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Jesus according to sources outside the Bible. What do we know about Jesus - from non-biblical sources?

Jesus according to sources outside the Bible

Jesus Christ is the only proof of the living God. We only know God through Jesus Christ. 1 - Blaise Pascal There was no such person in the history of the world as Jesus Christ. There was no historical, living, breathing, sentient human being by that name. Ever. [The Bible] is a fictional, nonhistorical narrative 2.1 Why isn't this commonly taught? But to some of the Jews the destruction of Herod's army seemed to be divine vengeance, and certainly a just vengeance, for his treatment of John, surnamed the Baptist. -- PLINIUS SECUNDUS (Pliny the Younger) Pliny was the governor of Bithynia in Asia Minor. -- CORNELIUS TACITUS Tacitus was a senator under Emperor Vespasian and later became governor of Asia.

Consequently, to get rid of the report, Nero fastened the guilt and inflicted the most exquisite tortures on a class hated for their abominations, called Christians by the populace. On the eve of Passover they hanged Yeshu. Unreasonable Faith: A reasonable blog on atheism, religion, science, and skepticism. Is it possible for a virgin to give birth? - By Melinda Wenner. During the holidays, Christians celebrate the birth of a human baby to his virginal mother.

Is it possible for a virgin to give birth? - By Melinda Wenner

We know that female wasps, fish, birds, and lizards can produce healthy offspring without having sex, but what about people? Are natural human virgin births possible? Yes, in theory. However, a number of rare events would have to occur in close succession, and the chances of these all happening in real life are virtually zero. For a virgin to get pregnant, one of her eggs would have to produce, on its own, the biochemical changes indicative of fertilization, and then divide abnormally to compensate for the lack of sperm DNA.

An egg will only start dividing once it senses a spike in cellular calcium. Once fertilization—or faux fertilization—occurs, an egg can complete the final stage of a cell division known as meiosis II, during which it loses half of its genetic material to make room for the sperm's DNA. There's a way around this problem, too. Got a question about today's news? The Improbability of God. The Improbability of God by Richard Dawkins from Free Inquiry, Volume 18, Number 3.

The Improbability of God

Much of what people do is done in the name of God. Irishmen blow each other up in his name. Arabs blow themselves up in his name. Imams and ayatollahs oppress women in his name. Celibate popes and priests mess up people's sex lives in his name. Why do people believe in God? So ran Paley's argument, and it is an argument that nearly all thoughtful and sensitive people discover for themselves at some stage in their childhood.

What do all objects that look as if they must have had a designer have in common? This is not a circular argument, by the way. Of all the trillions of different ways of putting together the atoms of a telescope, only a minority would actually work in some useful way. We can safely conclude that living bodies are billions of times too complicated -- too statistically improbable -- to have come into being by sheer chance. Eyes and wings cannot spring into existence in a single step. Frequently Asked Questions about the Catholic Church. Brought to you by The Augustine Club at Columbia University Up to the Apologetics Toolkit THE CATHOLIC CHURCH is the world's largest, and Christianity's oldest, religious body.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Catholic Church

Her 860 million members inhabit the width and breadth of the earth, comprising almost one-fifth of the total human population. She is far and away the most popular religious concept the world has ever known. Paradoxically, however, the Catholic Church is also the world's most controversial religious concept. The right place to go for information about Catholic belief--in fact the only place to go for complete and authoritative information--is the Catholic Church herself. Contents God Why do Catholics believe that the universe and all life in it was created by, and is governed by, an all-powerful Spirit Being called God? The Catholic Church Why do Catholics believe that their Church is the one true Church of Jesus Christ? The Pope Sacraments Scripture and Tradition Salvation Mary. Online Parallel Bible.