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Pro Video Coalition: AE Portal by Rich Young by Rich Young Rich Young is a long-time After Effects user from the San Francisco Bay Area. His After Effects and Premiere Pro round-ups provide viewers with an easy-to-digest summary of developments. He also supplies info and links for tutorials that allow users to do things in After Effects they never thought were possible.... Pro Video Coalition: AE Portal by Rich Young
Adobe After Effects is an animation program that is made for special effects for movies or videos to create visual effects and motion graphics using 2D and 3D technology. These After Effects templates reduce the burden making videos while simultaneously making your work more efficient and user friendly. Multimedia objects such as still images, audio or video clips are the non-linear editing systems that are suitable for editing, key framing and for numerous after effects work. 20 Very useful After Effects Tutorials 20 Very useful After Effects Tutorials
42 Useful After Effects Tutorials
Build Me Some Hope: Switch Out Existing Voice Over With Auto Lip Sync
Positioning for Brands, Products, Services, Companies | AdCracker Positioning for Brands, Products, Services, Companies | AdCracker How to position: brand, company, product or service You intuitively understand the concept of positioning. That's because you do it all the time - your mind packages information, then labels it, to simplify a complex world.
Creative Branding | AdCracker This chapter is about branding for creative people - for writers, art directors, marketers and small business owners who bring brands to life in print, TV, or Websites. This is branding from the creative point of view, with step-by-step ways to create brands that can compete with the likes of Apple, Nike, or Burger King. Here you'll find simple yet sophisticated ways to create "big brand ideas" that win hearts, change minds, and earn money for your clients. Creative Branding | AdCracker
Advertising Techniques 2013 + Creative Examples | AdCracker Creative advertising techniques are communication tools - the tools you use to attract attention, engage minds, trigger emotion, and change what people think. All of which can lead to calls, clicks and customers. You'll make more effective ads, faster, if you know which techniques work, and which work best for your product or service. Like these: Advertising Techniques 2013 + Creative Examples | AdCracker
How to Build Brands and Drive Sales with Powerful Advertising ideas
Photoshop includes some powerful tools to help you manipulate photos. In this tutorial, we will show you how to create a caricature portrait from a photo using many of Photoshop’s advanced editing tools. In the process, you will learn how to use Adobe Camera RAW to make some global adjustments, how to use Photoshop’s transformation and Liquify tools to alter the appearance of the portrait, how to retouch the image, and much more to give your portrait a cartoon or comic look. Let’s get started! Use Retouching Techniques to Create a Caricature From a Photo Use Retouching Techniques to Create a Caricature From a Photo
Welcome to MattePainting.Org
25 brilliant adobe photoshop matte painting tutorials 25 brilliant adobe photoshop matte painting tutorials A matte painting is a painted representation of a landscape, set, or distant location that allows filmmakers to create the illusion of an environment that would otherwise be too expensive or impossible to build or visit. Historically, matte painters and film technicians have used various techniques to combine a matte-painted image with live-action footage. At its best, depending on the skill levels of the artists and technicians, the effect is “seamless” and creates environments that would otherwise be impossible to film (wiki) From years, digital matte painting is more then a movie feature.
27 Matte Painting Tutorials for Adobe Photoshop
In this lecture, Vitaly Bulgarov shows his process of creating a fully rendered 3D design for production-oriented pipelines. Using the example of an alien bust, Vitaly goes through the main steps of creating a sci-fi character design from scratch. He begins by making a quick bust sketch in ZBrush®. He then creates a detailed suit design in XSI® using the block-out as a guideline for the proportions of the alien bust. By doing this, Vitaly shows the techniques and tools he uses to create complicated surfaces like multi-layered metal plates, rubber pads, tubes, and attachments. Solving design on the fly, without making any preliminary sketches, he builds a fully detailed mesh for the helmet and suit, explaining why certain design decisions are made. TRAINING DVDs — Vitaly Bulgarov TRAINING DVDs — Vitaly Bulgarov
How to make teardrops run down an image : Adobe After Effects How to make teardrops run down an image : Adobe After Effects OK, this is a little round-about, but it looks OK on the photo I'm using. We're going to make a stroke for the path of the tear and animate it, use Fractal Noise to give a nice pattern via Vector Blur to the stroke, then use these to make a Luma Matte and CC Glass for the reflections. There's some precomping along the way. First we make a path of the Trail of the Tear: New Black Solid named "Stroke"(above face photo for reference) Make path with Pen Tool (adjust to fit the Trail of Tears) Stroke White Size- 3 to 5 or so Paint Style- On Transparent On the Same Solid Layer,
After Effects Tutorials | Computer Graphics & Digital Art Community for Artist: Job, Tutorial, Art, Concept Art, Portfolio Camera Mapping in CINEMA 4D & Composite in After Effects 3.91K Views0 Likes Learn how to set up a camera projected scene in Cinema 4D using a photograph. then how to use the External Compositing tag and AEC export for transferring 3D information from CINEMA 4D to After Effects, and then compo... After Effects Tutorials | Computer Graphics & Digital Art Community for Artist: Job, Tutorial, Art, Concept Art, Portfolio
VIDEO COPILOT | Professional After Effects Tutorials, Plug-ins & Pre-Keyed Stock Footage • View topic - Tear Drop
‪e.d.Films Tutorial: Rotating a Simple Character Head in After Effects Using FreeForm‬‏ This video is currently unavailable. Sorry, this video is not available on this device. Video player is too small. Normal quality speed
Toon Boom Animation - Animation Tutorials Using Toon Boom Animate
Mylenium's Stuff Welcome! Posted by Mylenium on October 7, 2012 in 3D Rendering, AE Version: CS4, AE Version: CS5, Backgrounds, Countdowns, Data & Info Graphics, Design Elements, Full Projects, Grids, Lighting Effects, Looks and Styles, Particles, Space, Text, Tools, Transitions Welcome to my resources for After Effects, Cinema 4D and whatever I come up with and what you think might be useful. Please note that all the stuff provided here is meant for learning and experimentation.
40 Hottest Photoshop Typography Tutorials for Fashioning Plain Text

15 Photoshop Tutorials for Dance Photo Manipulation
The aim post was not to create an article as such bu t to create a resource, which can be used as a reference point for designers to expand their knowledge on how they can use Photoshop in order to create spectacular text effects. The article features 70 high quality Photoshop tutorials, which if the steps are follow it can to turn a Photoshop and give you an understanding on the features of Photoshop. A lot of time has been put into this roundup in order to find and collect the best Photoshop design tutorials. I hope you enjoy this article and as always your more than welcome to share thoughts and any addition comments about the article it would be welcomed and highly appreciated. Faking aged, printed media has been massive since the ‘grunge’ style first became mainstream years ago.

70 Photoshop Tutorials For Creating Perfect Typography - Creative Nerds

An Awesome Collection Of 80 Photoshop Typography Tutorials
40 Hottest Photoshop Typography Tutorials for Fashioning Plain Text
Tron en Photoshop Tutorial
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Creating Organic look using Particle grids in Trapcode Particular