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Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility. The Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR) is an association advocating for corporate social responsibility.[1] Its 300 member organizations comprise faith communities, asset managers, unions, pensions, NGOs and other investors.

Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility

ICCR members engage hundreds of corporations annually in an effort to foster greater corporate accountability. ICCR's members file shareholder resolutions on issues such as climate change, human rights, corporate governance, financial practices, and other social and environmental concerns. The organization was founded in 1971. Members[edit] ICCR members include faith communities, asset management companies, labor unions, pension funds, NGOs, and college and university endowment funds. Corporate targets[edit] In any given year, members of ICCR file roughly 300 shareholder resolutions at hundreds of American corporations across multiple industries. At This Trump-Favored Charity, Financial Reporting Is Questionable and Insiders Are Cashing In. ProPublica is a nonprofit newsroom that investigates abuses of power.

At This Trump-Favored Charity, Financial Reporting Is Questionable and Insiders Are Cashing In

Sign up to receive our biggest stories as soon as they’re published. The mothers’ pension laws. Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us! Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!

Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!

Is a 2009 fictional work by American political activist Ralph Nader, described by him as a practical utopia, in the style of Edward Bellamy's 1888 utopian novel Looking Backwards.[1] Nader wrote the book to inspire imaginative solutions to the problem of corrupt politicians and financial institutions.[2][3] Similarity to Atlas Shrugged[edit]

Police Secondary Employment - City of New Orleans. Dick Cheney. 46th Vice President of the United States Richard Bruce Cheney (/ˈtʃeɪni/;[1] born January 30, 1941) is an American politician and businessman who served as the 46th vice president of the United States from 2001 to 2009.

Dick Cheney

He has been cited as the most powerful vice president in American history.[2][3] He was also one of the most unpopular politicians in the history of the US, holding an approval rating of just 13% at the time of leaving office.[4] HalliburtonBellaireBlvdOfficesHouston - Halliburton. American energy services and products company Halliburton Company is an American multinational corporation.

HalliburtonBellaireBlvdOfficesHouston - Halliburton

One of the world's largest oil field service companies, it has operations in more than 70 countries.[6] It owns hundreds of subsidiaries, affiliates, branches, brands, and divisions worldwide and employs approximately 55,000 people.[7] The company has dual headquarters located in Houston and in Dubai, and it remains incorporated in the United States.[8][9][10] New Orleans Museum of Art. Sydney and Walda Besthoff have been important business and cultural leaders in New Orleans for many decades.Sydney Besthoff served as chairman and CEO of K & B Incorporated, a retail drug store chain in Louisiana and the Gulf South, founded by his grandfather in 1905.

New Orleans Museum of Art

After an extensive period of expansion under Mr. Besthoff’s direction, with 184 stores in six states, K & B was sold to the Rite Aid Corporation in 1997. Mr. Criticism of libertarianism. Criticism of libertarianism includes ethical, economic, environmental and pragmatic concerns.

Criticism of libertarianism

Critics have claimed the political philosophy does not satisfy collectivist values and that private property does not create an egalitarian distribution. It has also been argued that a laissez-faire economy would not produce the most desirable or most efficient outcomes and that deregulation fails to prevent the abuse of natural resources. Ethical criticisms[edit] Aggression and coercion[edit] The validity of libertarian notions of liberty and economic freedom have been questioned by critics such as Robert Hale, who posits that laissez-faire capitalism is a system of aggressive coercion and restriction by property owners against others: Other critics, including John Rawls in Justice as Fairness, argue that implied social contracts justify government actions that violate the rights of some individuals as they are beneficial for society overall.

Property[edit] Rightward, Ho! Ten Top Funders Behind the Surging Libertarian Movement. These are boom times for libertarians.

Rightward, Ho! Ten Top Funders Behind the Surging Libertarian Movement

Over the past decade or so, the political right has moved away from its long entwinement with Christian evangelicals, talked less about "moral values," and focused more on downsizing government and protecting individual rights. While the official Libertarian Party is a political lightweight, libertarian candidates—Ron and Rand Paul—have made serious runs for the presidency in recent electoral cycles. 2017 Congressional baseball shooting - Wikipedia. Scalise was the first sitting member of Congress to have been shot since Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords was shot in 2011.[9] Background[edit] Prior to the game, the Republicans held practices at the same time and place each morning.[13] Three Capitol Police were present at the practice to protect Scalise,[15] who merits a security detail assigned to protect him.[16] Shooting[edit] The team began its practice around 6:30 a.m.

2017 Congressional baseball shooting - Wikipedia

At 7:09 a.m., the Alexandria Police received a 9-1-1 report of shots fired. Mercedes Schneider. The Myth of the Free Market: You’ll Find a Unicorn Before You Find a Free Market. I wrote an article recently about Capitalism’s Top 1% becoming the new aristocracy, based on the news that social mobility is no greater under capitalism’s meritocracy, than under the medieval oligarchy.

The Myth of the Free Market: You’ll Find a Unicorn Before You Find a Free Market

Some responded, in line with a wider misconception, that if we only had ‘true’ free market capitalism these injustices would be a thing of the past. Today’s piece is a response to that argument. There never has been, is not and never will be a capitalist free market economy – and here is why. The Myth of the Free Market. David Rockefeller, George Soros, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Ted Turner, Michael Bloomberg, and Oprah hold secret meeting on economy. No, really. On May 5, a secret meeting was held in New York City apparently to discuss the global financial crisis. Top billionaires meet in secret - US news - Giving.

In a quiet meeting closed to the news media and the public, Bill Gates, David Rockefeller Sr., Oprah Winfrey and other leading philanthropists met in New York this month to discuss ways to promote efforts to solve growing social problems in America and abroad. Together, the philanthropists in the room have committed a total of more than $72.5 billion to charitable causes since 1996, according to Chronicle of Philanthropy tallies. The unusual event was held May 5 at Rockefeller University and was organized by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Among the high-profile participants were Ted Turner, Warren E. Buffett, George Soros and New York City Mayor Michael R. What Goes On in a Secret Billionaires Meeting? - Slideshow - Daily Intel. Secret billionaire club seeks population control. WASHINGTON – Some of the richest men and women in the world met secretly recently in New York to conspire on using their vast wealth to bring the world’s population growth under control.

The Super (Rich) Friends Saving the World.