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Nolan Hout

Nolan spends the majority of the time performing marketing research in the L&D industry. He is passionate about formulating cutting-edge learning solutions.


Infopro Learning partners with leading Food and Beverages Company. Infopro Learning is proud to work with one of the leading global brands in food and beverages industry.

Infopro Learning partners with leading Food and Beverages Company

The company has always been a forerunner in supporting communities worldwide. As part of its ongoing CSR initiative, it launched a large-scale program to provide economic opportunity to 10 million young people, across the globe. The program is targeted for a large spread of audiences including young farmers, sourcing partners, entrepreneurs in the agriculture industry and more. In addition to providing opportunities around employment as well as employability, the program also aims to fuel entrepreneurship within the farming community. It aims to make farming not only profitable but sustainable, within changing environmental and business dynamics. The company partnered with Infopro Learning in 2020, to develop a series of highly engaging and informative videos. Infopro Learning is proud to work with one of the leading global brands in food and beverages industry.

How to Boost ROI with the Right Type of Training Delivery. The pandemic caused a great shift in the way we work and learn today.

How to Boost ROI with the Right Type of Training Delivery

Last year organizations had to quickly make changes to adapt to the new business environment. As the dust has begun to settle, organizations are changing their focus from surviving towards strategies that will help them thrive. 5 Ways to Improve Your Corporate Training Materials. Today the demand for high quality learning and development programs has grown exponentially.

5 Ways to Improve Your Corporate Training Materials

Covid19 accelerated the rates of change and digital transformation we are experiencing today. Organizations have had to adapt. Many employees now work from home. Organizations have changed policies, procedures and their offerings to better meet their customers changing needs. Preparing the Right Learning Strategy for Healthcare and Life Sciences. Ever since the novel Coronavirus shook the world, the medical business has undergone significant changes to become focused on patient-centric solutions.

Preparing the Right Learning Strategy for Healthcare and Life Sciences

To drive innovation within L&D, talent development teams face unique challenges catering to a niche audience. Investing in a robust learning and development strategy is crucial for modernizing healthcare organizations through disruptive personalized experiences to solve patient-centric workforce challenges. Such an approach caters to several talent related challenges like workforce shortage, employee knowledge and training opportunities. Though healthcare institutions are investing a great deal in expanding their capabilities for an overall connected patient experience, it is somewhat difficult for them to maintain a clear perspective of the right strategy to build up on the roadmap.

Decrease Compliance Violation remains one of the prime focus areas for the healthcare industry. What is Training Process Outsourcing? This past year, there has been a significant shift in the world of learning and development.

What is Training Process Outsourcing?

Organizations have rapidly undergone digital transformations to keep up with the changing business environment. The need for quality employee training programs has grown significantly. Job roles and functions have changed across nearly every industry. The current workforce needs new skill sets to fulfill these jobs successfully. Learning Administration: 3 Ways to Increase Training ROI. Training outsourcing has quickly become a popular solution over the last year.

Learning Administration: 3 Ways to Increase Training ROI

There are a variety of training outsourcing options organizations can use to overcome modern employee training challenges today. One line of outsourced training industry services that is often overlooked is learning administration. Managed learning providers often offer administrative services that can help organizations streamline their L&D processes. To help you better understand the many benefits of learning administration, we have shared three ways this service can help boost your training ROI. Increasing Operational Efficiency Outsourcing learning administration is one of the most effective ways you can quickly improve the operational efficiency of your employee learning programs.

Outsourced administrative assistants will understand the ins and outs of the training industry. An outsourced administrative team will have the skills needed to hit the ground running. 24 Hour Support Final Word 24 Hour Support. Customer Service Training Mistakes to Avoid. Customer experiences have a significant impact on factors that directly affect revenue.

Customer Service Training Mistakes to Avoid

They influence purchasing decisions, customer loyalty, and brand perception. It was recently found that improvements in customer experiences can lead to as much as a $1 billion increase over three years (1). This is likely why nearly half of organizations today are planning to make customer experiences a top priority (1). One of the most effective tools your company can utilize to improve customer experiences is your customer service training programs. Effective customer service training can significantly improve the quality of service your organization’s employees provide. Using a One-Size-Fits-All Approach. Workforce Transformation Tips for Increased Business Agility.

Business resilience and the ability to adapt to change have become top goals for modern organizations today, which is why we have seen a surge in transformation initiatives.

