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In a perfect world, everyone would have food and shelter, and a true utopian society would be devoid of sexism, racism and other forms of oppression. But for most of the world's population, this perfect society just isn't possible. Communism is one proposed solution to these problems. How Communism Works" How Communism Works"
The Washington D.C. UFO Incident Between July 13 and 29, 1952, a series of UFO sightings were reported over Washington D.C. Witnesses would include an Air Force pilot, people on the ground and, in case you're the type to never trusts the testimony of fallible human beings, we have readings from two separate radar stations. 5 UFO Sightings That Even Non-Crazy People Find Creepy 5 UFO Sightings That Even Non-Crazy People Find Creepy
The Smithsonian’s Hardcore History Posters Rule
Iraq War Coalition Fatalities
The Wars of the Roses were a series of civil wars fought in medieval England from 1455 to 1487 between the House of Lancaster and the House of York. The name Wars of the Roses is based on the badges used by the two sides, the red rose for the Lancastrians and the white rose for the Yorkists. Major causes of the conflict include: 1) both houses were direct descendents of king Edward III; 2) the ruling Lancastrian king, Henry VI, surrounded himself with unpopular nobles; 3) the civil unrest of much of the population; 4) the availability of many powerful lords with their own private armies; and 5) the untimely episodes of mental illness by king Henry VI. Please see the origins page for more information on the start of the wars. This site presents a clear and easy-to-follow survey of the Wars of the Roses including major players and important battles. We hope this site will pique your interest in a very fascinating and rich period of history -- welcome to the Wars of the Roses. WarsOfTheRoses.com - Wars of the Roses WarsOfTheRoses.com - Wars of the Roses
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Facebook: April 14th 1865
The Truth About Christmas [NSFCWCC] (Not Safe For Christians Who Celebrate Christmas) | FREEdom Of Speech The Truth About Christmas [NSFCWCC] (Not Safe For Christians Who Celebrate Christmas) | FREEdom Of Speech It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The wonderful holiday season where we all come together and deck the shit out of our halls and jingle all the way. Because if you’re gonna’ jingle why half ass it?
Remember the War - Remembering our heroes - 13th November 2011
Do Humans Matter?
The 25 Biggest Mysteries of History Although they say curiosity has the power to somehow kill your cat, it seems that humans are immune. We would however, suggest putting Pooky away (just in case) because we are about to unleash the biggest mysteries known to man. Although some of these mysteries are only on the list as a result of their infamy, some are genuinely baffling, and if you manage to solve any of them leave a comment below so that we can cross them off. In 1587 121 colonists led by John White arrived on Roanoke Island in present day North Carolina to establish a colony. As tensions mounted with the native population, however, John White returned to England in order to solicit reinforcements. When he returned several years later the settlement was deserted with no signs of a struggle and no remains to be found anywhere. The 25 Biggest Mysteries of History
31+ Great Iconic Photos from History – Dont miss these pics !!!!! 31+ Great Iconic Photos from History – Dont miss these pics !!!!! Want to keep your kids occupied and learn something new? ArcadeMap.com is now introducing some educational apps to you for keeping your little ones busy and practice their motorskill, creativity, mathematics ability and alphabetic principle while using their iPad/iPhone. 1.
Have you ever wondered what Russia looked like shortly before the revolution, but aren’t satisfied with black and white photos? Well then, you owe Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii a debt of thanks. While color film was still years away from development, the chemist-turned-photojournalist developed his own solution to capture the vivid colors of his native home. Using color-filtered glass plates, he photographed a scene in red, then blue, then green and then put the images together to reveal a colorized portrait. His amazing photographs, taken from 1909 to 1912 show what Russian life was like for everyone from peasants to noblemen before the country turned to communism. 100-Year-Old Color Photos of Pre-Revolution Russia 100-Year-Old Color Photos of Pre-Revolution Russia
What is the connection between the seemingly disjointed fields of Conspiracy Theories, Serial Killers, Mobsters, Hauntings, and Military Leaders? Fear is a chemical process that has a fitting and logical place in science of biological evolution. But to study only the science of fear is to miss the fantastic foothold it has on the doorway to the irrational. As living beings, it is only appropriate that we should fear pain and death, which explains our fascination with ghosts and spirits that seem to be able to defy it. Our deep-rooted fear of one another, however, is a little more difficult to explain rationally. Carpe Noctem - Seize the Night Carpe Noctem - Seize the Night
The Easter Island “Heads” Have Bodies Maybe this isn’t a newsflash to anyone but me, but, um, the Moai “heads” on Easter Island have bodies. Because some of the statues are set deep into the ground, and because the heads on the statues are disproportionately large, many people (myself included) tend to think of them as just big heads. But the bodies (generally not including legs, though there is at least one kneeling statue) are there — in many cases, underground. The Easter Island “Heads” Have Bodies
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Gangrule – The History of the Mafia Gangrule The Black Hand An ethnic phenomenon beginning in 1903, and lasting fifteen years. The extortion of wealthy Italians in New York was attributed to La Mano Nera. Lupo the Wolf Gangrule – The History of the Mafia
Serial Killers