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Villes en transition. Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology (JATIT)- Home page. tPOD1 - thermoelectric Power On Demand by Richard Harmon. Introducing the tPOD1 to the world… …off-grid or denied-grid thermoelectric Power On Demand.

tPOD1 - thermoelectric Power On Demand by Richard Harmon

…eco-friendly, multi-functional, portable, dependable, and durable. …born and made in Traverse City, Michigan USA. "Count me in as a 'late sparrow'. As a teacher, I can see Third World applications for the tPOD1. Solve for X. Multicast. In computer networking, multicast is the delivery of a message or information to a group of destination computers simultaneously in a single transmission from the source.


Copies are automatically created in other network elements, such as routers, but only when the topology of the network requires it. At the Data Link Layer, multicast describes one-to-many distribution such as Ethernet multicast addressing, Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) point-to-multipoint virtual circuits (P2MP) or Infiniband multicast.

Liberating Structures - Liberating Structures Menu. Watch 32 discordant metronomes achieve synchrony in a matter of minutes. Clearly you know more about this than I do...but doesn't the article state that this wouldnt work if the pendulums were attached to/sitting on an immovable object?

Watch 32 discordant metronomes achieve synchrony in a matter of minutes

His wall or floor, I assume, wasn't infinitely rigid. It can transmit vibrations though it. It's really just a question of time. The more flexible the wall or floor is, as shown in this video, the faster the resonance pattern appears. I can only assume that Huygens only noticed this over days, weeks or months of windings and observations before the synchrony appeared. MemSQL. Herbal Remedy Chart. Herbal Remedies Obligatory Disclaimer: The herbal remedies and uses within these pages are - to the best of my knowledge safe when used in moderation, except where specified.

Herbal Remedy Chart

I have noted hazards and contraindications where appropriate, but nothing takes the place of common sense, moderation, and knowledge of your plant materials when involved in self-medication with plants. These pages are for informational purposes only, and I cannot be held liable for misuse or inappropriate handling of the information within. | Herbs Index | Home | Back to Herbs. Open for discussion: Graham Hancock, Rupert Sheldrake, TEDxWhitechapel. UPDATE: Please see our new blog post Graham Hancock and Rupert Sheldrake, a fresh take, which replaces the x-ed out text below.

Open for discussion: Graham Hancock, Rupert Sheldrake, TEDxWhitechapel

To discuss the talks, view them here: The debate about Rupert Sheldrake’s talkThe debate about Graham Hancock’s talk After due diligence, including a survey of published scientific research and recommendations from our Science Board and our community, we have decided that Graham Hancock’s and Rupert Sheldrake’s talks from TEDxWhitechapel should be removed from distribution on the TEDx YouTube channel. We’re not censoring the talks. Comment la Terre change sous nos yeux. The Hedonistic Imperative: Table Of Contents. ABSTRACT INTRODUCTION 0.1 The Naturalisation of Heaven 0.2 Saving Vehicles With Bad Drivers 0.3 Humans Are Not Rats 0.4 Life In Dopaminergic Overdrive HOW?

The Hedonistic Imperative: Table Of Contents

1.0 Sabotage At The Mill 1.1 The Biological Program 1.2 Pumping Up The Volume 1.3 The Civilising Neurotransmitter 1.4 The Cardinal Importance Of Delayed Gratification 1.5 The Molecular Genetics Of Paradise 1.6 The Re-encephalisation Of Emotion 1.7 How Could Anything Be So Good? 1.8 All We Need Is Love? 1.9 The Taste Of Depravity 1.10 On The Misguided Romanticisation Of Feline Psychopaths 1.11 The Last Twisted Molecule On Earth? 1.12 The Persistence Of Hard-Core Porn 1.13 The Growing Pleasures Of Homunculi 1.14 Post-Perceptual Consciousness? WHY? Mission Statement of BLTC Research. World Socialist Web Site. CASOS Tools: Computational Models and Social Network Tools. Communication & Media Studies - Museum of Social Media: HOME.

Museum of Social Media: HOME Click on the exhibits in the Museum Map below to explore.

