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Ilustracion. Editorial. Pencil - Browse Files. Motion Design. Typography Served. AE Templates. 3D Models (Free) Identidad Grafica. Paul McCartney & Jane Asher - The Beatles Photo (33608599) Romain Laurent.

Loop #54 Trying to find my balance on the rough waters of the Salt Flats This is a draft from a year ago I found today.

Romain Laurent

At the time I labelled it too dumb but looking back I think it’s worth sharing. www.romain-laurent.comfacebook / instagram Let the @Frappuccino Float on your mind. Loop #53 Clare McGibbon gave up trying to put that blanket on the sand www.romain-laurent.comfacebook / instagram / vine Here’s my spin on the Dance frappuccino Dance Challenge. #MakeSomeFun Challenge: SipFace-Off. Education Evolved. Drawing Fundamentals with Thomas Fluharty Every great artist begins with the fundamentals.

Education Evolved

In this course, award-winning illustrator, Thomas Fluharty, will coach you in the foundational skills that he employs to draw. You will learn how to see your subject, effectively use tones, perspective, and composition, and much more. So whether you're a young artist just beginning your artistic journey, or an older artist who has never been formally trained in fundamentals, in sharing with you his vast experience, Thomas will help make drawing simple. This course consists of five video lectures presented over six weeks. Lesson Plan Watch Preview Lesson 1 - The Power of Seeing. Otros 10 tips para plastilina Epoxica. Hace un tiempo ya escribi una entrada con 10 tips basicos para trabajar nuestra amada Epoxi, bueno pues ese es uno de los articulos mas visitados de mi blog, si no es que el que más, pero despues de los meses que ya lleva publicado, 10 tips no bastan para abarcar al material, asi que aqui van, Otros 10 Tips para trabajar la Plastilina Epoxica. 1.

Otros 10 tips para plastilina Epoxica

Armazones y estructuras, no tooodas las figuras las llevan, pero siempre es recomendable que las piezas lleven, les da mayor resistencia y le ahorra material; normalmente los armazones son solo de alambre, pero tambien se puede poner papel aluminio para darle volumen y hacer mas ligera la pieza. Design the Trase Shoe for DC Shoes.

DC Shoes is inviting artists, designers and creators around the world to custom design a pair of the new DC Trase shoe.

Design the Trase Shoe for DC Shoes

Use the template provided to design your DC Trase and you could win $10,000 and have your winning design produced and sold at and select DC Shoes retailers. In addition to one overall winner, DC will have the option to select one or more additional winners, whose designs may be put into production. These selected artists, along with the artist with the largest amount of support from the community, will receive $2,500. The Official Rules for this Creative Invite are available here. So start creating now. Vertigo Galeria. Artistas Exhibiciones Talleres y cursos shows presentaciones Proyectos.

Vertigo Galeria

DISEÑO precios, cotización, costos, cuanto cobrar. Cine Analógico: super 8 mm y 16 mm. Cine Analógico: super 8 mm y 16 mm.

Cine Analógico: super 8 mm y 16 mm.

En este taller filmarás con película de super 8 mm y 16 mm, realizarás cortometrajes en estos formatos, aprenderás a revelar en blanco y negro positivo y negativo, en color positivo y negativo y realizarás un transfer casero. También aprenderás el manejo de las cámaras de super 8 y 16 mm, conocerás las películas que existen en el mercado y su manejo, así como las reglas cinematográficas básicas para hacer cine.

Puedes consultar cortos realizados en el taller: Próximo taller: Subscription Plans. Is there a minimum time that I have to be a subscriber?

Subscription Plans

There is no required amount of time you must stay a subscriber on our site. You have the option to cancel if you don't have sufficient time or funds to be a subscriber for the upcoming month. Are the tutorials available for download? Subscriptions give you access to streaming video available on our site. These cannot be downloaded. What forms of payment do you accept? We accept credit card payment. How long is the pay period? Our billing cycle for monthly subscriptions is 30 days. Valores tonales (Artes visuales) Valores tonales (Artes visuales).

Valores tonales (Artes visuales)

Elemento del lenguaje visual que permite la percepción de la forma. Generalmente se define como tono o valor la apariencia visual que posee una superficie en un momento dado. Artworks Inspired by Kandinsky Style. Wassily Kandinsky is a famous Russian painter, graphical artist and theoretician of Arts.

Artworks Inspired by Kandinsky Style

He was one of the abstractionism’s founders. He has made a great contribution not only with his artworks, but also wrote several books and showed himself as a skillful teacher. Stan Winston Week: Celebrating Leviathan with Ernie Hudson, Tom Woodruff Jr. & Exclusive Photo Gallery. For the second day of our Stan Winston Week celebration, I wanted to shine the spotlight on another monster movie that I’ve always enjoyed, but it never seemed to get as much love as I thought it should- George P.

Cosmatos’ Leviathan. It’s a movie that wasn’t perfect by any means, but it was endlessly entertaining all the same, featuring a top-notch ensemble and tons of wonderfully weird and creepy creature effects created by Winston and his team of artists. Hollywood's professional makeup school. Special Effects & Character Creation Training Tutorials. Monstrousmakeupmanua. Abraham García on Behance. Ribbon Vector Nostalgia Practical Material.