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Drawing Tips

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EfI ls0UMAUxcYZ. Ipad app : Magic Poser. Ghibli Tears. Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. Loish FAQ. 1.1 General information 1.1.1 How/where did I learn to draw The short answer is that I am a self-taught artist.

Loish FAQ

I’ve been drawing my entire life, literally since before I can remember. It was always something I enjoyed doing and invested a lot of time into, which helped me to develop my skills gradually. I took a few art classes in elementary school which taught me a lot about drawing from reference, but after that my art education was limited to school electives and lots of practice in my free time. 1.1.2 Inspiration People often ask me where I find my inspiration. 1.1.3 Artistic Influences When I was 15, I was inspired by japanese drawing styles (animé and manga), as well as various french comic artists (particularly the work of Aurore BlackCat) and Art Nouveau (particularly Alfonse Mucha). 1.1.4 Developing my own style Developing my own style wasn’t really a conscious decision I made, nor do I have any specific methods for it. 1.1.5 Old artwork and layouts 1.2 Approach 1.3 Tools 1.4.2 Lines.

EK9ZLXNUEAAIWyA. Portfolio advices. Don't tell people what you're working on [thread] Eyes & hair tips. Tips on hair. Braids. Tip character sheet backview. Links for refs period clothing. Freelance artist tips. Twitter crops size. Art size. Cartoonist ProTips: Figure Drawing! Drawing with photo references. How to THINK when you draw TATTOOS. It's #SkillUpSunday!

How to THINK when you draw TATTOOS

How to THINK when you draw SMOKE EFFECTS. This week's tutorial request came via email from Ragna Pallavi, who asked for some tips on how to draw SMOKE EFFECTS.

How to THINK when you draw SMOKE EFFECTS

If you want MORE, click these links for tutorials covering how to draw... PLANES HORSE HEADS ROCK FORMATIONS ANGRY EXPRESSIONSVEHICLES WATERFABRIC And if YOU have a REQUEST for a tutorial subject, just let us know over on INSTAGRAM HERE or on TWITTER HERE. More tutorials coming EVERY WEEK! Notes on Horses. Color Tutorial Part 1: Value Part 2 : Hue and... - SarahCulture. Tips on black skin. Tips on starting a comic. Comics lettering. How to THINK when you draw CONVERSATIONS. It's #SkillUpSunday!

How to THINK when you draw CONVERSATIONS

How to Get Your Creative Itch Back. Even the most creative of us sometimes fall into a rut.

How to Get Your Creative Itch Back

Sadly, once you get stuck, it can be hard to get started again, especially when there's a gulf between your artistic vision and what you are actually able to produce. When you produce something dissatisfying, you may believe you've lost your ability, causing you to fall into an even deeper rut. We visualize creating art as we did when we were at the top of our game and forget all the practice that went into getting there. Fortunately, there are some tried-and-true exercises you can do to get your creative juices flowing again.

Here’s How To Start Making Art Again. Stopped Drawing?

Here’s How To Start Making Art Again

Here’s How to Start Making Art Again Are you wondering how to start making art again or trying to figure out where your creative side has gone? Perhaps you feel guilty about those boxes of pencils and art materials sitting gathering dust in a drawer? Don’t let your talent become a distant memory – we’ve got some handy hints that’ll show you how to start making art again and have you dusting off your drawing skills and enjoying your artistic talent in no time! So where did your creativity go to anyway? Apprendre à dessiner la méthode shônen. Tips for Learning to Use Your Graphics Tablet. Step by step female face by Loish.


CSP tip : Magical fill selection. CSP tips : add ambiant light to 3D models. CSP tip: eye dropper tool. CSP tip : anti-overflow. Metadata. Live backflip on drawing. 3 Unfortunately-Secret Programs for Illustrators. PS : chromatic effect. How to view artwork in real print size. Heroic heights and weights (Body Types) Advertisement Heights and weights in sourcebooks seem to all stem from the grand-daddy of super-heroes handbooks, the Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe (OHOTMU), back in 1982.

Heroic heights and weights (Body Types)

Even when they’re from other publishers. They form a mostly coherent system, and our estimates are usually coherent within this system. However, these values are not necessarily realistic. Many of these numbers are jarring to expert eyes such as fitness trainers, dancers, body-building enthusiasts, etc.. Reviews “handbook values”. The power of metric Since a slim majority of our readers live in North America and the UK, we continue to provide measurement in Imperial. Heroic body types The majority of heroic and villainous characters — and a good part of the supporting cast — have *one* specific body type. Men will normally have unusually broad shoulders and very strong muscle definition. Women usually have a lower level of muscle definition.

These physiques are clearly not realistic. Symbolism Evolution. Fat bodies tutorial. Drawing east-asian faces. Animated arm's muscles study. Hands pose references. Stylizing feet. Tips on abs. Tips on male anatomy. Anatomy reference folder. Muscles du dos. Portraits & facial features. How to do “extra” facial expressions! Refs facial expressions. Multiplane camera. Thumbnailing. Perspective 2&3 points. Tips on drawing backgrounds. How to THINK when you draw Composition Using Triangles!!

How to THINK when you draw SHADOW COMPOSITION. How to THINK when you draw Stranski COMPOSITION. Here's the next of my special STRANSKI tutorials, this one looking at how to draw and plan COMPOSITION, useful for designing book and comic covers, splash pages, movie posters etc.

How to THINK when you draw Stranski COMPOSITION

How to THINK when you draw SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE. Drawing advices. Croquis Cafe sur Vimeo.