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EQF_L8_PDFs. InteractiveFractionBars. Laura Candler's Fraction File Cabinet. Laura Candler's Fraction File Cabinet Printables, Activities, and Fraction Center Games In the Fraction File Cabinet folder you'll find a wide variety of engaging activities to use when teaching fractions.

Laura Candler's Fraction File Cabinet

Many of them use cooperative learning strategies and work well in math centers. Most of the freebies don't include directions or answer keys, but you're welcome to use them to create your own classroom lessons. If you are looking for complete resources, scroll to the bottom of the page to check out my fraction products, or click here to see all my fraction resources on TpT. For more information on math stations and math centers, visit the Math Center page. Featured Fraction Freebies More Free Fraction Activities and Printables Featured Fraction Products More Fraction Products to Check Out Lunch with Cat and Dog Lunch with Cat and Dog is a fun little book that you can read to your class in about 5 minutes. Interactive Fractions Program. Charles Rutledge - Home. Rich+Tasks+complete+packet. EngageNY.

Task Library. Estimation 180 - Home. How Good an Estimator Are You? Part II. Here are the answers to the quiz presented in How Good an Estimator Are You?

How Good an Estimator Are You? Part II

If you're concerned that a quiz like this has nothing to do with software development, consider: In software, you aren't often asked to estimate the volume of the Great Lakes or the surface temperature of the sun. Is it reasonable to expect you to be able to estimate the amount of U.S. currency in circulation or the number of books published in the U.S., especially if you're not in the U.S.? Software developers are often asked to estimate projects in unfamiliar business areas, projects that will be implemented in new technologies, the impacts of new programming tools on productivity, the productivity of unidentified personnel, and so on. Estimating in the face of uncertainty is business as usual for software estimators. If you haven't read the entry with the quiz questions, please read it now before reading any further, so you'll have an opportunity to try it before seeing the answers.

Precise Project Estimates Are Impossible. If only there was a tape measure for project estimates An interesting article over on the Hashrocket blog a couple of days ago grabbed my attention as in it they detail how they think upfront estimates (I’m assuming in both time and money) for projects are not only infeasible but also unfair to clients as, ultimately, they will be incorrect.

Precise Project Estimates Are Impossible

Given that I’ve spent over seven years working in the web industry and can count on one trotter the number of projects that have ever been delivered bang on schedule, I’m inclined to agree. Yet still, we find ourselves doing it time and time again. The simple and obvious answer to all our woes is simply to tell the client that we honestly have no idea how long something is going to take to create beyond a mild inclination in the deep recesses of our Senior Developer’s brain and that they should just accept this and pay for every day’s work until it’s done.

Now, whilst approach might work for some people (can I have the names of your clients? Twsears1. Math Posters. KCASFTU. Formative Assessment Lessons (beta) Read more about the purpose of the MAP Classroom Challenges… Mathematical goals This lesson unit is intended to help students to: Add and subtract directed numbers (positive, negative and zero) with understanding.Address common misconceptions about the addition and subtraction of directed numbers.Explain their reasoning using diagrams.

Formative Assessment Lessons (beta)

Introduction This lesson unit is structured in the following way: Before the lesson, students work individually on an assessment task designed to reveal their current understanding. Materials required Each student will need a mini-whiteboard, pen and eraser, some blank paper and copies of the assessment tasks Directed Numbers and Directed Numbers (Revisited). Time needed 15 minutes before the lesson, a 90-minute lesson and 15 minutes in a subsequent lesson, or for homework. A draft Brief Guide for teachers and administrators (PDF) is now available, and is recommended for anybody using the MAP Classroom Challenges for the first time. CCSS math documents - Debbie Waggoner - CKEC Math. Cool Math. Math Teaching Resources for K-5 Classrooms.