Workforce Transformation Tips for Increased Business Agility

Employee reskilling has become a pivotal part of the workplace transformation process. Quality L&D programs engage employees and help them learn the new skills they need to be successful in the changing workplace. What Workforce Transformation Looks Like in 2021 Over the last year, there has been an incredible shift in the way the modern workforce operates. Businesses are adopting new technology to gain a competitive edge in the current disruptive marketplace. The adoption of transformative technologies and practices can be seen across every industry and throughout nearly every department within a business. Performance Consulting or Staffing Solutions: How to drive maximum L&D benefits? Training outsourcing has become a popular solution for enterprise organizations this year.

Performance Consulting or Staffing Solutions: How to drive maximum L&D benefits?

The pandemic has caused shifts in many industries as well as the world of L&D. The need for employee reskilling has grown now that the rate of digital transformation has sped up. Many businesses are working with outsourced training providers to help them improve and streamline their L&D processes. There is wide variety of options you can choose from now it can be difficult to know which services meet your organization’s needs. Two types of outsourced services that are often confused are performance consulting and staffing. Creating a Leadership Development Program for a Non-Profit Organization. The recent pandemic has only increased the need for high-quality leadership development programs.

Creating a Leadership Development Program for a Non-Profit Organization

Today courageous leadership is needed now more than ever. Your organization’s leaders play a critical role in driving innovation and productivity. They also have a significant impact on your business’s abilities to navigate change. In a recent study about the future of leadership development conducted by the Harvard Business Review, 50% of senior leaders shared that their talent development process was not equipping new leaders with necessary skills (1). Custom eLearning Solutions for a Post Covid19 Workforce.

The world of L&D was turned upside-down last year, with deep impact in every industry. The tried and trusted training delivery methods that were popular were no longer reliable. The rate of digital transformation accelerated. The business’s adopted new digital practices to adapt to the changes brought on by the pandemic. Workforce Transformation: Build Resilience by Reducing Risk. As we move forward, businesses are beginning to think about their post Covid19 plans. They are starting to refocus their attention from survival towards building strategies that reduce risk and build resilience. Last year many employees moved into remote roles.

Organizations began rapidly adopting new technology and implementing digital transformation initiatives. Microlearning for BFSI L&D Success. Banking, financial services and insurance organizations are forced to keep the workforce suitably trained and equipped with the right skills to sustain the challenge of rapid technology advancements and economic reforms.

To overcome hurdles like time constraints, budget limitations and short attention gaps, Microlearning has emerged as a unique learning approach to meet the demands of modern BFSI learners while keeping learners’ engagement intact. BFSI industry is the most impacted with workforce development challenges as they heavily rely on employees’ skills and diligence. Microlearning, as the go-to-learning solution, offers bite-sized customized courses to address specific skills gaps making the most out of the training budget. Managed Learning Providers: L&D Strategies that Build Resilience. Training outsourcing has been growing in popularity this year. This makes sense if you consider how employee learning and development have become critical to driving change, productivity, and business resilience. The recent pandemic launched digital transformation forward, further accelerating changes.

Every industry has been impacted in one way or another. Employee roles and jobs have shifted, and these changes have caused a significant need for training and development programs to help them successfully transition. Industry leaders are now focusing on building up their agility and resilience. Infopro Learning in Training Industry's 2021 Top Training Outsourcing Companies. Organizations across the globe have been maintaining a discourse on transformation and change for many years now. But the unprecedented events of 2020 propelled the entire corporate world into a fast-track to digital transformation – in all verticals, including learning and development. While there was always a set of excuses to avoid embracing transformation, the same do not apply any more. Organizational leaders cannot cite budgetary restrictions, lack of digital backbone or minimal technology infrastructure to avoid creating sustainable processes to support their employees – especially within the remote workplace model that most companies have adopted.

This is where Training outsourcing can provide the much-needed support. Easy Ways to Improve Your Corporate Training Programs. Organizations in every industry invest a significant amount of time and money into their corporate training programs, but not every organization gets the same results. Streamlining Employee Reskilling with a Managed Services Provider. U.S. Based Health Non-Profit Organization. The Company Our client is one of the most prominent non-profit medical associations in the US. Software Adoption Tips for A Successful Digital Transformation. Digital transformation significantly accelerated in 2020 as businesses adapted to meet customer needs after the outbreak of Covid19.

The All-in-One Microlearning Playbook. Because of rapid technological advancements and progressive economic reforms, BFSI organizations are facing an unprecedented struggle to increase revenue margins, enhance operational efficiencies and ensure excellent customer experience. This has compelled the BFSI sector to keep workforce suitably trained and equipped with the right skills to sustain this challenge of transformation. Opt for a Managed Services Partner Using an Outcomes-Based Approach. This year many organizations are working on developing their post Covid19 strategies. Driving Performance Excellence for Front-Line Workers.

