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We provide highly specialized engineering capabilities across all major mobile platforms and associated backend technologies. The services offered includes high performance scalable mobile + web applications in native iOS, Android and hybrid frameworks like Xamarin, Ioni and associated server technologies such as Ruby on Rails, C#, Java, Php and .net with scale and scope.

Hire NetSet Software Team for Quality Not Quantity. UI UX Design and Development. Importance of Software Testing for Executing a Program. Software testing is essential part of our Company.

Importance of Software Testing for Executing a Program

We often noticed that whenever we start doing quality testing, team found so many bugs in set of codes. These bugs can be related to UI/UX, functionality, Interface or logical. Categorization of bugs is necessary to perform the relevant testing. Delivering a bug free code is main objective of our organization. It will lead to good client satisfaction index. Agile testing is effective only if we will use Agile development. A tester will always be there in initiation meeting and scrums as well so that they could better understand the complexity of project. Gmail - Free Storage and Email from Google.

CMS web development India. WebApps – The Myth and the Mirror. Web as a term has come much ahead since its start.

WebApps – The Myth and the Mirror

Websites today not only share information but support major business functions. Searching location, products; sharing and storing videos, images and documents; playing online video games; using business tools etc have all been integrated into web. All these services are a part of great domain of web apps. But the question comes why we need to move from Native apps to Web apps. Web apps are similar to mobile apps the only difference is that these apps are run on web browser instead of indigenous mobile operating system and thus provide a much better user experience. Content Management Systems– Customizing Your Communication. There was a time when an inquisitive prospect could be converted into a client by simply explaining about the product and services in a direct interaction.

Content Management Systems– Customizing Your Communication

But with time the things have changed, the internet has evolved and is available in every pocket. Today sale depends not only on customer need but on customer awareness. Every customer wants to analyses the every possible solution for the problem they face. For doing so one starts with discussion in the peer group and then slowly moves to the answers online. CRM, ERP Development Company India - CRM Development Services. ERP/CRM Development Company – CMS Development Services India. Basic accounting system is all about maintaining a company records or one can say the company diary for the IN and OUT entries of business.

ERP/CRM Development Company – CMS Development Services India

This is somehow done via traditional accounting system, but if we add some features like real-time accessing, multiple feeds, complete data assessment, maintain a standard of warehouse etc, then we get a complete Dynamic Accounting system. We can provide you with our custom software development services to develop a dynamic accounting system that will maintain a general ledger, inventory record, payables, receivables, trial Balance etc but we do so in a better way. To start with there are three types of Accounting Systems:- Traditional SystemMiddle-Age SystemModern or Hi-Tech System Traditional Systems:- To start with there are basic excel sheet method or very basic software. Middle-Age System:-These systems are few steps ahead than the basic traditional system, have some more functionality features. Managing the budgets for the coming month?

Best QA and Testing services - Software Testing Services India. Mobile App Staff Augmentation from India. In past decade, many IT fortune companies always preferred to hire Indian Programmers to delight their customers globally including Federal, State and Commercial.

Mobile App Staff Augmentation from India

Hire the right connoisseur to undertake the right job makes business successful. NetSet offers best qualified connoisseur to reduce development cost by 60% without compromising the quality or failing to adhere to the deadlines. Our team has in-depth knowledge to providing end-to-end Mobile application development services. We developed applications in following technologies: 1. Top Mobile App Development Company - iOS, Android App Development. Various Phases Consider for App Development Project in India. Project starts from conversation with Client about the needs of project and then analysis of business by the businesses team.

Various Phases Consider for App Development Project in India

Business analysis makes a platform in-front of client that what they are going to deliver. After that prototyping, UI/UX design etc. Wire-frames can be delivering to the client to let them know about and at that moment they can ask if they want any kind of changes. All the important changes can be done in this phase of project. After that developing can be start by the project managers, side by side testing of product has been done by QA team. UI UX Design company Netsetsoftware. Custom Software Development @NETSET Software India. Custom software is an IT Solution developed to meet the most imminent requirements of a business.

Custom Software Development @NETSET Software India

The soul of custom built software is its flexibility and scalability with respect to the current and future requirements. The best way to develop complete standard custom software is by initiating it from wire framing. Complete wire framing ensures that all the prospects and complete scope of the requirement is understood and planned in advance, making do it right the first time. Thus we are always focused on providing customization within minimum budgets and time. At NETSET we try to deliver the quality product along with the fulfillment of needs and desires of client.

We assign the customization of the software according to the skill-set of the developers; it helps to increase the efficiency and utility of product whether it is Software solution or the mobile application on all possible coding languages. Custom Software, CMS,CRM/ERP & Mobile App Development Company.