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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. Video for Photographers—Getting Started. We’re exited to partner with Adobe to help you learn more about video.

Video for Photographers—Getting Started

We’re building this learning center so you can get quick access to the information you need. Working with video is fun and a business opportunity. We want to get you up and running for both the shooting and editing. Get Adobe Tools for Working with Photos and Video Recent Articles About Video and Adobe Workflow Other Tutorials to Check Out Share this: Like this: Like Loading... Join the conversation! Let us know your thoughts... Follow Get every new post delivered to your Inbox.

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Carlos Lascano. Venezuela. Surroundings of Angel Falls. In May of 2011 Dima Moiseenko left for Venezuela to shoot the highest waterfall in the world — the Angel Falls.

Venezuela. Surroundings of Angel Falls

The shooting took two days and was very complicated both in its technical aspect and because of the weather. Dima shot the Angel Falls itself, a few neighboring waterfalls in tepuys and spheres over the gold mines on his way back. Now we represent the first part of the shooting — a virtual tour in Venezuela over the Angel Falls' surroundings, the Churun-meru (Dragon) and Cortina Falls as well as over the gold mines. And now the author tells: Several years long we have been shooting the aerial panoramas of the world's most famous and extraordinary waterfalls: the Iguazú in Brazil and Argentina, the Victoria in Zambia and Zimbabwe, the Black waterfall in Iceland...

The total height of the waterfall is 979 meters and the altitude of the endless water fall is 807 meters. It's worth to mention that Venezuela is a unique country. We take off the helicopter doors there. About Cinemagraphs. The History of Cinemagraphs A Cinemagraph is an image that contains within itself a living moment that allows a glimpse of time to be experienced and preserved endlessly.

About Cinemagraphs

Visual Graphics Artist Kevin Burg began experimenting with the .gif format in this style in 2009 but it wasn't until he partnered with photographer Jamie Beck to cover NYFW that Cinemagraphs were born. Marrying original content photography with the desire to communicate more to the viewer birthed the cinemagraph process. Starting in-camera, the artists take a traditional photograph and combine a living moment into the image through the isolated animation of multiple frames. To quote supermodel Coco Rocha "it's more than a photo but not quite a video".

Beck and Burg named the process "Cinemagraphs" for their cinematic quality while maintaining at its soul the principles of traditional photography. Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg reside in New York City. IWDRM. How to Make Cinemagraphs — Still Photos that Move Like Movies! Yup, that picture moves.

How to Make Cinemagraphs — Still Photos that Move Like Movies!

Nope, you’re not going crazy! ‘Cause who said photos can only feature “still” life? Inspired by the moving pictures created by photographer and motion designer duo Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg, we set out to make the magic happen. Make your pictures move like ours did with a some Photoshop magic! Make DIY Moving Photos! What Makes ‘Em Move? Photos can show movement when made into GIFs. GIFs stand for Graphics Interchange Format, and it’s a bitmap image format that supports animation. This magical movement hit the world wide web in the late eighties, so it’s nothing new. Then came along Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg.

So celebrate the smooth comeback of GIFs by making your own photos join the movement! List of Ingredients: A camera that can shoot videoA tripodIdeas for scenes to make into a cinemagraph! STEP 1: Scheming your Scene First, plan out a scene you would like to record. For your first round of cinemagraphs, try to keep it simple. Some helpful hints & tips: Huzzah! Cinemagraph. The Define School. Our Community DEFINE offers photographers the opportunity to refine their skills while living in any area of the world with any type of daily schedule!

The Define School

Due to this our community is truly a melting pot of artists representing every continent (yes, even Antarctica!). Click here to learn more. Get Involved How It Works Interactive classes verses self-paced classes… what does it all mean? Find out more Blog Never stop learning. Paper Cranes Cinema. Paper Cranes Productions 1300 99 66 10.