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Web of Things Web of Things I had plans on writing a post about NFC & (home) automation a long while ago but the post “NFC stands for Nobody F*** Cares” definitely gave me the spark I needed to sit down and start writing. Let me first start with a little trip back at the core of the Web of Things‘ idea: the Internet of Things stands for the network layer, where all smart things out there should be connected using IP protocols to facilitate interoperability. Similarly, the Web of Things advocates using Web blueprints such as REST and it’s implementation in HTTP, at the very least as a protocol for controlling devices (a typical stateless task).
Blog // What's NIWEA? This is an idea I had mind in since last year, and finally was convinced to put online these days. Hoping you'll like it, Hannes If anything about current web development can be called «glamorous»[1], it’s creating applications for en vogue platforms such as the iPad or the latest line of Android phones. After all, they're not only super sexy, but the rate of progress we see is staggering as well - a pretty tempting combination. Blog // What's NIWEA?
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