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Tutos dessins etc.

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Anti-Token List (@AntiTokenlist) / Twitter. NFT TWITTER ACCOUNT BLOCK LIST. ⭐️ How to properly watermark in CSP ⭐️ There's been alot of art being stolen and then turned into NFT codes. Here's how to PROPERLY watermark your art! RT TO SAVE ART! Daily study. Pose - Easy Character Guidelines by Gal Shir. Character illustration isn't always easy, it requires a deep knowledge of anatomy.

Pose - Easy Character Guidelines by Gal Shir

However, in the modern art styles, it doesn't have to be that complicated. Even simple 2D characters can be unique and soulful. That's why I created Pose. If you ever wanted to draw characters but had a hard time with it, this app is for you. No more struggle with proportions, body postures, or hand gestures. How do I access the app? Pose is a web-app that works in your browser, no need to download anything! Is the price a one-time payment? Yes. How many devices can I use per license? Your license is personal and it allows you to use Pose across up to 3 different devices. Does Pose have male or female characters? Pose guidelines don't have a gender! How to change the hand gestures? Just tap on the hand once and the gestures menu will pop out. What about future updates and versions? I find this method even easier for me! I really recommend Mike Mattesi's force book. Do you guys know what is the software streamers use sometimes to draw on screen to explain something ??

This is how I make custom hand lettered fonts! Ce soir on prépare enfin la peinture pour la rembarde ! C'est une peinture faite maison avec juste de de la farine, de l'eau, de l'huile de lin, un poil de sulfate de fer et des pigments !! NUSH. Bastart13: A guide on my process for colouring... - MakiDrawzzz. Je l'explique depuis 30.000 ans : toute vente de création originale dédiée à être exploitée doit systématiquement être accompagnée d'une cession de droit adaptée, dans l'intérêt du créatif *comme de ses clients*. TOUS les créatifs freelances sont concerné.

Nope. — So I saw your drawing of your apprentice kissing... Nope. — So I saw your drawing of your apprentice kissing... Hand-drawn water animation exported as a vector sequence and then converted into a 3D mesh in Maya. I love this so much, it looks amazing! Drawing and shading metal jewelry by Koomaqu - CLIP STUDIO TIPS. Chances are, you've stumbled upon metal shading tutorials before that tackled the problem in a way that didn't suit your needs.

Drawing and shading metal jewelry by Koomaqu - CLIP STUDIO TIPS

Most of them tend to take a rather realistic/semi-realistic approach that doesn't help much when drawing in a simplified style like manga. I want to provide an easy solution for that by sharing a simple way in which I normally paint metal elements. ※ I will use rings as an example, but you can apply these techniques to whatever you need, as the provided tips for shading metal are universal Learning the basics Core properties of metallic surfaces include: ① high contrast ② reflectivity ________________________________ ① Metal objects will have extreme shadows and bright areas compared the objects with non-reflective surfaces.

A) soft light - shadows become the main focus B) strong light - the shine becomes the main focus C) away from the light - reflections become the main focus ________________________________ ② Metal will reflect colours of the objects close to it. TIPS time! "Drawing and shading metal jewelry" by "TIPS of the month" SILVER prize winner Koomaqu! In our monthly Tips contest, we're awarding up to US$10,000 in prize money! Kasiaslupecka: Some notes on drawing head.  I... - MakiDrawzzz. □ Twitter qui fait de la couture, ASSEMBLE □ J’ai acheté du jersey imprimé (150 x 100cm), mais les motifs sont dans la longueur et pas la largeur. Je voudrais ajouter un empiècement en jersey noir le long des jambes (comme ceci). Des patrons/tutos gratuit. Umami, the "Fifth Emotion" — Good stuff. This. This is good fiction writing...

Gold tutorial and study ✨ #イラスト #art #illustration #conceptart #arttutorial #artistsontwitter… THREAD: Since I’ve seen people interested, here’s a quick tutorial on one way to make a crowd brush/tool on Clip Studio Paint (which is one toggle switch away from making the Junji Ito nightmare brush in that cursed tweet I made)! I've seen a lot of discussion around rendering darker skin tones, so I wanted to share some great tutorials and resources from incredible artists who really know their stuff. Here's a great one that highlights just how reflective darker skin can be.

I love one (1) disaster man.