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Traces-interface ciel terre

La trace des anciens. SPIRITUAL CONNEXION. Pole Arts & Arts appliqués. Message from Water Botschaft des Wassers messaggio dell'acqua. Casting a Circle. The Purposes of a Circle A sacred circle has several purposes, the most significant of which is to define an area where formal ritual work can be performed.

Casting a Circle

A circle is a place in which the rules and conditions are different to that of the everyday world. A circle is not a barrier, but a doorway to another world. To contain any magickal energy raised and to prevent its dissipation until it has been used up is another purpose of the circle. The sacred circle does not need to be physically represented (drawn or marked on the ground), it just needs to be visualized. The circle is a spiritual entity. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. This completes the casting of your circle. How to Close a Circle Go to the North, hold up your blade, and say, “Guardians and spirits of the North wind, my ritual is now complete. Extinguish your altar candles and bow your head at the altar, saying, “I declare this scared circle closed.

Traitè de myrettologie

Reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Evoluons. Illusion of brightness or lightness. Professor Alan Gilchrist's talkin Ritsumeikan (March 17, 2006) Program Opening talk (16:00-16:30) "Ilusions of brightness or lightness"Akiyoshi Kitaoka, Associate professor Ph.D (Ritsumeikan University, Dept. of Psychology) since March 16, 2006 (7 digits since January 15, 2013) Welcome!

Illusion of brightness or lightness

Lucidquest. Natural Housing. ‪Construction Terre‬‏ ‪Dynasphere Renewable Wind Power‬‏ ‪El Barro, las manos, la casa‬‏ ‪prensa máquina para fabricar tijolos ecológicos‬‏ ‪Máquina SAHARA ( modelo MUTIRÃO 11 X 23 )‬‏ ‪DECIVAN , PRENSA MANUAL, TIJOLO ECOLOGICO, PRENSA HIDRAULICA ECOMAQUINAS , ITABERAI GOIAS‬‏ Natural Building Colloquium. The Honey House KAKI HUNTER and DONI KIFFMEYER After a hands-on workshop taught by architect Nader Khalili, we returned home inspired to build our first earthbag project.

Natural Building Colloquium

We started with simple, linear, buttressed exterior walls, graduated to serpentine garden walls, progressed to a small dome and are now finishing a larger dome with a vaulted entry way and big sunny arched windows. This last project turned into a casual workshop inviting people to learn "Flexible Form Rammed Earth," A term we now use that we feel best describes this construction method. "Flexible Form Rammed Earth (F.F.R.E.) " is a free-form version of rammed earth construction. Since the bags act as a flexible form, it allows the architectural design of curvaceous, sensual structures. $50 and Up Underground House Book – Underground Housing and Shelter. Prefab. Picasa Albums Web - CLAIRE BLANCHEMANCHE.

Kerterre, l'igloo en terre. $50 and Up Underground House Book – Underground Housing and Shelter. ‪Le HHO VS GAZ DE SCHISTE ! partie 1/4‬‏ SACS EN TOILE DE JUTE, toile de jute au mètre, sacs en polypro tissé, SACS GRVS, BIG BAG. A Low Impact Woodland Home. SANDBAG HOMES & ALTERNATIVE ARCHITECTURE DESIGNS.


Écologie Fr. Time lapse fast growing corn, roots and leaves growing. 12V Earth battery. Scientists discover tiny solar panels that create themselves. File this one under "holy crap," but scientists at MIT have discovered molecules that spontaneously assemble themselves into a pattern that can turn light into electricity — essentially a self-creating solar panel.

Scientists discover tiny solar panels that create themselves

In a petri dish. The researchers set out to create a synthetic process that imitates photosynthesis. Certain molecules respond to light by releasing electrons; the trick was discovering a substance that sticks them together in a consistent structure. Phospholipids do just that, and they also attach themselves to carbon nanotubes, which conduct electricity. With the nanotubes holding the phospholipids in a uniform alignment, the photoreactive molecules are all exposed to light at once, and the tube acts as a wire that then collects the resulting electrical current.

The most interesting part is that the tiny solar array can be disassembled and reassembled just by adding chemicals. MIT News, via Kurzweil AI. Eau et médicaments. EAU. SACRED GEOMETRY PART 90 WATER HAS CONSCIOUSNESS 3. RESEARCH. Athene's Theory of Everything. Discovery ne minte. Le Dr Hamer et les lois biologiques de la maladie. WATER. Documentar fantastic - Seva Vietii - Al- 3-lea element necesar supravietuirii -Apa - Revolutionary New Discoveries about Water! part 1 of 12. Environnement : Un «fleuve» souterrain s'écoule sous l'Amazone  INFOGRAPHIE - Le phénomène a été repéré au cours de forages effectués par l'industrie pétrolière.

Environnement : Un «fleuve» souterrain s'écoule sous l'Amazone 

Des scientifiques brésiliens ont découvert qu'un «fleuve» souterrain coule sous l'Amazone, à plus de 4000 mètres de profondeur. Il aurait 6000 kilomètres de long, ce qui en ferait le plus long «fleuve» souterrain de la planète. Antiquité. American Corn In Ancient Old World - Gunnar Thompson - 1 of 5. Archaeology. ‪Ancient Aliens S02E07 - Angels and Aliens (VOSTFR) - HD‬‏ Religion et mythes grecs I - une vidéo Cinéma.

Bienvenue - Lieux-Sacrés. Les églises de Lalibela en Ethiopie (groupe nord) - une vidéo Voyages. New Discoveries in Chinese Archaeology. ‪Ancient Aliens - S02E08 - Unexplained Structures‬‏ ‪Explore the Mysterious Puma Punku, Tiwanaku Bolivia Tours‬‏ ‪Guanches - Cro-magnons of the Canary Islands‬‏ Ancient underwater cities being found that are 10,000 years old.

