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Duotrope. Home Page. How to Write a Screenplay. Self Publishing, Book Printing & eBook Publishing. How do you find jobs? Hi!

How do you find jobs?

I am just starting out with freelance writing, and am trying to figure out what I'm doing. I would like to start out with one-off types of jobs. I've been looking at a few blogs that list freelance jobs, but all the jobs I'm seeing listed are more of long-term types of jobs. From looking at the Whispers and Warnings forum, I'm seeing that some people there have done one-offs for companies like S2, then moved along, but I certainly don't want to jump to a company that I learned about from Whispers and Warnings.

So, how do you find the jobs? Thanks! Celtx - #1 Choice for Media Pre-Production. The Online Writing Community. Template. Finishing Your Novel “A writer is someone who finishes.” -- Thomas Farber This section is for you if: You’ve started a novel but are having trouble finishing it, or You want to start a novel but aren’t sure you’ll be able to finish it.


I’ve been writing novels (and teaching about writing novels) for twenty years, and one thing I’ve learned is how to finish. This section is about how to handle those things. Finishing a novel (or any kind of writing project) is a transformational experience. A long time ago, something funny happened to me. I thought I was a writer. And then my house burned down. So I made some notes on the book I remembered best, flew to Thailand, and wrote the whole thing in seven weeks. This area of the site is based on what I've learned since then. Zoetrope Virtual Studio Home. Writing and Publishing News, Marketing, E-Books— yWriter4 - word processor for authors. WRITER'S TOOLBOX: 35 Best Tools for Writing Online.

Whether you’re new to the world of authorship or a veteran trying to make the most of Web services and applications, there are a number of online tools for writers of all types.

WRITER'S TOOLBOX: 35 Best Tools for Writing Online

From blogging platforms to networking hotbeds, and job boards to real-world gatherings, and more, the supply of utilities is comprehensive, to say the least. But finding them all can be hard-going, so we’ve taken the liberty to make the discovery process easier by arranging our top finds here for your perusal. Here are 35 of the best social media tools for writers.

Have one that you'd recommend? Tell us about your favorites in the comments! Word Processing As a writer, you may have grown comfortable with applications like Microsoft Word, the Open Office equivalent, or more basic text editors like Notepad for Windows or the Mac OS X mainstay known as TextEdit. Google Docs - This is perhaps the most frequently mentioned processor of its kind, simply for the fact that it is a Google property. Blogging Microblogging.