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Maki. Prototype Creator launched today. Difference between html slideshow and VisualLightBox - Waterfox. Pulling Memory off an Android Device - Waterfox. Guida JavaScript: tecniche avanzate. Nel campo della programmazione e dello sviluppo di software, è frequente trovarsi di fronte a problemi in qualche modo diffusi per i quali spesso è già stata trovata una soluzione performante, efficiente e sicura del nostro problema.

Guida JavaScript: tecniche avanzate

A differenza di una libreria software alla quale è possibile delegare parte di un lavoro richiamandone le API pubbliche e ottenendo il risultato dell’elaborazione, utilizzando un pattern non facciamo altro che “copiare” non parte del codice scritto da altri, ma bensì una tecnica per affrontare un problema diffuso che nel tempo si è consolidata come un buona approccio alla risoluzione dello stesso. Alcuni esempi di pattern possono essere ritrovati all’interno della macrocategoria degli algoritmi di ordinamento, argomento assai discusso ancora oggi. Créer la maquette de son site web pro : les bons outils - Waterfox. Une fois réalisés le cahier des charges et l'arborescence de son site web, commence la phase de maquettage, aussi appelée « wireframing ».

Créer la maquette de son site web pro : les bons outils - Waterfox

Une étape indispensable pour se faire une idée plus précise de l'ergonomie du site. De nombreux outils de wireframing gratuits ou payants sont aujourd'hui disponibles pour réaliser cette tâche. Simples d'utilisation, ils sont particulièrement utiles aux professionnels encadrant la réalisation d'un projet web. Présentation. AppJS - Waterfox. Notch! - Waterfox. Can JQuery UI and JQuery tools work together? - Stack Overflow - Waterfox. Free SlideShow Maker. Visual JavaScript SlideShow - Waterfox. This photo slideshow maker is a demonstration of Flash-like behavior implemented solely in Javascript, HTML, and CSS.

Free SlideShow Maker. Visual JavaScript SlideShow - Waterfox

You don't need flash to view this slideshow. Use numerous of splendid effects to show your pictures. Create a slideshow and start photo sharing with your friends and family today. Documentation – Galleria Documentation - Waterfox. Free Web Tutorials - - Waterfox. Sticky Images Generator -HTML- by ~YoshiOG1 on deviantART - Waterfox. Example - Waterfox. File Listing Utility - Waterfox. Visual Lightbox JS: Free Visual Generator for Lightbox 2 Script for jQuery or Prototype. jQuery Lightbox. - Waterfox.

Editor - Waterfox. What is Highslide JS?

Editor - Waterfox

Highslide JS is an open source image, media and gallery viewer written in JavaScript. These are some of it's advantages: Quick and elegant looking. No plugins like Flash or Java required. Popup blockers are no problem. What is the Highslide Editor? The Highslide Editor is a graphical user interface designed to make it easy setting up a custom Highslide installation without editing code. Build a stylish image gallery using Lightbox 2 and JavaScript - Waterfox. JavaScript is arguably the most ubiquitous programming language of the Web and is nearly as pervasive as HTML, XHTML, and CSS.

Build a stylish image gallery using Lightbox 2 and JavaScript - Waterfox

There are a wealth of useful JavaScript libraries, too, and the best of these work on any modern browser, handling browser variances and user preferences uniformly. One of the most useful and popular JavaScript libraries is Lightbox 2, which provides online image gallery capabilities, image overlays, and navigation within sets (or groups) of images. In this article, you'll learn the ins and outs of Lightbox 2, including how to customize some of the lesser-known—and at times subtler—capabilities of a Lightbox.

By the time you're through, you'll be showing your own image sets off with flair, all within an easily usable interface. Everyone's a photographer these days Five years ago, it seemed like everyone was blogging. With a few hundred bucks, even high school students can purchase a nice digital camera and begin building their photography skills. Figure 1. Divshot: Interface Builder for Web Apps - Waterfox. {{ mustache }} - Waterfox. Differences Between Facebook Share and Like Button - Waterfox. Before the “Like” button even exists, the only way to get your post shared across the Facebook network is via the “Share” button.

Differences Between Facebook Share and Like Button - Waterfox

With the new “Like” button, many webmasters rush to implement it on their sites, with some even replaced the “Share” with the “Like” button, without understand the differences. Some even think that the “Like” button is just a newer version of the “Share” button. In this article, we will show you the differences between the Facebook Share and Like button and how you can utilize them effectively. Facebook Share As the word implies, the “Share” button allows the users to share the current page link to their wall. With Facebook Share, all your friends will be able to see the snippet in their news feed.

Facebook Like The “Like” button allows the users to “like” a post. Like is similar to the thumb up in Digg, except that there is no “bury” button. The differences. What is HTML5? / HTML & CSS / Textile / Programming languages / Articles / Home - BASICuse - the home of the best guides and tutorials for every day - Waterfox. This article belongs to the category "for beginners".

What is HTML5? / HTML & CSS / Textile / Programming languages / Articles / Home - BASICuse - the home of the best guides and tutorials for every day - Waterfox

Using simple words, we are going to talk about the fifth version of HTML, which is currently under development. And despite the fact that HTML5 is still far from perfect, its performance astonishes many. As you may know, HTML (HyperText Markup Language) - is a language for web page markup. Its main goal is to translate information given in the form of readable content. Mostly, because of HTML, we see the Web as it is, we see its beauty, color and multi-functionality.

First, let's analyze the differences between the fifth and fourth version. So, the first thing, a fact worth noticing - HTML4 development was fully completed in the late 90's, whereas work on HTML5 started relatively recently - around the year 2005. For example, these new HTML5 elements are currently at your service: section, nav, header, article and footer. Now let's focus on the structure and markup language in HTML5. And now a couple words about multimedia elements. 10 Steps to Getting Started with jQuery Mobile - Waterfox. jQuery Mobile | 10 Easy Steps to Getting Started!

10 Steps to Getting Started with jQuery Mobile - Waterfox

Demo As smartphones and tablets are become popular and can be found all over the place today, the need for mobile page is rises greatly. A mobile web page provides completely different web experience than a normal web page in term of resolution size, web page load time and mobile browsers. However, we can easily create a mobile page with help of jQuery Mobile framework. Badass JavaScript - Waterfox. Fantastic Micro-Frameworks and Micro-Libraries for Fun and Profit! - Waterfox. - Waterfox. jQuery Howto - Waterfox. Boso - Waterfox.

Answered By: Ali ( 942) Whenever you see the function keyword within another function, the inner function has access to variables in the outer function. function foo(x) { var tmp = 3; function bar(y) { alert(x + y + (++tmp)); } bar(10); } foo(2) This will always alert 16, because bar can access the x which was defined as an argument to foo, and it can also access tmp from foo.

Boso - Waterfox

That is not a closure. A closure is when you return the inner function. Function foo(x) { var tmp = 3; return function (y) { alert(x + y + (++tmp)); } } var bar = foo(2); // bar is now a closure. bar(10); The above function will also alert 16, because bar can still refer to x and tmp, even though it is no longer directly inside the scope. However, since tmp is still hanging around inside bar's closure, it is also being incremented. (Not for your 6 year old: It is possible to create more than one closure function, either by returning a list of them or by setting them to global variables. La community italiana dedicata a jQuery - Waterfox. SQL Fiddle - Waterfox.

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