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Duotrope. Home Page. Screenwriting.info: How to Write a Screenplay. Self Publishing, Book Printing & eBook Publishing. How do you find jobs? Hi!

How do you find jobs?

I am just starting out with freelance writing, and am trying to figure out what I'm doing. I would like to start out with one-off types of jobs. I've been looking at a few blogs that list freelance jobs, but all the jobs I'm seeing listed are more of long-term types of jobs. From looking at the Whispers and Warnings forum, I'm seeing that some people there have done one-offs for companies like S2, then moved along, but I certainly don't want to jump to a company that I learned about from Whispers and Warnings. Celtx - #1 Choice for Media Pre-Production.

The Online Writing Community. Template. Finishing Your Novel “A writer is someone who finishes.” -- Thomas Farber This section is for you if: You’ve started a novel but are having trouble finishing it, or.


Zoetrope Virtual Studio Home. Writing and Publishing News, Marketing, E-Books—Authorlink.com. yWriter4 - word processor for authors. WRITER'S TOOLBOX: 35 Best Tools for Writing Online. Whether you’re new to the world of authorship or a veteran trying to make the most of Web services and applications, there are a number of online tools for writers of all types.

WRITER'S TOOLBOX: 35 Best Tools for Writing Online

From blogging platforms to networking hotbeds, and job boards to real-world gatherings, and more, the supply of utilities is comprehensive, to say the least. But finding them all can be hard-going, so we’ve taken the liberty to make the discovery process easier by arranging our top finds here for your perusal.