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Les meilleurs outils de dev elearning

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4 manières de lancer votre propre podcast. Étapes Avant de vous lancer dans l'enregistrement 1Choisissez le sujet de votre podcast.

4 manières de lancer votre propre podcast

Quel en sera le contenu ? Notez-le noir sur blanc afin de ne perdre aucune idée. Dégagez un agenda ou une chronologie logique des sujets que vous allez traiter pour garder un fil directeur et savoir exactement de quoi vous allez parler ou débattre au fur et à mesure des émissions. Créer votre podcast 1Préparez votre émission. Télécharger votre podcast 1Mettez le flux RSS de votre podcast en ligne. Gagner de l'argent avec votre podcast 1Vendez votre podcast. Conseils Si vous voulez que votre flux RSS fonctionne dans iTunes d'Apple, vous devez compléter certains champs. Devenez un dieu de la vidéo web en 6 étapes -

Vous avez déjà rêvé d’être une star du grand écran ?

Devenez un dieu de la vidéo web en 6 étapes -

Commencez déjà par être une star sur votre écran d’ordinateur ! Avec le vidéo blogging, vous serez à la fois metteur en scène, réalisateur, auteur et acteur ! Vous êtes tenté par la vidéo web ? Mais pas si simple. Premier frein : la pratique. Second blocage : l’image de soi. Cette semaine, je vous explique en 6 étapes, comment apprendre à créer de superbes vidéos sur le web et les partager sur vos réseaux sociaux. Flipbook Software - Create online flipbooks from PDF. : l'émergence des outils auteurs. Un outil auteur de seriousgame. eLearning Authoring Tools: Flash and Articulate Storyline Comparison. Adobe Flash and Articulate Storyline are two hot choices for eLearning authoring tools, and each provides a great list of features and benefits. So, how do you choose the right eLearning authoring tool for your eLearning project development?

We offer 9 considerations to help you “choose the best ride” for your eLearning course in this Flash and Articulate Storyline comparison. Also, we have included the Adobe Flash vs Articulate Storyline Infographic where we compare these great eLearning authoring tools in 27 features! Selecting the right eLearning authoring tool to develop your eLearning course is kind of like picking out a new vehicle.

You’re going to invest some resources: first, your time in the selection process, and then your money when it comes time to sign the check. These days many clients are asking us about developing in Adobe® Flash® vs. In the ideal world, you would choose Flash or Storyline based on the needs of your specific eLearning project. Concept to Launch: What Do I Need to Think About When Designing Learning? by Nick Floro : Conference Archive.

DevLearn 2013 Conference & Expo - October 24, 2013 Nick Floro CEO/Learning Architect Sealworks Interactive Studios We’ve heard the hype about HTML5 and how it replaces Flash, but what does that mean?

Concept to Launch: What Do I Need to Think About When Designing Learning? by Nick Floro : Conference Archive

This session gives you a look at what HTML5 is and how people use it today to deliver the next generation of learning and applications. You’ll discover what you can learn from the buzz and new tools appearing in the consumer and corporate environments and how you can take advantage of them to help your users learn. You will get technical guidelines and learn what you need to consider in designing content. In this session, you will learn: Enregistrement de simulations d’application. Learning and Performance Ecosystems: Strategy, Technology, Impact, and Challenges. November 4, 2014 by Marc J.

Learning and Performance Ecosystems: Strategy, Technology, Impact, and Challenges

Rosenberg & Steve Foreman The increasing complexity of the world in which we live and work requires us to be more sophisticated in how we learn. We must be better prepared to learn on demand, with minimum disruption to our workflow and productivity. With this goal in mind, it is increasingly critical that the resources we put in place to help us learn—and ultimately perform—be as direct, effective, and instantly available as possible. To accomplish this, we must move away from individual, siloed, “one-off” solutions to an ecosystem comprised of multi-faceted learning and performance options that enhance the environments in which we work and learn. This complimentary white paper, by Marc J. Best Practices in Instructional Design of Serious Games - Interactive Infographic.

Learning Management System. Trello. Un gros bouton bleu pour communiquer et enseigner en ligne. Kryon Systems. The Premium Video Maker from GoAnimate - Create Polished Videos & Animations. Reflector - AirPlay mirror your iPhone or iPad to any Mac or PC.

Excelent. Miniipad & my computer – morreducation

IpadAppsBloom. Selon la taxonomie de Bloom Voir la «Stratégie des 3-O» pour exploiter les «TIC mobiles» en tenant compte de l'intention pédagogique (le bon outil pour la tâche).


Dans le lieu CervO, les processus de Bloom sont utilisés pour aller plus loin avec les outils que la simple consommation d'informations (mémorisation et compréhension). Ce tableau propose des actions (au lieu d'applications) possibles à réaliser avec une tablette. Your online audience doesn’t want to see a boring, lifeless PDF. 0inShare0inShare Capturing the interest of your end readers does not have to be a complicated task – all you need to do is take some key points into account to give life to your PDF.

Your online audience doesn’t want to see a boring, lifeless PDF

Invest time to consider the following points before importing your PDF in the magazine software. - The platforms you intend to use: Take into consideration the spaces available in different devices and check if your content is suitable for smaller devices such as phones and tablets - Be unique, create engaging content: Interactive features work best when the content of your publication has the necessary elements to satisfy the needs of the end readers. Check out our free guide ‘10 BEST PRACTICES FOR CREATING ONLINE MAGAZINES’ for tips on content creation – suitable for different platforms.

The Ultimate list of Open Source Learning Management Systems. Christopher Pappas Christopher Pappas is founder of The eLearning Industry's Network.

The Ultimate list of Open Source Learning Management Systems

Rédaction web : 44 conseils pour bien écrire pour le Web. 1.

Rédaction web : 44 conseils pour bien écrire pour le Web

Les titres 1. Prévoir impérativement un titre pour chaque page. Le titre sera : 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. TOTORIAL PHOTO PEACH. Create a Slideshow that Rocks Your Students’ Online World. 24 Flares Twitter 19 Facebook 0 Google+ 0 LinkedIn 5 inShare5 24 Flares × Some classes are about conveying information.

Create a Slideshow that Rocks Your Students’ Online World

Other classes are about rocking your students’ world. These are some tools to rock Until recently, when a professor wanted to engage his audience, he reviewed and refined his lectures till they were funny, dramatic, and factually correct. A writer, like Rachel Carson or Martin Luther King would draft and redraft their text until they found the words to galvanize the individual and thereby galvanize society. Now we don’t only have spoken and written words to engage our students. With Animoto and Photopeach, you can quickly and easily make educational slideshows that give your students more ways to access information. These videos give me goose bumps every time I watch them. Animoto - Make & Share Beautiful Videos Online. WiZiQ. S?rie de vid?os pour une autoformation sur Google Documents.

Top 100 Tools for Learning.