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The Rise of the Fashion Blog

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Fashion bloggers rival traditional magazines. How Personal Style Bloggers Are Raking in Millions - Fashionista. It's no secret that personal blogs--once thought to be the purview of online diarists and hobbyists--are serious businesses now.

How Personal Style Bloggers Are Raking in Millions - Fashionista

Bloggers not only command huge readerships--they've also become celebrities in their own right, publishing books, starring in ads, collaborating on collections, and even hosting TV shows. Thanks to affiliate link programs, they're also making bank on all the products and brands they recommend on their site. The Internet might have scoffed at Scott Schuman when he recently said he makes "seven figures" off his blog--but actually, that's not that hard to believe.

So just how much money are bloggers making right now? We did a little digging to find out, and the short answer is: A sh*t ton. The main reason bloggers'--particularly personal style bloggers'--incomes have sky-rocketed is the development and growth of affiliate link programs. Unsurprisingly, for personal style bloggers who recommend up to 30 products a day, affiliate links can bring in serious money. Top fashion bloggers now earn six-figure salaries.

Fashion blogging is getting more and more lucrative; for big name bloggers, at least.

Top fashion bloggers now earn six-figure salaries

Today's WWD reports that style bloggers like Bryanboy and Aimee Song now earn six-figure salaries. That's a yearly salary of a hundred thousand dollars – and in some cases, even more. Popular bloggers can demand $50,000 for an appearance at a high-profile brand event like a store opening. One top blogger charged $5,000 for posting a single Instagram photo of the brand's product. Other ways that bloggers are making bank include affiliate sales (i.e. when readers click on a product on a blog to purchase it from the brand) and collaborations with fashion labels.

Another way of thinking about how much bloggers make? But being paid big money by brands doesn't necessarily lead to any kind of loyalty. According to the WWD article, it's best to think of them as "brand stars whose voices are subjective to what they do or don’t like at the moment – often times dependent on which companies will pay them the most.

Who Needs Vogue? The Rise of the Fashion Blogger. Something that has become increasingly apparent over the past couple of years is that you no longer need to be the daughter of Donatella, or the muse of Tom Ford, to be considered part of the fashion elite.

Who Needs Vogue? The Rise of the Fashion Blogger

The rise of the fashion blogger has been nowhere more evident than at the recent string of international fashion weeks. Fashion fans look to bloggers, rather than models for style inspiration As Milan Fashion Week came to an end the majority of photographs on fashion and news websites were not of the models or the designers, but of bloggers who had attended the shows. No longer are fashion fans on the lookout for models whose style they can emulate, but instead they opt to follow fashion bloggers, who have begun to amass hundreds of thousands of followers on their various social media accounts. The Rise Of The Style Blogger. The rise of the Superblogger. The Rise Of The Men’s Fashion Blogger. Hello Blogger This is the age of personality.

The Rise Of The Men’s Fashion Blogger

Whether it be a celebrity, brand or blogger, in order to stand out, above the digital noise, there needs to be a singular voice or personality to communicate through those all important social media channels. I’ve always said social media is a little bit like skimming stones: sometimes those tweets or instagrams just plop and sink without a trace and other times they can bounce on and on, much further than you imagined. These streams of digital information need to catch our interest. Everybody is competing for the same slices of people’s time and attention, not to mention wanting to broaden their marketing net by gaining followers and likes. Bloggers have risen up into this space to become the editors of the Internet and help brands keep that stone skimming. The rise of the power blogger.

In her Bleecker Street apartment, Danielle Bernstein is putting on her signature denim overalls and curling up on a couch.

The rise of the power blogger

With her tall, thin frame and minimal makeup, she’s clearly a cool girl with style—maybe even the coolest girl on the block. But to nearly half a million people, she is a star. At the Lollapalooza music festival last month, she says, she was mobbed by people every 100 yards or so, asking if they could take her photo. At one point, she says, a group of wide-eyed young girls began gasping and pointing when she walked by. “It’s Danielle!” Bernstein isn’t a rock singer, an actress or even a reality TV personality.

But with 227,000 Instagram followers and nearly 30,000 Twitter followers watching her every move on, she is one of the elite fashion bloggers in the US right now— with a fabulous lifestyle to match. Modal Trigger Leandra Medine, Bryan Grey Yambao and Rumi Neely. have a combined nearly 700,000 Twittter followers.Photo: Getty “Are bloggers important?