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Facebook Twitter Open Culture. Daily Writing Tips. Longreads: The best long-form stories on the web. EDC is Everyday Carry. My Hobonichi Planner. If you are not a total geek, you will not understand this post at all.

My Hobonichi Planner

I am a certified office supply and planner junkie, always have been. I belong to several Facebook groups about planners, bullet journaling, pens…it is a little crazy, I know. A couple of weeks ago I saw a post about this Japanese planner, the Hobonichi. I was dying to get my hands on one, and finally caved and ordered one. So yesterday my wait came to an end as my Hobonichi planner arrived from Japan! It took a little over a week to get here, South Carolina, which really surprised me! I was really upset when I got this thing out of the box. This planner measures 4 x 6. I got out all of my geeky office supplies and went to town! I added tabs at the top on the current monthly calendar, monthly task grid, week, and monthly blog calendar. Inside the front cover, I used Washi tape to secure my keys. The first part of the planner is the monthly calendars. The next section is the monthly calendars. Kary.

Sketchnoting. About Books - journals, blogs, conversation. Journaldonethree. How to Collage in Your Art Journals. ©2004 - 2006 by Aisling D'Art click any image to see it larger Collage is an easy way to add art to your diary or journal.

How to Collage in Your Art Journals

For years, I started each day with a quick collage, the same as I used to to "morning pages" as described in the book, The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity. For me, collages are a more visual version of "morning pages. " I usually allow a half an hour for each collage, but sometimes go back several times throughout the day to add things. Usually, I just work on the pages in a spiral-bound sketchbook, just as they are. Sometimes I'll gesso a few pages my journal, ahead of time. I'll leave a few pages for writing, then allow two or three pages that are left blank for collage.

In an average journal, I'll gesso five to ten pages that I plan to use for painted, ornate or heavy collages. Remember that gesso is entirely optional. I use any gesso that's cheap, from the fine art supplies section of Michael's or any art supply store. I love layers in my work. Digital Art Journaling – Resources/Tutorials/Links. Art Journaling is HOT right now.

Digital Art Journaling – Resources/Tutorials/Links

It’s a fun way for each individual to get Artsy while Journaling one’s life stories. Art as therapy is the premise and, evidently, judging by the sheer number of blogs and folks who are doing it, it must be working!. The art, itself, may be the therapy, using the raw emotion to influence their design in the art. But, more often, some journaling is added to the piece. It can be hidden, as in the piece below, if it is posted and the artists wishes the journaling to remain private. Some of us prefer digital art journaling. I am continuously updating this listing. And, finally, some links are to the website’s main page. BLOGS/WEBSITES - Featuring Digi-Art Journaling: SHOPPES With Art Journaling Categories: Here is a piece showing two side of one’s self, two opposite sides. . – Tutorial: Part Photo, Part Sketch (Without Journaling)Moxie Kit From Outside the Box Designs/Altered Amanda.

Art Journal Every Day. Q: How can I find all the previous Art Journal Every Day posts?

Art Journal Every Day

A: Find them all listed by category and linked here. Q: What is Art Journal Every Day? A: Art Journal Every Day is weekly feature on this blog. It appears every Friday. The Art Journal Every Day (AJED) posts are always art journal focused, though not necessarily focused on daily art journaling. Q: What does the title "Art Journal Every Day" mean? Bullet Journaling. 35 Perfect Examples of the Art of the Short Story. People can argue all day about the greatest novels, but there is never enough discussion about short story collections.

35 Perfect Examples of the Art of the Short Story

In honor of the first exceptional example of 2014 – Leaving the Sea by Ben Marcus — and the fact that The New Republicis publishing short fiction again, we were inspired to come up with this list of essential collections by masters of the form and up-and-comers alike. Some entries in this canon are anthologies of an author’s complete works, while others are individual books that are perfect on their own; either way, these 35 volumes are required reading. Airships, Barry Hannah If we were to build a Mount Rushmore of great southern writers, Barry Hannah’s face would be placed right alongside Faulkner and O’Connor. This 1978 collection, edited by Gordon Lish, is the perfect place to start if you want to experience Hannah’s sense of humor and storytelling at its finest.