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List of Consulting Firms. Devpar Consulting Services - Introduction. Nonprofit NGO Consulting Firms. Development Dimensions International. Business Management Consultants – Johannesburg, South Africa. Aydon Consultants - an international network of global business development firms. International Development. Skills needed Many people are attracted to the idea of working in international development because they want to make a positive contribution to the wider world, but it is essential to think carefully about the nature of the contribution you wish to make and the field in which you would prefer to work.

International Development

Most organisations send people to work internationally in response to requests for specific skills/experience from their local international partners – recruitment is led by the demands of these local partners, and not by those who want to go! There are not many openings in international development for people who have no professional qualifications or/and work experience. The sector is highly competitive and although there are few defined career paths, you will need to acquire both relevant experience and qualifications to progress in this very international field.

It can be beneficial to gain relevant international experience before undertaking postgraduate study. Non Profit Fundraising Charleston, SC. BSD Consulting. Association of Management Consulting Firms. Associate Member Firms 7 Mile Advisors201 South College StreetCharlotte, NC 28244Tel: 704.899.5960Web: 7MA provides Investment Banking & Advisory Services to the Business Services and Technology Industries globally.

Association of Management Consulting Firms

We advise on M&A and private capital transactions, and provide market assessments and benchmarking. As a close knit team with a long history together and a laser focus on our target markets, we help our clients sell their companies, raise capital, grow through acquisitions, and evaluate new markets. Ascendant Consulting, LLCP.O. Benefits: Get faster results and higher ROI with lower risk. Easily find the best outside expertsReduce your risk, pain and costsIncrease your ROILock in impact and value How It Works: Get faster results and higher ROI with lower risk. Identify objectives, risks, metricsEstimate risk-adjusted valueIdentify and/or vet expertsReallocate risk via negotiationsGuide project to desired outcomesMake changes stick Beehive MediaP.O. Rattleback. Tourism Development Consulting. Global tourism is now generally recognized as one of the largest industries in the world and one of the most significant sources of employment and Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Tourism Development Consulting

Tourism particularly benefits the economies of developing countries, where most of the sector’s tourism jobs and businesses are being created. Development Consulting - NIRAS. What we do We provide technical assistance and project management for development programmes all over the world.

Development Consulting - NIRAS

With our in-house expertise and vast network of experts we provide high quality services covering the entire project cycle from project design to implementation and evaluation. We have over 40 years’ experience in development cooperation. The development consulting services annual turnover is about € 35 million; we currently implement over 170 long term projects. Shortlisted Firms. Consulting Firms — International Agriculture and Development Graduate Program — Penn State University. Agrifood Consulting International, Inc (ACI) Description: ACI’s core purpose is to help make better decisions to improve living standards around the world.

Consulting Firms — International Agriculture and Development Graduate Program — Penn State University

International Development, Jobs, NGOs, Consulting, UN, UNDP, World Bank, international development community,IFC, Environment, Trade, Charity, non-profits, UNESCO, UNAIDS, WHO, USAID, Careers, IFAD, Consultancies. International Development. Landell Mills - Development Consultants. Banyan Global. Genesis Analytics - A Consulting Firm Geared to Success. International development consulting company with nearly 50 years of expe. Global Development consulting. We work with game-changing organizations to help improve the lives and livelihoods of people around the world, with a focus on companies that support entrepreneurial approaches to help solve the problem of global poverty.

Global Development consulting

Our partnership with Endeavor is a great example of how we’re helping global development organizations grow and better realize their goals. Endeavor is a global nonprofit that promotes sustained economic development by supporting high-impact entrepreneurs in emerging markets. Through mentorship, strategic advice and access to capital, Endeavor helps local businesses achieve scale which in turn helps improve the local economy and reduce joblessness. Their economic goal is very ambitious—to add 1 percent to GDP in the countries in which they operate. International Development » Coffey. Delivering complex projects in regions faced with these challenges requires very particular expertise.

International Development » Coffey

Projects need to be mobilised quickly and managed flexibly and efficiently, and local stakeholders must be part of the entire process. Our sustainable solutions Our clients in the public and private sector call on Coffey to help find sustainable solutions to international development challenges. Whether we’re helping Colombia, Indonesia or Pakistan improve the delivery of basic services or helping improve income opportunities for the poor in Nigeria, our team has the expertise to achieve value for our clients and in-country recipients. We bring extensive experience and understanding of what has worked to each and every project. Top global development groups in Washington, DC: A primer. In international development, it’s hard to bypass Washington.

Top global development groups in Washington, DC: A primer

Because it is home to some of the world’s most generous bilateral and multilateral donors, dozens of implementing agencies have taken root in the U.S. capital and its surroundings as well. The city’s Dupont Circle area boasts what may be the highest concentration of nonprofits and think tanks anywhere, with groups such as the Center for Global Development, Brookings Institution, Aspen Institute, United Nations Foundation, Freedom House and, a few blocks north, the D.C. offices of FHI 360. Downtown, Pennsylvania Ave. connects the U.S. Congress with the U.S. International Development and Diplomacy Consulting. International Development Consulting. International development consulting firms are privately-owned companies that provide technical expertise and support for governments and large companies.

International Development Consulting

Many contracts are consulting in the strict sense of the word (ie, reviewing organizations and projects and recommending changes), but consulting firms also take contracts that involve working on the ground. This means that consulting is a deep profession which employs a huge range of professionals. As a consultant, you may be reviewing police arrest statistics, or you may be working in a developing country to ensure a sustainable supply of clean water. Compared to NGOs or international organizations like the World Bank, consulting firms are more focused on the needs of private businesses and the military.

In recent years there have been scandals involving the partisan interests of major consulting firms like McKinsey and Company and Booz Allen. DAI - an international development company. Career Op Consulting Development. International development.