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Peter Dahmen – Papierdesign. How to Make Pop Ups. How to Make Pop Up Cards and Books A series of lessons to help you learn the basic mechanisms of pop up card and pop up book construction.

How to Make Pop Ups

Lesson 1: The Box Lesson 2: Box Variation. Pepakura. What game is going on here?


First of all, "It´s a pleasure to welcome You here! " offers You paper models of artists from all corners of this world! Our Origami craft instructions are made entirely in 3D and thus, not only very good to craft, but also unique in the net! Paper Toys. Nice Paper Toys. Dewmuffins : a place of happiness. Soroche Creates 3D Paper Animal Masks For The Wall. Or Your Head.

“SOROCHE de los andes,” an Ecuadorian design studio based in Rotterdam, hand makes these unusual functional and decorative masks.

Soroche Creates 3D Paper Animal Masks For The Wall. Or Your Head.

Die cut with a small mechanical press, the Animal Masks (Maska) are three dimensional paper sculptures that can be decorated, mounted upon the wall or yes, worn. The beautiful masks arrive flat packed and are created by folding, gluing and assembling with ease. They can be placed on a wall as art or decoration, but are also wearable as masks for a costume or just for fun. They come in white, and can be painted or customized any way you like. All masks are packed in a beautiful kraft paper box, screen printed in a local workshop. Flickr paper toys. Recortables. Pay-Per-Toy. About Pay-Per-Toy Alice in Jazz Land.


DaiShi's PaperCraft And Game Mods. Uncle Ghastly! PaperCraft Museum. Cafetera. シガタケさんの同人誌おまけペーパーで描かれたモノでサイト上にサンプル画像として貼り付けられてるんだけど、とび森キャラの雰囲気残しつつ可愛らしいアレンジが良すぎ!


コレ作るしかないっしょ!! っと勢いで仕上げお久しぶりな投下となりました. Star Wars - Page 1 of 8. Yebomaycu. Papercraft Paradise. SuperUnitedKingdom. SHIN TANAKA. FrankenPaper. Fun Halloween paper craft!


Download a Monster! Print-out, cut-out, glue, use as a holiday display or for pretend play! Optical illusion cut-out and fold characters. This article is automatically post by WP-AutoPost.

Optical illusion cut-out and fold characters

Foldify. Mitsubishi Paper Cars. How about displaying a paper craft version of your own car, a favorite car, or even a past generation car on your desk?

Mitsubishi Paper Cars

You now can with this Mitsubishi Motors Original Paper Craft Collection designed by artist Akira Mizorogi, best known for Paper Works “Paper Car”. Paper crafts templates can be downloaded in PDF format. They are organized in three sections, Current Models, Special Versions and Heritage Cars and are limited to Japanese market. (source: Misubishi) A few examples of the templates offered include... Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII MR. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X. Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution. Paper Mac's "Make your own Mac" - Page 2 @ The Apple Collection. Papercraft World. Online ToyMaker. Cubeecraft. Chiba. StandUpArt. Fwis Readymech. Funk Food MechaBunny. Back again with the big hopping madness known as the Mecha6!! I am so proud to today present you with the next series of my MechaBunny template. this time around is as amazing as the first time; again all all-star line-up of paper-artists deluxe! This time there were Scott Schaller (second custom by him, he must really like the template..(: ), Greg Madden , VinsArt , Sal Azad , ABZ and OLLA BOKU !

And again i couldn’t tell you my favorite, each one is so unique in its own’em all! What is next? Can it be outdone? Little “how-to..” CLICK THRU for still-images and more of MechaBunny on TRE. e440 Squirrel. Origamic Architecture pop-up cards World Famous Buildings. Popupology. Do it yourself paper lampshades by mostlikelyShop. Zerolabor. 3EyedBear. A.G Paper Toys. Custom Paper Toys. 3EyedBear (Calendar) Last year was kind of hectic, so we decided to prepare ourselves better for 2011.

3EyedBear (Calendar)

With this friendly table-calendar we will know what kind of weekday our birthdays will be. And how many weeks we still have to wait for it. Next whole year we will be a little bit smarter and a tiny less lonely with a new paper girlfriend from around the world every month. Wow! Happy New Year to everybody! TAGS: None l.wong on Dec 1st, 2010 @ 4:57 pm: tx Deris on Dec 2nd, 2010 @ 10:59 pm: Very cool, thanks hh on Dec 6th, 2010 @ 3:47 pm: thx Kim on Dec 9th, 2010 @ 3:43 pm: This is really cool and I can’t wait to put it on my desk!