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SlidesCarnival - Free Powerpoint templates and Google Slides themes for presentations. Google Classroom – Partir du bon pied avec Google éducation. Classroom est un outil de la suite Google Apps for Education qui permet aux enseignants de créer et d’organiser rapidement des devoirs et de communiquer plus facilement avec leurs élèves.

Google Classroom – Partir du bon pied avec Google éducation

Cet outil vise à faciliter la communication entre les élèves et les enseignants. L’idée consiste à gagner du temps, du papier et à s’organiser plus facilement. Lorsque les enseignants donnent des devoirs dans Classroom, ils peuvent choisir de partager un document donné ou de créer automatiquement une copie pour chaque élève. Use Google Drive to Fill Out PDF Forms - BetterCloud Monitor. Move the PDF into Drive > double-click the file to preview it > click the “Open with” dropdown menu at the top.If you don’t already have DocHub installed, you need to click on “Connect more apps.”

Use Google Drive to Fill Out PDF Forms - BetterCloud Monitor

From here, search for DocHub and then install it. Once finished, go back to the same “Open with” dropdown, and this time select DocHub.When you open DocHub for the first time, it’s going to ask permission to access your Drive. Use Google Drive to Fill Out PDF Forms - BetterCloud Monitor. Démystifier Google : Le moteur de recherche. Google Forms 101 - La base - MAO Techno. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 3 Great Grading Add-ons for Google Docs. July 3, 2016 Below are two Google Docs add-ons that you can use to grade students assignments and provide written feedback to them.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 3 Great Grading Add-ons for Google Docs

The apps will absolutely facilitate your grading and save you some precious time to spend on other instructional tasks. Check them out and share with us your feedback. Enjoy 1- Grading Help ‘GradingHelp leverages Google Docs comments, so you can easily link between the student's text and the related comment, which appears in the margin. 2- OrangeSlice: Teacher Rubric ‘OrangeSlice: Teacher Rubric increases the teacher’s grading productivity by eliminating repetitive clicks, presenting the rubric selections in an easy to use format and presenting the final grades in a consistent, professional format. 3- JoeZoo Express. Back up photos & videos - Android - Google Photos Help. EdTechTeam GAFE Tips Posters. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: A Step by Step Guide on How to Create Interactive Presentations Using The New Google Slides Features.

May 6, 2016 After posting about the new Slides’ Q&A feature, we received a couple of questions regarding its usage.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: A Step by Step Guide on How to Create Interactive Presentations Using The New Google Slides Features

So we created this visual guide to walk you through the process of integrating questions in your presentation. But let us firs start with a refresher about what Slides Q&A is all about.This is a new functionality that allows members of your audience to engage with your presentation by asking realtime questions while you are presenting. They can also vote on the questions they want answered the most. To activate this interactive feature in your presentation you need to generate and share a link with your audience so they can access the page where they can write down their questions. Once a member asks a question, it will show up in the ‘Audience Tools’ section accessible through Presentation view.

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[Ressources] Classroom. Favorite Google Add-Ons. 100+ Great Google Classroom Resources for Educators. GOOGLE CLASSROOM - et les grilles d'évaluation. 100 Ways To Use Google Drive In The Classroom. 100 Ways To Use Google Drive In The Classroom by Students and educators have a wealth of learning and productivity tools available to them online.

100 Ways To Use Google Drive In The Classroom

4 Important Google Drive Skills for Teachers. December 3, 2015 As we were sifting through our Google Drive archive here in EdTech and mLearning it dawned on us to create this list of important tips and hacks every teacher should be aware of.

4 Important Google Drive Skills for Teachers

We labelled them as skills because once mastered they have the potential of transforming teachers' Drive experience and enable them to tap into its real educational potential. We invite you to check them out and share with your colleagues. Creating QR Codes. If you would like to create QR codes for your class here is a workflow that works for me.

Creating QR Codes

Using the Chrome web browser install the ShortenMe chrome extension. Prof Numéric: Saisie vocale Google Docs : 6 pistes pédagogiques. Des mises à jour très intéressantes sont arrivées cette semaine dans l'outil collaboratif gratuit de Google Apps, c'est-à-dire Google Documents.

Prof Numéric: Saisie vocale Google Docs : 6 pistes pédagogiques

Il y a notamment l'historique des révisions qui a été bonifié pour rapidement faire défiler, une par une, les modifications apportées à un document. Plusieurs nouveaux gabarits de mise en page ont également été ajoutés. Ces ajouts font le bonheur des enseignantes étant donné qu'il permet également d'utiliser la saisie vocale dans les documents collaboratifs (ordinateurs). La saisie vocale de Google Documents ne fonctionne que sur le navigateur Chrome pour le moment. La saisie vocale m'a particulièrement étonné par sa justesse et sa rapidité d'exécution. La saisie vocale dans mes ateliers Google Drive est gratuit lors de la création d'une adresse électronique chez Gmail. Voici les étapes à suivre afin de saisir vocalement du texte dans un document collaboratif. 1. 3. 4. 5. 6. Google Drive: désactivez le téléchargement et la copie.

Create a Shared Folder. An integral part of my classroom is peer feedback.

Create a Shared Folder

While Google Classroom makes it very easy to create and collect assignments, making student work accessible to other students is more difficult. Here is a possible work around to help you get students collaborating together. Each time you create an assignment a folder is automatically generated in the teachers Google Drive. Call this assignment “Class Share Folder” or something along those lines.

The advantage to this is the folder is automatically created in your Google Drive for the class you want to create a share folder for. Set the due date to be the last day of school. On the 2nd tab in Google Classroom is the option for “Students.” Google Doc Tip: Find Revision History. If you are using Google Docs, Sheets, Slides or Draw you will notice next to the menu options is a message letting you know that your document is saved in Google Drive.

Google Doc Tip: Find Revision History

This message is a hyperlink that will launch revision history. Revision history lets you see who made what changes when. It also allows you to revert back to an old version if you are not liking the current changes. Like this: Like Loading... Google Drive: Select Multiple Files. In the new Google Drive you single click a file to reveal toolbar options and to utilize the info pane to find out information about the file. (1) Click on the file (2) Reveal toolbar options such as link to file, share file, preview file, trash file, locate the folder it is in and more options to copy the file and more. (3) Notice on the right hand side of the toolbar is an i in a circle to reveal the info pane which will (4) tell you which folder the file is in.

In the new Google Drive the checkboxes on the side of the file names are gone. In order to select multiple files click once on the first file you wish to select. Hold down the SHIFT key when you click on the last file. All of the files in between will be selected. Using a Writing Journal. I received a tweet from a teacher wanting to have his students create writing journals and then submit them through Classroom. Here is a suggestion for how to create the writing journals. Create a template in Google Docs. Add a table of contents to the doc. 10 Google Tools That Make Your Life Easier. By Maria Sellers Google has a wealth of tools, but finding those tools that work specifically for a teacher requires some thought and research.

As an eLearning Specialist, it’s my job to be a digital detective and find what’s truly worth the time and consideration of a teacher. Resources to learn how to use Google Classroom on iPad as teacher or student.