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Alva bernadine. Les photos d'art de Daniel Metz, photographe - YellowKorner. Violette EL. Silent World by Michael Kenna. Silent World by Michael Kenna.

Silent World by Michael Kenna

Roger Ballen

Laurent Baillet. Photography / illustration / graphicdesign. Instagram photos and videos. Violette EL.'s Photostream. Stephane Roy. Andrew F. Nadya Lev. Helmut Newton. Nicolas damiens envisions tokyo without ads. Feb 09, 2015 nicolas damiens envisions tokyo without ads nicolas damiens envisions tokyo without adsall images courtesy of nicolas damiens imagine a world without advertisements…difficult, isn’t it?

nicolas damiens envisions tokyo without ads

Our surroundings are bombarded with names in neon lights, billboards, banners, and boards. french graphic designer nicolas damiens envisions what the bustling streets of japan’s capital would look like without the logos, slogans and company names in his series ‘tokyo no ads’. tokyo is a city that is saturated with signage, from illuminating street streamers advertising restaurants and bars, to billboards that promote TV shows and movies. the surplus of characters and clutter is truly evident when removed from the context of the urban setting. damiens’ animated gifs showing before-and-after images where ads have been eliminated are a startling reminder of how prevalent they really are. the graphic designer envisions japan’s capital without the logos, slogans and company names.

Blind Photography. Découverte de Evgen Bavcar, un photographe particulier car aveugle depuis un accident dans son enfance.

Blind Photography

Nécessitant l’aide de médiateurs pour réaliser ses clichés et utilisant un autofocus, il parvient à s’exprimer en images malgré sa cécité. Wintry_06. Gabriele galimberti. If Riverboom’s photographer Gabriele Galimberti had happened to shoot me, aged 6 and surrounded by my favorite toys, he would have seen the following: plastic medieval weaponry; assorted Lego (Space, Castle and Pirate); an inflatable Tyrannosaurus rex (punctured slowly into extinction); a Superman action figure (I lost it and hyperventilated with grief); a pair of cuddly rabbits (Sally and Billy); toy cars; a tiny guitar; a plane you launched with an elastic catapult; a replica pistol I thought my mum didn’t know about.

gabriele galimberti

Everyone remembers their childhood toys. The fact that I can recall how most of mine tasted better than I can remember the names of my primary school teachers says everything you need to know about the universe kids inhabit. But how they play can reveal a lot. “The richest children were more possessive. Yet even children worlds apart share similarities when it comes to the function their toys serve.

Ben Machell – The Times Magazine. Flawed Symmetry of Prediction. World of Tales – Les photos surréalistes de Sparrek. World of Tales – Les photos surréalistes de Sparrek Les photographies surréalistes de l’artiste Kylli Sparre, a.k.a Sparrek, qui intègre l’esthétique et les mouvements issus de la danse classique, qu’elle a pratiqué pendant de longues années, dans des compositions à la fois étranges et poétiques…

World of Tales – Les photos surréalistes de Sparrek

Exploration Urbaine par David de Rueda. Une photographe imagine ce qu’aurait pu être sa vie avec des partenaires différents… Avec ses séries “Self-Portraits with Men” et “Self-Portraits with Women“, la photographe tchèque Dita Pepe imagine ce qu’aurait pu être sa vie avec des partenaires et des familles différents… Une reflexion sur les choix qui s’offrent à nous et les vies possibles qui en découlent !

Une photographe imagine ce qu’aurait pu être sa vie avec des partenaires différents…

Images © Dita Pepe / via. Spencer Tunick Catalogue. Mike Shaw. "Diane Arbus" Ilya Rashap. All photos are copyright the photographer, and may not be used without written permission.

Ilya Rashap

Adrian M , March 07, 2008; 01:01 A.M. Hi Ilya Welcome to Great pictures - you make my day. Thank you for sharing and I hope to see more of your work. Andrei Artemyeff , March 07, 2008; 10:50 A.M. Great work! Really beautiful work here, thank you for posting Ilya Rashap , March 07, 2008; 06:10 P.M. Thank you Iker Iglesias , March 09, 2008; 12:55 P.M. Wellcome to P.N. Best wishes, and sincere congratulations... Iker Fredrik Steffen , March 12, 2008; 06:28 P.M. Ilya Rashap. Philipp Klinger Portfolio - architecture.

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Philipp Klinger Portfolio - architecture

Cinemagraphs. La chute.