Communication & Media Studies - Museum of Social Media: HOME

Learn about the rise of social media, check out the latest books, and browse more than 200 free multi-disciplinary articles from top Wiley journals examining social media’s impact on the world. Video: Welcome to the Museum! #Follow the Money: This exhibit includes content related to social media in business, marketing, advertising, the music industry, and anything with a money trail. Aquacell Battery - Positive Energy. CorteX : Esprit critique et sciences. Web design : le top 20 des galeries pour votre veille et votre inspiration. WebmasterWorld News and Discussion for the Web Professional.

Trends-technology-timeline-large.jpg (Image JPEG, 2000x1405 pixels) Online Plagiarism Checker Software by iThenticate. The Problem / Follow the Money - Investigate any major sector of human activity and you will discover the same people are in control, benefitting financially, literally making out like bandits. Investigate any major sector of human activity and you will discover the same people are in control, benefitting financially, literally making out like bandits. Check it out for yourself. By getting a clearer picture of the hidden economic incentives that are driving this unseen robbery, we can create more effective solutions to the problems facing humanity. To learn more about the different levels of the Follow the Money pyramid, click here.

For tips on how to follow the money yourself, click here. AutoMap: Project. Overview | People | Sponsors | Publications | Hardware Requirements | Software | Training & Sample Data AutoMap is a text mining tool developed by CASOS at Carnegie Mellon.

AutoMap: Project

Input: one or more unstructured texts. Output: DyNetML files and CS files. Glean Learning Tools by The Public Learning Media Laboratory. Develop and Refine Superior Systems and Principles of Organizing People. Kübler-Ross model. The model was first introduced by Swiss-American Psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross in her 1969 book, On Death and Dying, and was inspired by her work with terminally ill patients.[1] Motivated by the lack of curriculum in medical schools on the subject of death and dying, Kübler-Ross began a project which examined death and those faced with it while working as an instructor at the University of Chicago's medical school.

Kübler-Ross model

Kübler-Ross' project evolved into a series of seminars which, along with patient interviews and previous research became the foundation for her book, and revolutionized how the U.S. medical field takes care of the terminally ill. In the decades since the publication of "On Death and Dying", the Kübler-Ross concept has become largely accepted by the general public; however, its validity has yet to be consistently supported by the majority of research studies that have examined it[citation needed].

The Common Sense Coalition. Media-5001.jpg (Image JPEG, 500x700 pixels) Ask Media. Web ranking and SEO software, website promotion, search engine optimization tools - CleverStat.com. NetLogo Home Page. NetLogo is a multi-agent programmable modeling environment.

NetLogo Home Page

It is used by tens of thousands of students, teachers and researchers worldwide. It also powers HubNet participatory simulations. It is authored by Uri Wilensky and developed at the CCL. You can download it free of charge. What can you do with NetLogo? Evolutionary Holacracy : Expérience Intermarché et « Holacratie évolutive » Google Book Downloader - Home. Atheist Mom – Think Atheist. Choosing_a_good_chart.jpg (Image JPEG, 1584 × 1224 pixels) - Redimensionnée (66%)

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DOXA Documentary Film Festival. 2 Hours of Celtic Music. Home_MB_ano. Where Do You Give? State University - Master of Science In Conflict Management. Kennesaw State University’s Master of Science in Conflict Management (MSCM) is a 16-month executive degree program designed for students seeking a supportive academic environment. Students gain the knowledge and skills to manage conflicts in today’s challenging environments.

The MSCM faculty bring a diverse array of experiences to the classroom including environmental, public policy, international, court-related, workplace, non-profit, and more. Cyc (projet) Reinventing Capitalism Proposal - reinventing_capitalism.pdf. Squirro - Harvest Content that Matters. Association pour l'Économie Distributive. The book of Chaos, Discord and Confusion.

Chaos Matrix - [ChaosMatrix.org] Karma. Endless knot Nepalese temple prayer wheel Karma symbols such as endless knot (above) are common cultural motifs in Asia. Endless knots symbolize interlinking of cause and effect, a Karmic cycle that continues eternally. Rupert Sheldrake - The Science Delusion BANNED TED TALK.