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Ultrasonic Sensor

S Raspberry Pi Lesson 11. DS18B20 Temperature Sensing @Raspberry_Pi #raspberrypi. January 29, 2013 AT 8:28 am Adafruit’s Raspberry Pi Lesson 11.

s Raspberry Pi Lesson 11. DS18B20 Temperature Sensing @Raspberry_Pi #raspberrypi

DS18B20 Temperature Sensing @ The Adafruit Learning System. The Occidentalis Linux distribution for Raspberry Pi (and Raspbian as of Dec 2012) includes support for the DS18B20 1-wire temperature sensor. These sensors come in a small three pin package like a transistor and are accurate digital devices.In this lesson, you will learn how to use a DS18B20 with the Raspberry Pi to take temperature readings.Since the Raspberry Pi has no ADC (Analog to Digital Converter), it cannot directly use an analog temperature sensor like the TMP36, making the DS18B20 a good choice for temperature sensing.

Raspberry Pi: Creating a Camera - Safari Blog. A guest post by Les Pounder, a Freelance IT Consultant and Trainer from the UK who is a regular contributor to many Linux magazines and podcasts.

Raspberry Pi: Creating a Camera - Safari Blog

You can find out more about him at For just over a year, the Raspberry Pi has dominated the attention of makers and the media as well. For many, the device has laid unused on a dusty shelf. Raspberry Pi and PiFace. 2. Second, install the PiFace Digital libraries and change the permissions of the SPI interface. Luckily, running this command will automate the entire process. sudo apt-get update. Running A Python Script At Boot Using Cron. There maybe times when you want to run a Python script when your Raspberry Pi boots up.

Running A Python Script At Boot Using Cron

There are a number of different techniques to do this but I prefer the method that uses “cron”. Cron is a job scheduler that allows the system to perform tasks at defined times or intervals. It is a very powerful tool and useful in lots of situations. You can use it to run commands or in this case, a Python script. The Raspberry Pi Hobbyist: Running From an External Hard Drive. Breadboarding for beginners for the #RaspberryPi. The guys over at MakerSpaceUK have written an excellent little tutorial that will help you get started with creating your first circuit using a breadboard and some LEDs.

Breadboarding for beginners for the #RaspberryPi

There’s even a kit you can buy through Farnell for less than £5. It’s a nice little project that will have you programming, in Python, a traffic light sequence. Sure, it’s been done before, but it’s beautifully documented and photographed. The Raspberry Pi Guy. NEW Raspberry Pi Zero – $5 Computer!

The Raspberry Pi Guy

Almost 4 years on from initial launch and 7 million boards later, the latest slice of Pi has just been served. Meet the Raspberry Pi Zero. A full computer available to buy for only £4 ($5). It features a 1GHz CPU, 512MB of RAM, mini HDMI and brand new slender form factor. Cheat Sheet - USB drives. Create your own J.A.R.V.I.S. with Jasper and the #RaspberryPi. If you’ve ever wanted to replicate Tony Stark’s J.A.R.V.I.S., you can be well on your way with this project.

Create your own J.A.R.V.I.S. with Jasper and the #RaspberryPi

Shubhro Saha and Charlie Marsh from Princeton University have developed an always-on voice-recognition-and-response system called Jasper. It recognises it’s own name and commands you give to it verbally and then speaks aloud a response. They’ve created a lovely website for it at where you can find out how to build your own Jasper and download the code. There is even documentation for how you can extend Jasper for your own uses – it’s all written in Python so it would be pretty simple to modify. Find out more about Jasper here or watch their video below: Mount a USB flash drive on your #RaspberryPi. Send email from Python. Ohm's Law.

Next Page: Power and EnergyAlso See: Voltage and Current | Resistance | Resistors To make a current flow through a resistance there must be a voltage across that resistance.

Ohm's Law

Ohm's Law shows the relationship between the voltage (V), current (I) and resistance (R). It can be written in three ways: For most electronic circuits the amp is too large and the ohm is too small, so we often measure current in milliamps (mA) and resistance in kilohms (k ). 1 mA = 0.001 A and 1 k The Ohm's Law equations work if you use V, A and , or if you use V, mA and k . Science & Nature - Robots - Techlab. 2013-09-19-raspberry-pi-lego-robot-part1. Introducing Pisaac, my Raspberry Pi robot : Pieces of Pi. Hello everyone, this is Pisaac.

Introducing Pisaac, my Raspberry Pi robot : Pieces of Pi

Pisaac is built from a Raspberry Pi, a PiFace, a DRV8833 motor controller on a breakout board, a Dagu “Magician” robot chassis which I got from Amazon (also available from many other retailers!) , an Edimax Wifi dongle, a mobile backup battery pack and a Raspberry Pi Camera module. Why am I building Pisaac? Just for my own entertainment really! HobbyTronics. Raspberry Pi – Initio Robot by 4tronix! In this video we will take a look at the Initio Robot from 4tronix.

Raspberry Pi – Initio Robot by 4tronix!

I explain what the Initio is, what the capabilities of the Initio are and demonstrate a few of its many functions. Robots are great fun and, in my opinion, one of the best ways to learn about programming and electronics – the Initio is the perfect beginners robot. It encompasses a huge range of components; from IR distance sensors to servo pan and tilt systems! The Initio is made and sold by 4tronix, an excellent quality retailer for all of your electronic component needs! Check out their website here: This is a link to the ultimate Initio robot kit (the one in the video!) Line following self-balancing robot controlled by a #RaspberryPi. Electronics and Robotics. How to Build a Robot Tutorials - Society of Robots. Add video streaming from your #RaspberryPi robot to a web device. This article from Linux User & Developer builds upon their previous work to do with building a robot with a Pi.

