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Incredible Things That Happen Every 60 Seconds On The Internet In China. Monetize Mobile Apps, Mobile Advertising Platform for Developers. iAd. Guide to mobile advertising networks (2011) Other guides in this series:• Guide to mobile agencies• Guide to mobile industry awards• Compendium of global mobile stats• The insiders' guides to world’s top mobile markets The guide to mobile advertising networks Welcome to the mobiThinking guide to mobile advertising networks.

guide to mobile advertising networks (2011)

This is the only place advertisers and publishers can get the real and detailed information required when choosing an ad network to run their mobile campaign or monetize their mobile Web site or app. All data is supplied directly by the networks. iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, J2ME. Mobile Advertising with Millennial Media. Measure Performance.

The mobiThinking guide to mobile advertising networks 2011: Premium networks. Twinpine (Africa specialist) * New: January 2013*Mobile Theory * New: March 2011 *YOC Group (Europe Specialist) * Updated: July 2010 *NAVTEQ Media Solutions (formerly Nokia) * Updated: July 2010 *Microsoft Mobile Premium networks in a nutshell: • Premium networks focus on a limited number of prestige publishers – mobile operators and big-brand, big-traffic sites, perhaps newspapers or broadcasters – for which they are akin to an extension of their direct-sales team.

The mobiThinking guide to mobile advertising networks 2011: Premium networks

With Microsoft, Nokia and AOL, much of the inventory they sell is on their own mobile sites. • The vast majority of campaigns are brand advertising, so the predominant (maybe only) pricing model is cost per thousand impressions (CPM) model – i.e. you pay X for every 1,000 devices that visit/download the page. Mobile Rich Media Advertising.