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Tips, Tips, and More Tips. 1M+1.If you have ever had to give eye drops to a small child, you know how hard it can be.

Tips, Tips, and More Tips

Ask you child to lay down and close his/her eyes. Place a small drop on the inside corner of the eye. The drop will slip onto the eye ball as soon as the child opens their eyes. 2. On the squeaky area and sweep it into the cracks. 3. 4. On top of the ice and then fill the rest of the pot with water. 5. 6. Per family member. 7. Through them. 8. . 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.

In a pot and let it boil. 15. That you bought then decided you did not like it? 16. . 17. With two holes, hang them evenly and easily by placing a single strip of masking tape over the back covering the two holes. 18. That you place under your flower pots to collect all the water that drains from the drains holes? 19. To match your bathroom style, then try looking in the regular curtain section.

3 Vinegar Uses for the Hair. Aside from being a kitchen essential and a worker of small miracles in the bathroom, vinegar is also a dynamo in the beauty department.

3 Vinegar Uses for the Hair

Applied externally, vinegar has long been used to make hair silky and lustrous. And contrary to intuition, it doesn’t leave a lingering waft of vinegar with each shimmy of your shiny mane. You can use white distilled vinegar, but unfiltered raw apple cider vinegar contains the “mother” of vinegar. The mother occurs naturally as strand-like enzymes of connected protein molecules and is a rich source of probiotics.

Vinegars containing the mother contain enzymes and minerals that other vinegars probably do not contain due to overprocessing, filtration and overheating. Restore Shine Vinegar works to restore luster by removing build up from other hair products. Hairbrush Cleaning Remove old hair from brush. Related:9 Surprising Uses for Beer22 Uses for Lemon Peels. Health Benefits of Castor Oil: Learn How the Oil Improves Your Fitness and Well-being. 80 Uses for Coconut Oil. By Jennifer Hybrid Rasta Mama So what’s the deal with coconut oil?

80 Uses for Coconut Oil

Offering a myriad of health benefits, coconut oil is affordable, readily available and completely natural. I have completely fallen in love with coconut oil and use it for EVERYTHING. Literally. I buy it in 5 gallon increments and keep it all over my house. General information about Coconut Oil Coconut Oil Is: · Anti-inflammatory · Antimicrobial · Antifungal · Antiviral · Improves nutrient absorption Daily Dosage: Here is a chart outlining the recommended daily dosage of virgin coconut oil for persons over the age of 12. (Editor’s note: the amounts below are for “general” health and maintenance. Type to use: · Expeller pressed coconut oil can be used for anything. 80 Uses for Coconut Oil Personal Hygiene/Body 1. General Health and Wellness 23. Health Problems (that coconut oil is known for aiding, relieving, or even curing when taken internally) 30. 60. Cooking 68. Other Uses 72. Did I miss any?

Blessings, Jennifer See Also: Women's Lifestyle.