Add video streaming from your #RaspberryPi robot to a web device

To start with, the article takes you through using mpeg-streamer very nicely to stream video from your Pi Cam. Pi Robot. This is a very simple robot based on a Raspberry Pi with a L293D motor controlles connected to two motors and wheels. Running on the Pi I have a python script which checks the current message on livebots and moves the motors accordingly. You can control it LIVE at: Here are some photos: Daddy's Robot Car: DRC Mark 1. Well.... It may not be pretty... but it's fun to do... Trying to use the Raspberry Pi and its camera to navigate the room full of toddlers toys...

The ultrasonic setup is not being used - navigation is solely down to the vision... Build Your First Robot (as seen in Popular Mechanics and SERVO Magazines) Parts list, FAQ, Templates, and Extra Goodies Welcome to the Build Your First Robot (BYFR) information page! The Build Your First Robot project, or ArdBot II, appears in the February 2012 issue of Popular Mechanics, and an updated version starting with the August 2013 issue of SERO Magazine! BYFR Information Central Parts List and Sources - Where to get parts for your BYFR/ArdBot II. Construction How-to - Steps to building the BYFR (requires PDF reader). » Elf – 2WD Pi Robot. Meet Elf – my 2WD gear motor robot based on RoboPi and Raspberry Pi ! Last Updated: October 22, 2014 – added wiring photos and sample code After receiving my prototype RoboPi printed circuit boards, I did my initial testing with my SPRITE robot… and it worked great, however SPRITE uses continuous rotation servos for locomotion, which is great for small, light robots, but not sufficient for larger, heavier bots, nor for testing various motor driver boards with RoboPi. The Magician 2WD chassis is inexpensive, and readily available – and I have quite a few in stock – so I thought it would be a great platform for testing low power motor controllers, and building an inexpensive RoboPi + Raspberry Pi based robot – thus Elf was born.

(click on image for larger photo) (Please note: This article is a live build log of Elf, which will show Elf growing over time as I add capabilities.) Elf - my RoboPi + Raspberry Pi + 2WD Magician + WiFi Robot. Meet Elf - one of my RoboPi + Raspberry Pi based robots! I have a lot of the Magician 2WD chassis, and I thought it would be the perfect platform to evaluate inexpensive low power motor driver modules. RV2 robot. How to Make a Robot - Lesson 5: Choosing a Motor Controller. Lessons Menu: Now that the general shape, the actuators (or motors) and the brain for the robot have been chosen, it is time to make things move.

The first question many beginners have when building their first robot is “how do I control the motors?” After a bit of research, the word motor controller comes up a lot. PiBot-A. How to Make a Robot - Lesson 1: Getting Started. Getting Started Welcome to the first installment of the Grand RobotShop Tutorial, a series of 10 lessons that will teach you how to make your own robot. This tutorial is aimed at anybody willing to get started in robotics and have a basic understanding of terms such as “voltage”, “current”, “motor”, and “sensors”. Although this might seem pretty basic, even people with previous robot building experience might find useful information regarding the general method of building a robot. Build Your First Robot Step-By-Step Plans. 125877-classroom-challenge-hardware-hacking-and-robotics-learner-sheet.pdf. Building a remote control vehicle using a Raspberry Pi.

I've built a simple remote controlled tank to illustrate some of the points that I've made in previous posts. I'm minimizing the amount of electronics I need to do by using a Pi Face board which can easily power two motors. To control the tank, I made a simple web interface which I can access from my laptop. Piface/pifacedigital-scratch-handler. PiFace documentation. Raspberry Pi Learning Resources. Using the Dagu Mini Driver to Build a Raspberry Pi Camera Robot. A Raspberry Pi with a camera, gives you a small, low cost, embedded vision system, but it’s not very mobile. In this tutorial we show you how to fix that by attaching it to a robot to give you a Raspberry Pi camera robot! The robot is WiFi enabled which means you can drive it around using a tablet, phone or computer, using the camera to explore remote areas. We’ve tried to keep the components for this tutorial as affordable as possible, and as such we’re using the Dagu Arduino Mini Driver to control the motors and servos of the robot.

This board also contains a 1A voltage regulator which we can use to power the Pi. Resource Categories. Five Basic Raspberry Pi Projects. At $35, the Raspberry Pi is almost an impulse purchase. Once its in your hands, its basic nature calls out for it to be used in some great projects. While its always tempting to jump in and build something completely mindblowing, it pays to start with a few easy projects and learn the system before jumping in to the deep end and experiencing frustration.

Easy Project Criteria. DIY WiFi Raspberry Pi Touchscreen Camera. Making a Reset Switch for your Rev 2 Raspberry Pi. One of the changes on the Rev 2 Raspberry Pi board, which I haven’t seen anybody write about yet, (apart from Eben in his original announcement) is the addition of two holes for a header at P6. These were added to enable a reset facility. Shorting those two pins together resets the processor. These are the holes for the P6 header This was too good an opportunity for my curious mind to pass up, so I decided to add a 2 pin header there and try it out. Learning System. DIY WiFi Raspberry Pi Touchscreen Camera. Turn a Raspberry Pi Into an AirPlay Receiver for Streaming Music in Your Living Room.

Turn your Pi into a low-cost HD surveillance cam. Raspberry Pi Learning Resources.

Raspberry Pi Media Centre

Motor Control. Ntrol your Raspberry Pi robot from a web-connected device. Bluetooth Control of Raspberry Pi. Simple (and cheap) way of using Scratch on the RaspberryPI for control projects. DragonTail Mapping and the Raspberry Pi. Cheat Sheet - Physical Computing with Raspberry Pi.