Infopro Learning earns a spot among eLearning Industry's Top eLearning Gamification Companies. What is the Role of an Outsourced Learning Administrative Provider? The world of learning and development has significantly changed over the last year. Businesses have made drastic changes to meet the needs of both customers and employees. Training Outsourcing Tips for Modern Enterprise Organizations. Covid19 impacted the business world in numerous ways. Many employees now work from home, and business models have shifted. Post Covid19 Strategy Planning with a Managed Learning Provider. Covid19 and the Current State of the L&D Industry There is no denying that the recent pandemic disrupted businesses in every industry on multiple levels. 3 Signs You Need a Performance Consulting Professional. Improving Customer Experiences with Product Training. Machine Learning Enables Workforce Transformation. Custom eLearning Solutions for 2021: Mobile Enabled Learning.

5 Training Delivery Methods You Can Leverage to Engage Modern. Talent as a Service to Overcome Challenges of Hiring L&D Resources. Why You should Consider Training Outsourcing in 2021. Infopro Learning offers Talent as a Service to drive Corporate L&D Strategies. Productive SME engagement for eLearning development. Transforming Customer Education Programs for the New World of Work. Learning Administration: Boosting Operational Efficiency. Optimizing Your Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Potential. Creating Quality Leadership Development Training for New Leaders. What are the Business Benefits of Outsourcing Training? Performance-aligned solution implemented for an European Healthcare company. Challenges that Impact Organization-wide Leadership Development Culture.

3 Custom eLearning Learning Trends that Will Drive Future Success. Infopro Learning in spotlight as Strategic Leader on Fosway 9-Grid™ for Digital Learning 2021. Utilizing AI to Enhance the Onboarding Process for New Employees. Customer Training with Interactive Videos. Enhancing Employee Experiences with Transformational HR Practices. Selecting a Managed Learning Services Partner that Uses an Outcomes Based Approach. Modern Online Training Delivery That Boost Learner Engagement. Workforce Transformation Trends to Watch for in 2021. 10 Tested Tips to Help You Ace Customer Service Training. Benefits of Outsourcing Your Learning Administration Services. Performance Consulting: The L&D Solution You Didn't Know You Needed. Using an eLearning Design for Leadership Development.

Rethinking Training Outsourcing with Managed Learning Services. The Learning Guide for Healthcare and Life Sciences. Sriraj Mallick named Chief Executive Officer of Infopro Learning. L&D Vision 2021. 5 Ways AI Can Enhance Your Corporate Training Programs. A Video Based Approach to Customer Service Training. Removing Risk by Focusing on Outcomes – The outlook for 2021. Managed Learning services: Improving Operational Efficiency. Essentials of Customer Service Training Program. Managed Learning Outlook 2021. How HR Transformational Practices are Enhancing Employee Performance. Learning Challenges for the Insurance Business in the New Normal. Workplace Diversity Training Best Practices. Product Knowledge Training: Creating and Implementing a PKT Plan.

Streamlining Learning Administration Improves Business Innovation. Courageous Leadership: The New Mantra for Organizational Development. Planning a Software Adoption Training Program. Corporate Training Trends for 2021. Authoring Tools to Create Your Custom eLearning Solution. Human Capital Transformation Practices for the Modern Workplace. Managed Learning Services and the Future of Work. Developing Highly Effective Customer Service Training Programs. Key Corporate Training Insights: The 2021 Learning Landscape. Managed Learning Services for Unlocking Potential.

Meet Business Learning Requirements with Performance Consulting. What Change Does Diversity Training Bring to Business? Building a High-Performance Workplace with Leadership Training. Adaptive learning Strategies: Driving Human Capital Transformation. Employee Onboarding Tools to Streamline the Hiring Process. Training Remote Workforce: Can Managed Learning Services Help? Exploring a Global Leadership Approach.

Microlearning and Millennials. Virtual Training Delivery Success Tried and Tested Tips. Infopro Learning included in eLearning Industry's Top Content Providers for Custom eLearning 2020. Software Adoption Training with a 3-Tier Strategy. Applying Learning Technology to Strengthen Training Delivery. Accelerating the Learners' Lifecycle to Catalyze Growth with Managed Learning. How Corporate Training Accelerated Digital Transformation. Onboarding New Employees: Better Performance and Retention. Product Knowledge Training as a Key Learning Asset.

5 Steps to Create High Quality Custom eLearning Experience. Experiential Learning: Catering to varied custom eLearning needs. Infopro Learning Gains prominence on Training Industry's Top 20 LMS Companies Watchlist 2020 by Training Industry. What Makes Microlearning a Great Corporate Training Solution?

Introduction to Performance Consulting.