Lost city 'could rewrite history' By BBC News Online's Tom Housden The remains of what has been described as a huge lost city may force historians and archaeologists to radically reconsider their view of ancient human history.

Ancient underwater cities being found that are 10,000 years old

Marine scientists say archaeological remains discovered 36 meters (120 feet) underwater in the Gulf of Cambay off the western coast of India could be over 9,000 years old. The vast city - which is five miles long and two miles wide - is believed to predate the oldest known remains in the subcontinent by more than 5,000 years. The site was discovered by chance last year by oceanographers from India's National Institute of Ocean Technology conducting a survey of pollution. Using sidescan sonar - which sends a beam of sound waves down to the bottom of the ocean they identified huge geometrical structures at a depth of 120ft.

Lost civilization The city is believed to be even older than the ancient Harappan civilization, which dates back around 4,000 years. ‪ARTE MOCHICA CHIMU‬‏ ‪ICA STONES, PERU: pre ~12000 BC CIVILIZATION IV - HUMANS COEXISTED WITH DINOSAURS - 3‬‏ ‪Ancient Aircraft Vimanas‬‏ ‪OLLANTAYTAMBO: ANTEDILUVIAN pre ~12000 BC CIVILIZATION VII - DESTRUCTION BY TSUNAMI - 2‬‏ Gypte-dieux et démons (3 de 3) - une vidéo High-tech et Science. The Solutrean Hypothesis, what the evidence really says Part 3 of 5. Andronovo culture and Arkaim - The first Indo-Iranians. Origins of circles: Stone Circles 5000 years ago. L'Alchimie en terre d'Héliopolis. Nasca. un misterio por descubrir. Artefacts grecs, romains, perses, etc. aux USA.

Art les muses

Symbole Alchimique : Sceau de Salomon + Pentagramme - une vidéo Art et Création. Yann Lipnick - Les Esprits de la Nature - une vidéo Cinéma. The Sacred Geometry of Sound. Sacred Geometry and the Structure of Music Legend recounts how Orpheus was given a lyre by Apollo.

The Sacred Geometry of Sound

By playing his lyre, Orpheus produced harmonies that joined all of Nature together in peace and joy. Inspired by this Orphic tradition of music and science, Pythagoras of Samos conducted perhaps the world's first physics experiment. By plucking strings of different lengths, Pythagoras discovered that sound vibrations naturally occurred in a sequence of whole tones or notes that repeat in a pattern of seven. Like the seven naturally occurring colors of the rainbow, the octave of seven tones — indeed, all of Creation — is a singing matrix of frequencies that can be experienced as color, sound, matter, and states of consciousness. This correlation of sound, matter, and consciousness is important. I believe that this matrix of Creation is waiting for us to sound the most harmonious vibrating chord — to sound the universe itself into a perfect, idealized form. The Music of Atomic Shapes.

The Holy Grail Vortex - Merlin's Mound, Silbury Hill. Part 2 of 9. New Crop Circle 13th Aug 2011 at Cooks Plantation,nr Beckhampton Wiltshire, UK ! Géométrie. Géomètrie fondamentale - une vidéo High-tech et Science. Fleur de vie - une vidéo Art et Création. Index courbes spatiales. COURBES 3D, ou courbes "gauches"

Index courbes spatiales

Le code secret de la Nasa. Chladni 4/15 - une vidéo Cinéma. How to Draw Celtic Knotwork. The old method These instructions can be followed with pencil and paper or using any computer based drawing or drafting program.

How to Draw Celtic Knotwork

I have used Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, and AutoDesk AutoCad for various projects, but my favorite is Corel Draw. In the tutorial below I show the method that I use in Corel Draw; however, I have deliberately left out program-specific instructions. I did this to make the instructions more broadly applicable to work with as many drawing and CAD programs as possible. This method, like most, begins with drawing the grid. Numerology. Palmistry. NeD blog.

Essence Lumiere fragment

Inde - Khumbha mela - une vidéo Cinéma. Inde - Khumbha mela - une vidéo Cinéma. G.I.Gurdjieff - Le dervishe tremblant 4/5 - une vidéo Cinéma. ‪Brève vulgarisation ésotérique concernant 2012‬‏ ‪DMT - The Spirit Molecule 2 ( napisy pl sous titre fr )‬‏ Ayahuasca part 6 - une vidéo High-tech et Science. (EN FRANCAIS) Danielle Clermont - Prendre un break pour retrouver le flow! DMT Vaults : Extraction : QT's DMT Extraction Guide.

NOTE OF WARNING:QT's DMT Extraction for Students is archived by Erowid as a historical document.

DMT Vaults : Extraction : QT's DMT Extraction Guide

The process as described has been critiqued as flawed and dangerous several ways. Safer and more effective DMT extraction and purification techniques have been developed and made available in the years since the document below was created. For one such process, see Noman's "DMT for the Masses". Specific concerns regarding QT's tek, detailed below, were sent to Erowid on behalf of the community at The DMT Nexus, who note: "Time and time again, people have come to The DMT Nexus or other web forums because they were following QT's tek and it either didn't work or they ran into serious issues trying to follow it. Our largest concerns with QT's tek are related to health and safety. Health and Safety Concerns 1) The tek recommends using hydrochloric acid without appropriate guidance on safe handling. 3) The tek describes a method for obtaining ether from starting fluid.

DMT - The Spirit Molecule In Ancient Egypt. ‪Where Science and Buddhism Meet PART 1‬‏ BOITE A OUTILS. "S.E.O"... Tools & zines. Documentation Linux. ‪BOOK : La révolution technologique (sous-titrage en français)‬‏

Les portes du mirroir.

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