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D.I.Y FRIDAY. Photos: Kristin Ess + post designed by kristin ess So… after Lauren’s very pretty post on Wednesday, we got a lot of emails asking how to make a “Ring of Rosies” that will last.


Here’s what you do! Start with a pair of scissors, a needle + thread, and small flowers. Recipe Card Maker. Welcome to Skip to my Lou As seen in the new book "Hand in Hand" Recipe Card Maker.

Recipe Card Maker

Skip to my Lou. Kumihimo H e a r t tutorial by =Gex78 on deviantART. DIY Paper Popsicle Memory Game. As a kid I adored the game 'Memory'.

DIY Paper Popsicle Memory Game

The truth is, I still do. Sure, it's not exactly what you would define as 'challenging' but there's something charming about it's simplicity. So, for a bit of cute fun I decided to re-create the game with a slight twist. I've replaced the cards with paper popsicles. Who doesn't love popsicles, right? How to fold an origami star. The Madeleine Mini Bloomers. Hello!

The Madeleine Mini Bloomers

I keep forgetting to post this so here it is. I've been wanting to sew a romper (or few) for this summer but I figured I should start with the shorts and once I had those down, graduate to the romper. So I started with these guys, and then I did non-pajama shorts, so I guess the romper is next! These were incredibly easy and gave me the courage to keep going. For some reason I thought even PJ shorts might get somewhat complicated, but I was wrong. How to make cute bookmarks. Cindy with Skip to my Lou is hosting a month of sewing ideas for a handmade holiday season.

how to make cute bookmarks

Pop on over there to see what inspires you. I joined in on the fun with these pretty, cute bookmarks and journal wraps. Tutorial Tuesday: Easy Button Magnets. These cute little buttons may just be the easiest craft project ever.

Tutorial Tuesday: Easy Button Magnets

They use minimal supplies and only take 5 minutes to make. I must say this is my kind of craft. Suddbar tavla – Craft of the Day, erasable board. Det här är ett enkelt pyssel som går att variera i det oändliga.

suddbar tavla – Craft of the Day, erasable board

Du behöver: - Ram med glas - Möstrade eller enfärgade papper - Whiteboard-penna - Snöre - Tavelkrok eller spik Gör så här: Klipp till pappersarket så det passar ramen, måtta gärna med hjälp av glaset eller ramens baksida. Craft & Creativity | Inredning, inspiration, pyssel, fotografering. När jag flyttade in i mitt nya pysselrum i källaren ville jag bygga mig en håltavla (på engelska kallas det pegboard) att använda dels som förvaring av pysselmaterial och dels som en inspirationsvägg.

Craft & Creativity | Inredning, inspiration, pyssel, fotografering

Jag tänkte mig en mix mellan de håltavlor/pegboards som är så populära framför allt i USA (se exempel 1, 2, 3 och 4) och de rosor i korsstygn som jag sett målade på väggar (t ex hos Eline Pellinkhof och Shabby-Roses-Cottage). Jag hade ingen aning om hur man bygger en håltavla men insåg snabbt att det behövs ett ramverk på baksidan för att få en distans till väggen. Annars skulle det inte gå att hänga krokar i hålen och det var förstås ett av mina önskemål. Ni som följer mig på Instagram har kanske sett några bilder från bygget flimra förbi. ———-When I moved into my new craft room in the basement, I wanted to build myself a pegboard to use both as a storage for craft supplies and as an inspiration wall.

Glowing jar project – varázslat a lakásban (EN/HU) | from {panka} with love. Most favorited all-time | craftgawker - StumbleUpon. Pouch Tutorial Part I (Bottom) by ~nimuae on deviantART. DIY: MAKEUP BRUSH ROLL. Photos/post/design: Kristin Ess This is by far the most ambitious tutorial we’ve ever done on TBD, but we think you guys might be ready for something a little bit more challenging.


This DIY dip-dye brush roll is such a good gift and you can do it in any color you want. Ruffled Tube Top DIY. If one is good then two is better.

Ruffled Tube Top DIY

Heres a girlied up version of my previous post T-Shirt into Summer Top DIY. This time around its so simple, in less than an hour you can have a cute Summer top with minimal sewing. To see the step by step instructions and photos click here. No Sew Tutu. 5 Minute Microwave Mug Brownies | Recipe | Cut Out.

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