging, so we invited Akhila Kolisetty, a law student and blogger who has worked at various human rights organizations, to share a bit about her journey and experiences. by Akhila Kolisetty Photo credit: ind{yeah}, Creative Commons/Flickr I first developed a passion for international development and human rights as an undergraduate at Northwestern, where I studied economics and political science.

My time studying development economics in London and working with an international access to justice NGO in Geneva hugely influenced my worldview, convincing me to work at the intersection of access to legal services and women’s rights in the global South. Is a career in international human rights for you? 1. Unpaid internships are essentially a requirement to get into the development and human rights field. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Volunteering | The Wildlife Society. Getting involved as a volunteer is a great way to make important connections with people and to gain valuable experiences. Listed below are great organizations in the Madison area: Four Lakes Wildlife Center FLWC, a program of the Dane County Humane Society, is located in Madison, Wisconsin. FLWC is a volunteer-run wildlife rehabilitation group offering care to ill, injured and orphaned wildlife of southern Wisconsin. For additional information, directions, or questions about volunteering with the animals, contact at or phone at (608)-838-0413 Ext. 192: Bird Banding at Biocore Prairie The Biocore Prairie Bird Banding Station is an all-volunteer operation that monitors bird populations in the Preserve, above Picnic Point.

For more information about volunteering or viewing bird banding, please contact Mara McDonald at Lakeshore Nature Preserve. Empire-Sauk Chapter. Who We Are The Empire-Sauk Chapter manages and restores 39 prairie and oak savanna sites with over 1000 acres in southcentral Wisconsin. Our main focus is on the conservation and protection of these cherished sites. Currently we manage sites in Dane, Sauk, and eastern Iowa counties. One of our sites, the Mounds View Grassland, is part of the Southwest Wisconsin Grassland and Stream Conservation Area SWGSCA). Click here for an overview of our sites. Interns Although our work is carried out principally by volunteers, the Empire-Sauk Chapter also has a summer intern program open to college and university students.

Volunteers participate in all parts of the restoration process. Volunteering provides unparalled opportunities to learn about and participate in prairie, savanna, and oak woodland ecology, restoration, and management.