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LayoutIt! - Interface Builder for Bootstrap. Uri Goldshtein: Angular + Meteor -- Devshop SF Feb 2015. Angular-meteor - realtime full stack. Build Your Own Web or Mobile App In Minutes With These Cloud Based Tools - Forbes. List of graphical user interface builders and rapid application development tools - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For Educators, Students and IT Professionals – SynApp2 is the Ticket | Educators and students can make great use of SynApp2, a software tool that lets you interactively work with even complex relational databases, just seconds after you create or alter the design.

You’ll gain a valuable perspective when you can manipulate data from a web application, custom made around your design. It’s dramatically different than trying to figure out what database design is all about by struggling at a command line prompt. SynApp2 is a must-have for IT professionals because it works hand-in-hand with your existing database tools, adding a powerful dimension to your resources. SynApp2 does - Everything SynApp2 does can be customized, enhanced and extended.

An exceptional degree of code reuse keeps everything very small and light weight. SynApp2 is free and it’s open source, so you can see how it works. Routine, interactive manipulation of records is easy and natural with SynApp2. SynApp2 is safe and compatible, so you don’t have to give up anything to use it. Build Mobile Business Apps for Enterprise Mobility with Corporate Central - Web App Generator - Secure, Flexible and Scalable.

Create Your Mobile App Once and it Runs Everywhere Simultaneously creates native mobile apps and desktop browser apps for business and consumer space Your apps run native on all major mobile devices and at the same time they are available to your users via all major desktop browsers. Your users get distinct user interfaces for the same app in mobile vs. desktop browser. Your users get the best possible experience all the time, when using your native mobile app and on their desktop browsers with cross platform user experience as in major Internet properties such a Facebook. Development Environment in a Browser Create any Mobile App - from Enterprise Workflow App to Consumer App Eliminate the app distribution cycle and spend more time to build your mobile app Deliver any number of mobile apps and app updates to your users without submitting and re-submitting to app stores Instantaneously Deploy New Apps and Updates to your Users.

Design Mode User Mode Work with the desined application as a user. La Ferme du Web Mobile. Conduit Mobile est un générateur d'applications mobiles natives à la fois gratuit et ne nécessitant aucune connaissance techniques. Si vous disposez d'un site web, vous souhaiterez sans doute avoir la ou les applications mobiles qui vont avec: Avoir le flux RSS, des pages de contenu etc.

Grâce à Conduit Mobile, vous pourrez créer, sans aucune connaissance technique, vos propres applications mobiles natives pour: iPhone & iPadAndroidBlackberryWindows Phone Mais alors comment ça marche ? Dans un premier temps, le service vous invite à entrer l'URL de votre site web. Ensuite, il scan votre site à la recherche des éventuels services qu'il peut automatiquement rappatrier dans l'application: Flux RSS, Comptes Twitter ou Facebook, page Youtube.

Puis, l'éditeur de l'application est affiché: Grâce à cet éditeur, très simple à prendre en main, vous pourrez concevoir toute votre interface d'application: A tout moment vous pouvez tester le rendu de l'app sur les différents terminaux en portrait ou paysage. Fargo. What is Fargo? Friday, August 23, 2013 at 3:55 AM Fargo is a simple idea outliner, notepad, todo list, blogging tool, project organizer. # It's an HTML 5 application, written in JavaScript, runs in any compatible browser, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft IE 10.# Files are stored in Dropbox, using the Dropbox API. How much does Fargo cost? There is no charge to use Fargo. Where can I try it? What outliners are used for Notetaking. What is an outliner? It's an editor that works with hierarchic structures. How does it relate to Little Outliner? Fargo is our full-featured outliner. Screen shot Fargo screen shot with several tabs open.

Competition There are desktop outliners, and those that run in browsers. Roadmap Fargo is Small Picture's primary product. Company Small Picture, Inc. is a Delaware corporation, founded on December 19, 2012. AppGini, web database applications builder without coding. Open source education | Most people think of their interactions with computer systems to occur via a keyboard, mouse, or touchscreen. However, humans evolved to interact with thier environment and each other in much more intricate ways. Bridging the gap between the computational systems of the digital world and the natural world is being studied and tested in the Physical Computing course at the State University of New York (SUNY) at Albany.

As a professor of the course, we are currently leveraging a variety of open source software and hardware projects to learn about fundamental core concepts with hands-on experiences and implementation of open source tools. On the software side, we use an open-source IDE (Arduino Sketch) and develop 3D printer designs using OpenSCAD. On the open source hardware portion of the course, we utilize the Arduinos and the PrintrBot Simple. Starting Your Store — TomatoCart Open Source Shopping Cart Solution 1.x-rc documentation. After installing, you are actually having your store on TomatoCart as real estate. Then you’ll need to think about constructing store with your own styles and making selling rules. Specifically, making decisions of how your customers and potential customers can contact you, what kind of product information to present to them, how to ship and pay, and how to manage the Reviews module, to name a few.

Wizard Configuration You can make a quick configuration of your store under the admin>Configuration>Configuration Wizard section. Wizard items are primary settings of basic configuration, which covers all the required fields under Configuration> Configuration. In other words, these items are distributed into the corresponding modules in the Configuration section. Each update in Wizard Installation will have the same effect on the one in Configuration.

Without further ado, look at the steps in which you can set up basic information for your store easily. Store Configuration Basic configuration.