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National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition. Atomic gardening: Day of the irradiated peanuts. Cian O'Luanaigh, online producer (Image: Frank Scherschel/Time & Life/Getty) One March day in 1959, at the Royal Commonwealth Society in London, a nuclear enthusiast decided to feed her dinner guests irradiated peanuts.

Atomic gardening: Day of the irradiated peanuts

While Muriel Howorth's guests were unsure about their repast, the unusual dinner was the start of an unforeseen chain reaction that led to the birth of one of the quirkiest horticultural collectives there has ever been: the Atomic Gardening Society. The society encouraged members to grow plants from seeds that had been irradiated so that beneficial mutations would arise.

The idea might sound strange, even dangerous, now - but back in the 1950s it was part of a broader trend. In his 1953 "Atoms for Peace" speech to the United Nations general assembly, US President Dwight Eisenhower highlighted a turning point in attitudes to nuclear power when he stated that it should be "constructive, not destructive". Gregory called the NC4x as "a milestone in crop breeding". National Science Foundation.


HowStuffWorks - Learn How Everything Works! Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters. Stone tools 'demand new American story' 24 March 2011Last updated at 22:58 By Paul Rincon and Jonathan Amos Science reporters, BBC News Researchers report almost 16,000 items The long-held theory of how humans first populated the Americas may have been well and truly broken.

Stone tools 'demand new American story'

Archaeologists have unearthed thousands of stone tools that predate the technology widely assumed to have been carried by the first settlers. The discoveries in Texas are seen as compelling evidence that the so-called Clovis culture does not represent America's original immigrants. Details of the 15,500-year-old finds are reported in Science magazine. A number of digs across the Americas in recent decades had already hinted that the "Clovis first" model was in serious trouble. But the huge collection of well-dated tools excavated from a creek bed 60km (40 miles) northwest of Austin mean the theory is now dead, argue the Science authors. For 80 years, it has been argued that the Clovis culture was the first to sweep into the New World.

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