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International | Fighting against extreme poverty and preventable

International | Fighting against extreme poverty and preventable “Ending extreme poverty” may sound like a broad phrase and an impossible task, but our policy analysts have identified 14 development milestones that will ultimately help us achieve this goal by 2030. These 14 hopes are just that – hopes – but with your support and action, we really can make the end of extreme poverty… Read more » German photojournalist Mario Gerth has captured the incredible, dramatic landscape of northern Ethiopia in this collection of stunning black and white images.
Sustainability Intelligence - Sustainability Research The earlier goal of SaharaGreen, was to re-green the deserts by using solar energy. Since 1928 volunteers tries to make this dream possible : to use Solar Energy to transform the deserts into paradise. Today, this think tank became a worldwide organization in the fields of Sustainability Intelligence & Sustainability Research, and helps companies across the globe to identify and capitalize on green business opportunities. DESERTEC DESERTEC