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Simon Chaput Photographs. Art and the art world. Tate Magazine Issue 6: Paul Nash. Sculpture. Artists. History of The Ballet Class. CHRISTINE ATKINSON started her dance career at a local dance school in Cardiff, U.K. at the age of 2 1⁄2.

History of The Ballet Class

At the age of 10 she joined The Welsh National Ballet School, then run by the late Joyce Marriot (Espinosa School). At the age of 16 Christine became a full time student of The Rambert School of Ballet, Mercury Theatre, London under the guidance of Dame Marie Rambert. On completing her training Christine went on to teach for The Welsh Arts Council and Ogwr Borough Council, was voted onto The Executive Committee of The Dance Council for Wales and The Royal Academy of Dancing’s South Wales Committee, U.K. Online Review London - critique of dance, theatre, art, culture in london.

Rudolf Nureyev Foundation official website.

Oooops meant to say thank you for the pearl and all the others you sent. Cheers :0) – goldy
Ballet was my first love, I was with the 'Welsh National Ballet' as it was called then,very small company, which I think folded at a later date. They had a studio in Charles Street Cardiff..but all my efforts to get any data about it have failed. Even the New Theatre Cardiff where we had many preformances doesnt seem to hold a record in its archives.....One of our examiners when sitting British Ballet exams was Miss Espinoser...... a grandchild I believe of the great Espinoser who founded the British Ballet organisation.Once a month we had a Lesson from Miss Nordea from Saddlers Wells, I remember watching her perform in place of Alicia Markova. she Used to beat time with a huge stick and use it to get our legs aligned as she liked them. ;0) – goldy


Welcome the Imperial War Museum's Collections Home Page : War Artists' Archive. You can explore a catalogue of over 600,000 items in our collections here - pretty much everything in our databases in fact.

Welcome the Imperial War Museum's Collections Home Page : War Artists' Archive

There are items from aircraft down to shoes, photographs and art, weapons and toys, films, interviews and music, posters and letters, books from the library and records in the museum's own archives. Almost 90,000 of them have digitised images, sound or video that you can see and hear right here. How to search Use the search box above to get started and then narrow down your results by using the filters that will appear on the left, which change according to the results of your search. BEAUTY AND TERROR: ESSAYS ON THE POWER OF PAINTING. Polish Art. A l t e r n a t i v e a r t s. Saimir Strati. Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History. During the twentieth century, outside commentators defined poro (or lô) as a universal age-grade initiation association common to all Senufo communities in West Africa.

Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History

They also attributed much of the region's artistic production to the institution. Based primarily on observations made in areas of northern Côte d'Ivoire, scholars, colonial administrators, and missionaries emphasized that Senufo boys from different lineages passed through a series of initiation stages before...

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